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  1. Thanks Doug, I have manual steering as well. 225/60 R15 are easily avaliable here in India. larger sizes are not. The 235s are imported, and have white lettering, i will not get the same brand tyre in 225, so didnt opt for 225 infront and 235 in the rear. And as you say there is an inch taller, the car might look too nose forward
  2. So I have changed my rims to 15", as its easier to get tyres. I was going for the safe 225/60 r15 option, but I am getting a good deal on 2x 235/60 r15 and 2x 255/60 r15 - so I am tempted. The fenders on my car are stock. Will running 235 infront and 255 on the rear hit anything? I have seen a couple of guys online running this config with no issues (7inch rim) There seems to be enough room in the rear, my worry is with the bump stop bracket/flange which protudes into the wheel well. I have a 1" drop infront, and the rims are 15x7 with 4.25 backspacing. Thanks
  3. Thanks for all the replies. Measured the springs they are - seat pressure of 80 pounds and open pressure of 150 pounds. I asked Summit, they suggested http://www.summitracing.com/parts/tfs-2500100 Its expensive, considering the freight and duty I end up paying. Any help, should I just go stock, seeing as the rest of the internals are more or less stock. I can't really return any wrong part, as re-export is another expensive and headachey affair. Thanks for the help.
  4. Hi, In the midst of rebuilding my engine, 351w, and have a valve spring issue. My car is in India, and sometime in its past, the engine work was done. As parts were not easily available then, I feel that whosoever did the work replaced the valve springs with something easily available and close to size - the ones in my car are: Springs with dampers - Install height 1.78", Int Dia 1.007", Ext Dia 1.456" Now these don't match up to stock, except install height. Can I just return to stock single springs like Edelbrock 5882? I am running a stock cam, SS valves and roller rockers. Thanks for the help
  5. Thanks @Mach1rider looks good. @RPM the only one! there used to be a regular fastback, dunno what happened to it. I also had a 69 Conv, but sold it for this Mach1.
  6. I forgot to mention. 1" drop upfront. Magnum 500s.
  7. Hi, Is anyone running 225/70R14 tyres on their car? I am having a hard time finding 215 R14 in India, and the 205 tyres are very small, they make the car look like a bad scaled model car. I am getting 225/70R14, and hope the difference is not a issue with clearances. Photos would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hi, I need a wiper motor, any condition, as long as the plastic gear inside is good. I just need this gear. Thanks.
  9. Due to the fabrication and repairs, we've lost the cut outs, so I need the locations to make the cuts.
  10. Thanks @prayers1, can I ask you to take photos when you assemble? I am having alignment issues. A lot of the metal around the area was replaced. My 1/4 windows is hitting the drip rail molding joint. There are a few more issues. Also how do the weatherstrip guide clips fit? from the inside or outside? My car was missing all of the channel, so don't have any of the old pieces. All been fabricated.
  11. Got my speakers today. There was a mix up and I ended up with components with the tweeters separate (no crossover box). Any idea where the tweeters would be best installed? Also @Chillininh you lopped of the part of the grille on the vent assembly, is there a gap on top now? the light in you photo is blocking the view.
  12. Thanks GT350. I had seen this article before. I was hoping for some higher res photos, perhaps with a few more of the steps. Need to figure out the area around the 1/4 window posts, where the weatherstrip guide clips fit and the approximate centering of the channel.
  13. Hi All, Need quite a bit of help with my door weatherstripping molding, 1/4 glass assembly etc. Does anyone have progress (step by step) pictures of the molding in place before weatherstripping is in place, and the some after photos, same for the 1/4 glass channel area. Also of the point where the 1/4 glass upper pivot rod fits the body. Is there a break in the weatherstripping there? back to front (all views) pictures would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. @armond Thanks. I think I got the gist of it.
  15. Thanks @armond that helps alot. Can you tell me what the bracket (circled in red in your picture, below) is for/does? it seems to have some movement, and there is a corresponding hole above it but a gap of an inch +-. (the first picture in my first post, also circled in red) Thanks
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