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  1. Holy cow I'm a dummy LOL!!!! That worked and some how I must have twisted that without realizing it, thanks so much!!!
  2. I noticed yesterday that all of my interior lights (doors and quarter panels) are staying on and won't turn off. I'm not sure what has caused it. I've checked the door switches and they seem to be ok. Any ideas what else I could check? Please help!
  3. Sorry if this has been posted before and I tried to search the topic but had no luck. Has anyone had any success painting their fuel tank? My tank is probably 8 years old and is the basic galvanized tank. I've started to notice that the tank just doesn't appear to appealing anymore and maybe this is what white rust looks like Any advice on how to address? Maybe using Kilz all purpose primer and then paint black or silver?
  4. Its a 69. I'll check the grounding strap tomorrow and get some pictures but I'm pretty sure it is good.
  5. I'm having a issue where my Edelbrock electric fuel pump is pulsating when I put my foot on the brake pedal before I crank up my car. I've also noticed at night that my tail lights are dimly lit as my car sits on the trickle charger parked in my garage. Would this possibly be a grounding issue? Has anyone ever had this type of issue before? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Thanks for all the advice! 69Stanger408, how are you liking the Holley setup?
  7. I'm currently running a Holley 670 cfm Street Avenger Carb with Electric Choke for my 408 Windsor stroker. I'm strongly considering an upgrade to EFI and I've been trying to do research on ones to avoid and all of the items that are required to be done. The FI Tech Fuel Injection system appears to show up a good bit during research with good reviews. Does anyone have advice on ones to avoid, any issues, or recommendations for EFI upgrade?
  8. I was told about a company called Dapper Lighting from a friend who installed the 7" round on his 69 Camaro. They are pretty pricey but look good. Does anyone have any experience with these? https://www.dapperlighting.com/collections/projector-headlights/products/575-chrome
  9. Has anyone had any luck swapping out their headlights for a LED type set up? If you have, can you provide some advice on brand and if you liked them. I'm considering to make a switch because the light output isn't the best with my current setup.
  10. Mikestang, I was interested in your 4R70W setup for your 408. I'm doing some research to see if there is another option before I pull the trigger on another AOD. I got my motor dyno'd finally at Tims Engines and made 430hp so I don't have a crazy horsepower monster like your motor haha. I was hoping to get some insight on how you went about it. I researched the Baumann controller but wasn't sure if I need just that and the transmission and I would be in business.
  11. MikeStang, aren't you from the BR area? If you don't mind me asking, who did you use locally? Any luck with them?
  12. Does anyone have any advice on crate engines and best places to get pricing and availability? Not too sure what to go with and was hoping for some advice to send me in the right direction.
  13. Thanks LindenBruce. This issue has been occurring since I've got the transmission so I'll see about changing out the governor. I've messed with the tv cable to get it shifting better but it's still not like it should be imo.
  14. Hey guys, I'm currently running a 408w motor with a AOD transmission. I'm having issues with getting the transmission to shift correctly. When I "get on it" the transmission is shifting a lil over 4000rpm which I feel is too quick and then when I'm cruising around 70mph and slow down to around 45-50 the transmission isn't downshifting out of over drive. If I just take it easy off of a light I'm in overdrive by 40mph. Has anyone had any issues running AOD transmission similar to mine? Should I look at swapping out the transmission for another automatic or go to a manual to try to help with the shifting issue? I don't have a preference on transmissions. Curious to see what others are running and if anyone has advice on getting the AOD dialed in. Help!!!
  15. MikeStang, Do you know the name of the shop in the Beaumont area that installs the FI tech kits? Are you running one yourself? I'm considering making a change from my current Edelbrock Carb 750. I'm considering putting a QuickFuel Carb 750 on my car because of some local shop telling me its one of the best carbs for my application. Does anyone have experience with the quickfuel carbs?
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