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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, Upgraded to front disks from a 1978 Granada. The car brakes fine. Thought I was going to get just a little bit more shorter stopping distance so I'm thinking the brake distribution block may not be correct. Here's a pic of how it's set up. Could I please have some feedback? The valve's number is C8ZA-2B257-M All the best & THANK YOU! Paul
  2. I'm currently installing the chocostang front disc-brake package (although I'd imagine this is similar for any front disc conversion) with the K/H 67 Shelby style calipers . No power brakes, manual trans. Aside from being slightly annoyed that my new stainless OEM-sized hoses don't fit in the new Master Cylinder (I'm on the hunt for some adapters as the threaded holes in the MC are much smaller than the hose fittings), I could use some advice on where to put the proportioning valve. The valve is supposed to go between the distribution block and the rear brakes (somewhere in the line that goes to the rear). It's pretty tight around the distribution block, and bending the rear line while it's in the car seems like a pain in the arse. Where have folks put the proportioning valve? Or is there a replacement distribution block I should get instead that has the proportioning valve built into it? It would be nice to reuse my existing front stainless lines...so hopefully I'm not delusional.
  3. Hi all, I was wondering if someone can help me. I have a 1969 Grande e with 5.3 v8 351W motor and a auto FMX gear box. The problem i have is that every time i put my foot on the brake the engine cuts out. This is particularly annoying as to get the engine into gear i have to press the brake thus the car is unusable. Can anyone advise what is the most likley cause of this. I have been told that it might be the master cylinder/booster. but no one can be certain. has anyone here had a similar problem or any idea on how to resolve this issue. Many Thanks Paul
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