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  1. I cut the patch out for the trunk drop off in 2016.... Finally got started welding it in. No need to rush.
  2. Yeah! My son Patrick was a couple of days old when I sold you those tyres. He's turning 6 in August!! The kids have caused a couple of side projects too
  3. Hi Paul, life got got a little busy with other things for a while. Some pandemic roster changes and the kids being a little older and self sufficient got me motivated to get going again!
  4. I bought a hopper stoppers kit. Great quality and instructions, I was just too tight to buy their park brake cable for nearly $300. It's a sedan cable I'm using to tie into the original foot pedal mechanism.
  5. I'm using XD Falcon disc brake spindles. These are 3/8" taller than stock 69 spindles and have a different steering arm as well.
  6. Hey guys after a couple of years of life getting in the way I'm back on the project!! The last few weeks I've been mocking up the rear brakes and cleaning up the diff housing for paint. I'm using BA Falcon rear brakes with a drum in disc park brake. I made some brackets up for the cable.
  7. I got through the surgery just fine. Hardly any pain now. New Years resolution is to get more work done on the coupe!! After 3 weeks it’s almost all healed. Keyhole surgery is amazing
  8. Thanks Bob! The older 2 kids are not being quite so needy with attention so once I’m through the surgery hopefully I’ll have some free time. My oldest girl starts school next year.
  9. Hi guys, since posting pictures through photobucket isn’t free anymore, has anyone any ideas for sharing photos to the forum? cheers Shaun
  10. Hi Guys, unfortunately no updates on the VHX dash install. Life has gotten in the way in the last 2 years. Baby #3, Rebekah came January this year so things have been very busy. 3 kids under 5 can be a handful!! Mostly I’ve been buying parts. I’ve now got everything for a Fitech 400hp conversion using a late model Falcon fuel pump module, some front end parts and a borgeson steering box. I’m going in for carpal tunnel surgery in 2 weeks on both hands so that’ll stop any progress for about 2 months. 2018 might be my year, my revised completion date is my 50th in March 2021.
  11. Hi Mal, with your parkbrake have you looked at an aussie P5 LTD or Landau? They use the same pedal set up. Another option may be an XA-XC handle. Cheers Shaun
  12. If you have run out of camber adjustment on the lower bolt the UCA can be shimmed to help with camber. Also more shims on the forward bolt will give more positive caster which is a good thing too.
  13. I'm pretty sure it won't mate. I have a scoop here I can measure for width if you like.
  14. This is a good point. From my own experience with other cars, led and hid bulbs in headlights designed for halogens often don't work. The bulb isn't in the correct position in the headlight and just scatters light everywhere. The hid lights especially only seem to work in a purely parabolic lens like a driving light or spot light. multi faceted lenses just scatter the light. I used h4 halogen inserts for the outer and h1 halogens for the inner. They were just eBay specials. Good beam pattern though.
  15. I had a defective part from them and sent an email with photos. They sent out a replacement with no questions. I'm in Australia and had it in less than a week.
  16. I'm pretty sure you can get a driver side outlet water pump for the 351w? I know you can for a 302. That way you keep your existing radiator etc.
  17. I did mine last year. I used a big screw driver to lever them out. I wrecked both shackles in the process. I replaced them with the Scott drake stainless steel ones. Depending on what bushes you replace them with, I'd uses rubber grease for rubber bushes or the supplied grease for urethane.
  18. Nice coupe mate. Good to see another coupe and another Aussie! Is the right hook conversion a good one or needs work? There's some rough ones out there.
  19. There's one on my coupe. I didn't pick up on it until I'd had the car a couple of weeks. Lol
  20. Maybe try prep wash (wax and grease remover)
  21. Here's my retractable rear belts. They go through this hole in the package tray with a reinforcement plate underneath Big mal, another Australian here!!
  22. It also helps prevent rear wheel lock up. It's a common mod for circuit racers.
  23. New gears are available for 8" rear
  24. 3.50 is a good starting point and not too low for the occasional highway run. Unless the axles are damaged they should be fine. You'll have good pick up compared to the 2.79.
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