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  1. You dont seriously think that do you? There have been a lot of mass shootings in the USA in the past years and none I can recall have been resolved by an armed citizen but by the police. PS I am a gun owner and hunter - not an anti..
  2. Don’t take this wrong - I don’t have any skin in the game who wins, as I am not an American. Unless you think one political supporting type is more dishonest than the other, the end result should be fairly balanced. I gather you didnt put in 5 votes for your preferred candidate, so you would expect the small percentage of dishonest people will be balanced across both parties.
  3. His you know what has AFR heads and extractors? No leaking main seal is a good thing.
  4. Great resto - everything about it is lovely - except the crack in the steering wheel
  5. I could have helped but am in Australia.....way too expensive and hard to ship anything long. I am doing the conversion and have all the bits from my conversion. I have a full uncut metal package tray (or whatever you want to call it) as well.
  6. Hi Rich Not sure if this will help. The measurements are in metric.
  7. “A street car that reflects the classic 70’s Transam race cars - a compromise of factory appearance, power vs liveability” To that end 1970 Mach 1 M code Engine 408c with original but refreshed 4V’s. Aim is to look stock but have 450+ Shaker - bought a Scott Cook intake so I can run it Close ratio toploader 3.25 LSD Classic or Vintage Air Stock interior but added factory tach dash and sports deck rear seat, LED dash lights Running gear Shelby UCA drop QA1 shocks lowered as much as I can bare - @ 2” Stock exterior Still unsettled on colour either back to Wimbledon white (original) or change to Calypso Coral as I really like orange as a colour Got the wheels Transam Race Engineering Minilites 17x8 and 17x9.5 with 245/45 and 275/40’s Thats about it. The aim remains tough Road car - I want to drive it around the country a fair bit
  8. My 70 original TBox had the channel. I got a two piece Dynacorn TBox which has the channel in it to replace it.
  9. What did I miss out on....damn I love a good wind up
  10. Thanks Kris The pic is helpful as I can see where the flange has been trimmed at an angle to match. Such fun working with repop parts - NOT
  11. Hi all I have a genuine rear valance but have replaced rear quarters and tank drop offs. The valance is a service part that was on the car but was held in place with a couple of tack welds so no idea if the shape has altered. The flange of metal where the quarter and tank drop off join is too long and holds the valance proud of the panel. Neither of the two panels is longer than the other so it’s not like one is the issue. Does the flange just need trimming back? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hux


    It’s serious prison time at that. Our State is the only one with a mandatory retirement age of 60. Some want it changed to go on...I’m like F off. Let me get my pension and live a while. I have been in fairly senior roles for the past 12 years so no longer mixing it with the trash - all command level stuff - I have a mate who just finished with 37 years all on the road as a supervisor. Tough gig and he’s a bit broken but he didnt want to leave and is now bored and taken a security job to fill in a few days. He bought a new Mustang instead of an old one which is his mistake!!!
  13. Hux


    Sad isn’t it. I am 2nd generation. My Dad didnt want my bro or I to join up but we did. Now big bro has ticked over 39 years whilst I have only done 36. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone really - even though 95% of people are very supportive and acknowledge the work done. It’s okay at the senior ranks when you are older not having to deal with the shit all day every day but its a tough gig for the young ones.
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