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    Restoring a 1970 Mustang Grande Coupe. 302 Windsor,Landau Vinyl Roof.

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  1. Does anyone know any Junkyard/Wrecker or anyone else that would be worth a try for these bracket? Any help would be very much appreciated.Cheers Phil
  2. After 2 interior Quarter Panel Trim brackets for my 70 Mustang Coupe as per attached photo.Cheers Phil
  3. Thanks everyone ,will go with the Osborn manuals & Parts & Body Illustration Manuals.Much appreciated.Cheers Phil
  4. I have a 1970 Car Shop Manual Ford Volumes 1 to V in PDF ,are there any better diagram manuals or DVD's available for restorations (1970 Mustang Coupe) which show better details in how things go together & in what order.Mainly body parts ,windows,trim,interior & Exterior ? Help much appreciated.Cheers Phil
  5. Thanks for the replies,all info is appreciated.aslanefe good looking 70 Grande ,I hope mine ends up looking as good as yours,mine has the same vinyl top.
  6. No longer required.See above.Thanking you Phil
  7. Require help on these Interior rear Quarter Panel Trim brackets I noticed on EBay (Photos attached),as I didn't get any when I purchased my car disassembled.Where are they to be fitted & how are they attached to trim panels? Any photos will be very helpful. I also have a 1970 Car Shop Manual Ford Volumes 1 to V in PDF ,are there any better diagram manuals available for restorations (1970 Mustang Coupe) which show better details? Help much appreciated.Cheers Phil
  8. Wanted: 69/70 center a/c vent clips

    I was looking for a pair of these as well ,can anyone help me.Cheers Phil
  9. Desperately require even 1 plastic lug clip.Help required.Regards Phil
  10. Hoping someone may have a damaged lower rear window trim in storage that they may be able to sell me one of these lugs to help me out .Its getting close to time to install the rear window then the trim.Would much appreciate any assistance.Regards Phil .
  11. Thanks very much Caseyrhe they have just arrived in the post,it is very much appreciated all the trouble you went to do this & post them to me. I am going to buy a lotto ticket here in Australia & hope we can share in a win. It will be a few weeks before I get a chance to cut the holes out in the lower dash,I will let you know how everything went. All the best, Regards Phil
  12. 1970 Grande Coupe Restoration AUS

    Connery I intend on keeping it White as White was its original build color with a Black Landau 2/3 Vinyl roof. Cheers Phil
  13. 1970 Grande Coupe Restoration AUS

    Photos of my Stang that should have been placed at the beginning of Resto ,this was how it was when I first purchased it from PO & at home in my shed . I don't know how to get these moved to the beginning of my Project & also how to get the duplicated photos in My Project removed?Any sugestions.Cheers Phil
  14. Just cleaned all the old dried up grease & dirt off both door latch assemblies(which had been removed out of door panels by PO).Need help on info on what is the best lubricant to spray on all moving parts & what type of grease to use & where? I also have cleaned quarter window regulators & quarter window assemblies ie bracket attached to quarter windows & brackets(tracks) windows slide up & down (which were also removed out of Quarter Panels by PO) again need help on what is best spray lubricant to use on these & grease for track & rollers.Thanking you Cheers Phil
  15. Coolant Overflow Tank info required

    Barnett468 I have seen your posts on the oz mustang site & you have a wealth of knowledge which everyone appreciates here.I'm not sure of the thermostat rating I have installed (I think it could be 192-195) I'll have to go back through my receipts,but I do know that the radiator cap I have is from NPD part No.8100-2B made in USA Autolite Chrome ARC-67C hope it is right .Regards Phil