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  1. v8ford70

    Engine Analyzer

    Thanks everyone so far for your input (you can PM me if you prefer), I haven't the experience that you all have that's why it's great to get your views & opinions.My engine (302 Windsor) is stock with points etc. & hope to keep it that way for now.I'm just an OLD non mechanical novice willing to learn. This site has great info & I'm learning a lot from your inputs in the Technical Forum.Much appreciated.Cheers Phil
  2. v8ford70

    Engine Analyzer

    I thought one of these might be handy for what it says it can do,but it seems to be that no one uses them.Barnett 468 have you ever used one & if so what for? Cheers Phil
  3. v8ford70

    Engine Analyzer

    Interested to know if anyone uses an engine analyzer, & if so what type is worth while to start with. Any info will be much appreciated. I am only slightly mechanically minded but willing to learn. There are so many on ebay to pick from. Are the ones that also have the attachment that clips around the spark plug leads any better? Is Sears a good brand (made in US ).Has anyone used a SEARS 28 21423 Engine Analyzer . Cheers Phil
  4. ralt962 I am pretty sure that I have seen some of these brackets on Fastbackstack on ebay in US.Contact Lee there he should be able to help you.Cheers Phil
  5. Has anyone got any photos of a 1970 D/Side Bullet mirror cable placement & how it is held inside the door shell.Any photos of how the latches & internal mechanisms stoppers etc are attached inside the door & also inside Rear quarter panel (coupe).Would be very much appreciated.Cheers Phil
  6. v8ford70

    Vendors in/near Seattle WA

    I have purchase some original parts for my 70 Grande Coupe from Lee at Fastbackstack llc through Ebay ,found him to be very helpful ,prices very reasonable & sent parts well packed & quickly to my home in Queensland Australia.No problem in recommending him.Cheers Phil
  7. Shep 69 could you please post some photos of where you placed the spring .Anyone else do anything different to this would be interested to see .Thanking you, Cheers Phil
  8. v8ford70

    Hood Hinge

    I noticed there are some good points on this topic on a site called mustangsandmore.com under hood alignment.Might help.
  9. v8ford70

    Fitting a Brake Light to the Spoiler

    Top job Mal ,well done.
  10. Thanks Jim, Bob & David for your replies.Any pics David? I bought 4 used clips from West Coast Cougar but the other 3 were out of stock.They are shipping the 4 clips with other parts I bought so will still have to find out where to get the other 3 clips,I think they will have to be used & come from a junk (wrecking) yard or if any member has some not being used.Any ideas where.Cheers Phil
  11. Thanks Jim can you remember which 4 they were from the above windscreen diagram. Bob were you referring to the 7 Clips with screws or the plastic anti rattle spacers or both as per the above windscreen diagram.I couldn't find anything on NPD other than the 7 lower molding clips with screws.Cheers Phil
  12. Has anyone pulled off their front windscreen stainless steel molding & found that these anti rattle spacers were there or were not on the lower section (Spacer for the lower windshield moulding, also called an 'anti rattler'. These spacers were originally installed between the retainers. A total of 7 plastic spacers were used along with 7 metal retainers for that lower windshield moulding. See also C9ZZ-6503150-A (1), and C9ZZ-6503150-C (2). C9ZZ-6503150-B (4)
  13. I'm Interested to find out if you need these Lower Windscreen Molding plastic Anti Rattle Spacers (on '69 & '70 Mustangs) ,or if there is anything else to use in their place.Or if they are required where to buy them from.Cheers Phil
  14. My 1970 Mustang original fuel tank sender unit needs replacing.Any recommendation on where to purchase a replacement & type that will work.West Coast Cougar say that the Repro ones aren't as good as the originals.Interested in finding out what others have used with success.Any assistance will be appreciated,cheers Phil
  15. v8ford70

    Question for our Aussie friends

    Happy New Year everyone.Its 1.35am just celebrating the beginning of the New Year here in Rockhampton Central Queensland (Tropic of Capricorn) Australia. Air Conditioner is the closest thing to snow we get here ,it has been 41deg C = 105 Deg F today so plenty of fluids consumed. You all have a safe & enjoyable New Years Day .Cheers Phil