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Found 3 results

  1. I am getting ready to install relays for my front headlights, and I'm replacing the outer two lamps right now because they both went bad. I have been fighting with the stupid spring system that fastens the bulb assembly. Is the spring for the inner trim, the bucket, or both? Since the inner trim has the tab with the hole I figure it's at least for that. Does the front end of the spring curve upward or downwards? Mine was facing downward when I took the old lamps out. What is the darn secret with these things? I can't believe how difficult it is to assemble everything and I'm scared to death I will break the original inner trim or the new lamps. To be clear the old bulbs fight just as much, and from comparison I'm sure the bulbs aren't the issue. Why was such a thick spring used? Even with pliers and no bulb/bucket in the way I can barely stretch the spring at all. Seems like a softer one would work just as well right?
  2. I have been searching everywhere trying to find consistent (key word) spring rates listed for all the different types of coil springs for our cars. As far as I can tell, the only consistent thing I have found is that the "620" springs everyone has talked about are called that because the diameter of the spring metal is .620", but even with regard to the "620's" I have read inconsistent information about what the spring rate actually is. I have seen everything from 560 in/lbs to 600 in/lbs. So many sellers of various springs might tell you the application they are for, but few to none say what the actual spring rate is. The reason I am interested in this is because I have been looking for a new set of springs that are roughly 20-30% softer than what I have :http://opentrackerracing.com/product/performance-coil-springs-1967-1973/ . I say 20-30% because I plan on doing the spring perch relocation, and because my cars front end is already at the tolerable limit of stiffness I will not do the relocation without softer springs. Those familiar with this mod know that it allows you to run a lighter spring but the effective spring rate can be the same. I don't know the exact % difference that would be ideal, but the threads I have seen estimate around 20% or so...I know I can't be exact as far as finding the perfect stiffness, but if the springs above are 600 in/lbs that would mean I am looking at a range between 420-480in lbs.
  3. Hi, In the midst of rebuilding my engine, 351w, and have a valve spring issue. My car is in India, and sometime in its past, the engine work was done. As parts were not easily available then, I feel that whosoever did the work replaced the valve springs with something easily available and close to size - the ones in my car are: Springs with dampers - Install height 1.78", Int Dia 1.007", Ext Dia 1.456" Now these don't match up to stock, except install height. Can I just return to stock single springs like Edelbrock 5882? I am running a stock cam, SS valves and roller rockers. Thanks for the help
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