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  1. Try West Coast Cougar SEAT BELT BOLT SET - FRONT - REPRO ITEM #: 30179
  2. Brian I think that I have seen near the hinge in your photo is where the wire goes through, there is a plastic clip that is attached to the small hole that holds the wire and a thin grommet ring that goes around the large hole to prevent the wire going through large hole from being cut then wire goes through lid to hole near latch and the light bracket is held in place there with a screw. As in photos of 69RavenConv above.
  3. I'm still trying to get 2 of these clips .Cheers Phil
  4. Great news Casey, all the Very Best Wishes to you, Sue and your family for a Healthy and Happy 2021.You are all in our prayers.Cheers Phil
  5. Our prayers are still with you all.All the best wishes Phil
  6. Casy , Sue & kids you are all in our prayers,be strong & keep positive thoughts, God be with you all. Phil
  7. A friend & I have opened up a site on facebook titled 69 70 Mustang Coupes & Grandes.If you haven't seen it yet please feel free to check it out if you would like to see some beautiful Coupes from around the world.Cheers Phil
  8. By the response to this it seems most don't torque their manifold bolts.PM me if you prefer.Cheers Phil
  9. Did it say that these torque settings are for manifolds with no gaskets used ( as they were when originally installed new at factory) or with gasket as I'm doing? I placed this enquiry on another site and 2 others said torque up to 30ft.lbs.Just worried about over torque as can cause cracking of manifold.
  10. No problem,if I can't find some off wrecked vents in US I will have to make something as wont find them here in Australia.Cheers Phil
  11. I thought that the hole was for a screw but it may not be ,the clip could have a small tag that goes into the hole & the other end of the clip clips over the top edge of bracket.If you could take a picture of yours & dimensions I may try to make them if I can't pick a couple up.Cheers Phil
  12. Sorry I was after exhaust manifold specs.
  13. Interested in info in what to torque my manifold bolts on my 302W when using a manifold gasket & is there a specific order to follow.Cheers Phil
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