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  1. ...sorry I didn't explain myself well. I removed the brace and then reinstalled it. I even use a crossmember being I have a convt and want as much stability as possible. I even had the lower cross bar reinforced and strengthened. I bought a rear sway bar years ago but they sent me the wrong one :(
  2. Hi everyone from the same old lockdown Italy..... Installed the new 8" double diaphragm with the 1" bore mc and I can FINALLY lock the front wheels! I had to take the front brace off cause the booster wouldn't fit in between the brace and inner fender.....but it's all good now! Tomorrow I'll adjust the proportioning valve amd I think the last thing to do is wait for the lockdown to end so I can take it for a drive :) On a side note.... things are not looking any better here in Italy. The summer beach activities and retaurant outings don't look like are gonna happen in 2020. Stay safe and I hope you're all doing well. All the best, Paul
  3. Hi Barnett, Thanks for the disk/drum mc difference! Very clear and thorough :) i'm gonna try my friend's booster....it comes with a 15/16" bore mc (I currently have a 1" bore)..... so comparing it to mine.......I'll be getting more boost and a smaller bore. I can only assume it should do the trick. I'm gonna have to try to adapt my current mc lines to the new one without kinking them. Thanks again for your (& everyone else's) suggestions and comments
  4. 1. Did your car have disc brakes originally? No. I bought a conversion kit with Granada spindles from Mustangs Unlimited in 2002. they shipped me a SSBC kit. 2. Are you saying the new booster in the kit you bought from them was bad so they sent you the booster you now have which is aso bad? Yes 3. Is your current booster a single or dual diaphragm? single 4. Is your current booster, longer, shorter, or the same length as your friends? mine is shorter cause it's a single diaphragm. 5. Is your current booster lager, smaller, or the same size as your friends? 6. Is the brake rod in your current booster, bigger, smaller, or the same diameter as the rod in your friends booster? no idea. the current on is a metric 6mm 6. Do you have a drum brake pedal or a disc brake pedal? i have a 69 power disk pedal.
  5. luck has it that a friend here in Italy has a new 8" booster that he ordered from CJponyparts a while back and never installed it cause he got a Wildwood kit. here are a couple of pics and the link to what he has. any thoughts? not an original Bendix but I think it'll be better than my 9" single diaphragm, right? https://www.cjponyparts.com/master-power-brake-booster-conversion-kit-manual-transmission-1967-1970/p/BBCK3/
  6. thanks. see them but they dont answer my mc question on how to distinguish a disk mc from a drum mc
  7. This is what I have: 1. a 1969 power brake pedal (5" from pivot point to pedal pin) 2. am/c with a 1" bore (I don't know if it's a power disk m/c or a power drum m/c) 3. single diaphragm booster with a teardrop eye for the pedal pin ...fyi take a look at what mustangsteve says about boosters and pedals for 69s
  8. so here's the question of the day.... how can I know which m/c I have? if it's for power disk or power drum.... for example on macsautoparts.com: 1. https://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_mustang/ford-mustang-master-cylinder-new-dual-chamber-for-manual-drum-brakes.html 2. https://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_mustang/ford-mustang-master-cylinder-new-dual-chamber-before-7-2-1972-for-power-disc-brakes.html 3. https://www.macsautoparts.com/ford_mustang/1964-1969-mustang-ford-style-teardrop-master-cylinder-disc-drum-1.html they look identical but how can I tell the difference?
  9. Ok. So we've determined that the booster has a vacuum leak then. Time to search for a brake specialist during a lockdown lol
  10. does it matter if I bleed the brakes with or without the engine on? I've always done it with the engine off
  11. Update..... The one way valve on the booster works properly. When i compare braking the car with and without the booster...... the booster does help me stop the car a slightly better. When I start the car with my foot on the brake pedal, it does sink a bit (test for page #39 on dcm powerpoint instructional). page #40 of the instructional, i don't underatand when it says "there should be 2 or more power assisted brake applications". What do they mean by "applications"? To follow up Barnetts suggestion.....when i remove the vacuum hose from the booster after having started the car for a minute and shut it off.....there's no hissing or suckling sound at all.
  12. Hi Barnett, no not yet. Yesterday I removed the oil pan to change the rear main seal cause it was leaking. Tomorrow I'll add the oil to the engine and start her up to verify the booster working
  13. I sent the pic to SSBC to get their thoughts. I'll follow up as soon as I hear sm. I've tried all kids of lengths (shorter and longer than .015") on the push rod....no change in the braking
  14. Yes. If you go back on this thread a few pics you'll see the broken piece and the the one ai made
  15. Nothing. I just found ot broken a few days ago.
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