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  1. It’s a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. So if you built the SCJ to the same standard as the CJ then yes the SCJ would be worth more. If you date code correct built a replacement SCJ engine it would be worth more. A SCJ body without an engine is not worth as much as a CJ with a non orig 428 in it. Or are you asking whether the SCJ body is different to the CJ body? Driveline and the VIN plate I think is the major difference with an external oil cooler for the engine from memory but I am sure there are some folks here with much better knowledge of whether there are subtle differences.
  2. Bloody sad Mal. Vic, Not sure if I would call it a barren wasteland :-). But the reality is that the centre is pretty much all desert or close to it and its damn flat so no ranges catching weather patterns and rain. “Warning Weather Nerd” Australian weather is unfortunately one of always in extreme weather cycles - the La Niña/El Nino weather patterns dominate most of the northern half and there is a similar weather phenomenon that comes out of the Southern Ocean (which is what’s hurting us at the moment) One of our famous poets Dorothy Mackellar wrote “My Country” which pretty much sums up Australia.... I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains. ......
  3. Thanks Shep - I had a 69 fibreglass version on the LH side that someone had done some very skilful shaping with filler on to replicate a 70 style however it was splitting off the base and is of course damaged at the very bottom like so many others.
  4. I like this version. The cutting and bending of pot metal sounds fraught with hazard :-) I’ll have a look for Fiber Tech and All Metal.
  5. Thanks Vic, there are some parts that are doing it tough but the nation is rallying behind them with massive community support. There is some really amazing stories of kindness that reminds us that decent human behaviour is the norm and we shouldn’t be completely jaded by what we see on the nightly news reports normally.
  6. That is the only area that doesn’t fit well. It aligns well on the upper fender and quarter other than that one area. The inner area looks much the same as the OEM on the RH side. Unfortunately changing it is impossible - none in stock in Aus- we are not as lucky as you folks in the USA as to having large suppliers with lots of stock. Reality is this is a standard Taiwanese repop so imagine its just a flawed moulding design and anyone else using a repop would have the same issue. As the quarter in original I at least have an original line to run from. I’ll try a short strand fibreglass filler I guess.
  7. Pot metal. So lead or something like Muggy Weld or the like is the only metal solutions
  8. Hi team Unfortunately a rear quarter extension in Aus is not as common as the USA nor affordable so had to get an aftermarket (the prices on Ebay for a genuine with shipping from the USA was crazy). As you can see there is a significant difference in profile to the rear quarter (which is original sheet metal and undamaged). The actual difference is @ 10mm which in your would is about 7/16ths of an inch at its worst. So what filler would you think would be a good foundation for such a large build up...fibreglass, carbon or get some of that Muggy Weld type product and build up the actual area with some metal before final filling and shaping with normal Bondo type filler. Thanks in advance
  9. I have the Mustang Market deluxe panels for a 70. Yes light grain vinyl, white plastic backing, quite good alignment of the holes for wood grain and stainless trim. You do have to mount the window felts yourself
  10. Will there actually be enough area under the actual shaker for airflow into a dual carb setup?
  11. Yes drip rail extension It is sold as part of the drip rail set.....expensive way to get them,...I have one that is crappy rusted and will have to rebuild it as there is nothing wrong with the actual spot welded rain gutters (drip rails).
  12. Hux

    NYS does it again

    As a foreigner (and a cop) looking in - is this actually for real?? How can you grant bail to someone arrested for breaching bail?????????? Thats not logical or safe. We have the revolving door of justice as well but surely this is fictional, its too bizarre to be true!!!!
  13. Hi all I thought this might help someone else in a similar situation. Wanting to run a high quality electronic performance ignition whilst running a stock air cleaner like a factory shaker.Most performance distributors have extended shafts so the options from my research ended with something like Pertronix which get mixed reviews and the amazing work of some who modify the air cleaner lower box to provide clearance. ICE Ignitions who are highly regarded in Australia for performance distributors didn’t list specs so I sent off an inquiry. The response back from Michael was to contact him to discuss. What resulted was two options - he could spec a billet body distributor to fit my requirements or I could send him my Autolite and he would essentially build a custom unit inside the original housing using a new shaft etc and supply with a cylindrical coil, 7mm leads etc and with remote mounting of the control box it would look like a factory unit but be the same as their performance units. I haven’t ordered mine yet but given the local reputation within the performance world I do not expect any issues with any part of this. So hopefully that helps others engaged in a similar search for options.
  14. You are a wealth of knowledge. That number is stamped on the driver side of the block just above where the bell housing mates. Casting date is about 6 weeks before programmed build date. 22 Oct to early Dec (from memory programmed build was @ 6 Dec). Thanks for the tips on the gasket services - that will have to wait until disassembly but its great info
  15. Thanks - so that answers part of the question...yes that number is stamped upside down, guessing that is not correct.. projected build from memory was very early Dec 69. Once I get the engine out I can give it a proper go over - but is that the correct location for a factory engine number on a 70? Mine is 144374 so its a different number. I don’t have anyone local with a 70 M code to even compare to - its the opposite end of the world here in Aus!
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