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  1. Update of Photos of Resto that were deleted Stang at Mechanics premises for start of Resto.Landau Vinyl roof on Vinyl Roof nearly completedStang before heading back home homePhoto of Stang back home outside my shed
  2. Marketplace › Auto Parts Mazda rx7 s2 Brisbane, QLD · over a week ago · Bigmal saw this on facebook just now car is being wrecked had mirrors on it in photo ,may still have them?
  3. "The cable for the driver mirror adjustment. How do I keep it from getting caught by the window channel? "I would also be keen to find out.Any chance of someone having a photo of inside the door panel showing what holds the cable to the panel & the cables route.Cheers Phil
  4. Check out West Coast Classic Cougar Site:- Window Guide, I did & bought 16 thru them of original used ones (8 per window) as they seem to hold the bracket tighter to guide rails than the repo ones.The reviews on their site on the repo ones say that to cut out the play that they used thin plastic under the plastic guides to get them closer to the thickness of the originals.
  5. Thanks Barnett I emailed Dana with a query & he answered my email.Cheers Phil
  6. Thanks everyone for your input ,experiences, & wishes.Its great to see the advancement of new tests that has happened over the last few years eg DNA ,isoPSA etc.Info can be easily found over the internet & followed up with your Doctor or Urologist. The sooner that one can find out one way or the other whether you are clear, have a high risk of developing aggressive Prostate cancer or already have Prostate cancer the better. Hopefully this Topic helps everyone that has read it to do something to possibly save their lives. Please don't think that it wont happen to me & find out one day that you were wrong & possibly to late to do anything.Act now & do something.The ones that are doing something well done & keep it up. Simplyj its great to see what you are doing to help the cause, when I am back in action I will be joining the Prostate Group in my location & help fund raise & do what I can to help others. Best Wishes to All Regards Phil
  7. Yes the Davinci robotic machine is what I had & highly recommend. Also making sure that your Urologist is very experienced in using this machine, the more procedures that he has performed with this machine the better.
  8. Six weeks ago I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer after having had a biopsy. I had been monitoring my PSA readings for 6 years & it had been slowly rising up & down over this time from 3.5 gradually to 6.0. My Doctor then advised me to see a specialist which I did 4 weeks later & my PSA dropped to 5.8, my specialist booked me in for an MRI scan which came back all clear so he suggested to monitor my PSA reading in 3 months time,which we did & it had then risen to 7.2.He then said that we better do a biopsy to see what was going on, which 10 out of the 12 core samples came back positive for Cancer grade 7/10.I was then booked in to have a CAT scan to see if the cancer had spread out of the Prostate which after a stressful wait for the result came back clear & that the cancer had seemed to be contained in the Prostate.I have just returned home this weekend after having my Prostate removed by robotic surgery on 14th August. Now I have to work on trying to control my bladder for hopefully the next 6 to eight weeks but it could be longer.Then more tests(PSA) to follow for the next 5 years to make sure that the cancer doesn't return.So no work on my Mustang Resto for at least 2 to 3 Months. I'm writing this so that hopefully if any members that haven't been monitoring their PSA will take note & start doing it. Prostate Cancer is a silent killer ,I didn't feel any difference or changes in my health from 6 years ago .I'm 63 years old & a friend of mine had his cancerous Prostate removed 10 years ago when he was 45 years old. Hopefully what I have written here may save someones life. Regards Phil
  9. Ridge Runner are you interested in selling them or making a copy of them? Cheers Phil
  10. Any chance of getting an email contact address for Dana Morgan.Thanks Phil
  11. Can anyone give me a idea on how much (in US Dollars) a 1970 Mustang original deluxe 2 spoke steering wheel in very good condition would cost. Cheers Phil
  12. Thanks everyone so far for your input (you can PM me if you prefer), I haven't the experience that you all have that's why it's great to get your views & opinions.My engine (302 Windsor) is stock with points etc. & hope to keep it that way for now.I'm just an OLD non mechanical novice willing to learn. This site has great info & I'm learning a lot from your inputs in the Technical Forum.Much appreciated.Cheers Phil
  13. I thought one of these might be handy for what it says it can do,but it seems to be that no one uses them.Barnett 468 have you ever used one & if so what for? Cheers Phil
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