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  1. What did I miss out on....damn I love a good wind up
  2. Hux


    Well said
  3. Thanks Kris The pic is helpful as I can see where the flange has been trimmed at an angle to match. Such fun working with repop parts - NOT
  4. Hi all I have a genuine rear valance but have replaced rear quarters and tank drop offs. The valance is a service part that was on the car but was held in place with a couple of tack welds so no idea if the shape has altered. The flange of metal where the quarter and tank drop off join is too long and holds the valance proud of the panel. Neither of the two panels is longer than the other so it’s not like one is the issue. Does the flange just need trimming back? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hux


    It’s serious prison time at that. Our State is the only one with a mandatory retirement age of 60. Some want it changed to go on...I’m like F off. Let me get my pension and live a while. I have been in fairly senior roles for the past 12 years so no longer mixing it with the trash - all command level stuff - I have a mate who just finished with 37 years all on the road as a supervisor. Tough gig and he’s a bit broken but he didnt want to leave and is now bored and taken a security job to fill in a few days. He bought a new Mustang instead of an old one which is his mistake!!!
  6. Hux


    Sad isn’t it. I am 2nd generation. My Dad didnt want my bro or I to join up but we did. Now big bro has ticked over 39 years whilst I have only done 36. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone really - even though 95% of people are very supportive and acknowledge the work done. It’s okay at the senior ranks when you are older not having to deal with the shit all day every day but its a tough gig for the young ones.
  7. I was lost without you lot. Thanks to admin/owner for getting it back. Hope everyone is safe in the USA. Looks pretty bad on news media here.
  8. Any trouble adapting the BA backing plate onto the 9” and i assume its a Ute or wagon rear brake setup?
  9. Thanks mate - I am really happy with how it turned out. Just shows what a bit of patience can deliver even for an amateur like me. Amazingly no I didn’t use panel clamps I have tried them in the past and found they dont work that well if there is any curve in the panel join area. I had a couple of grips holding it in position against the wheel house lip and then just used a bit of finger pressure to hold it aligned while I tacked off. Once it was tacked off I let it hang naturally and then did the majority of the weld so it held a more natural position if that makes sense?
  10. About 1mm at max. I find that I get enough penetration and its certainly strong enough a join. To finish I ground it down, used a 2” roloc flap disc to get it low and then hand file finished to the below picture. I think a very thin wipe with filler will be all it takes to have it done.
  11. Long weekend for us....bit the bullet and fitted up a new quarter skin, went for a butt weld all the way around rather than flange it. Used some marking out dye and a scribe to lay it out them a sanding disc to get the gaps nice. I think there is only about 500 little welds to do and it will be solid steel.
  12. The parts you have are for the fold down seat so they go in behind the part you dont have. You can see the cut out in them for the latch mechanism. They are really only exposed when the seat is folded down. There is another part which goes down below the rear window above the trap door area. It is more apparent when you see a picture of an assembled sports deck seat that is folded down.
  13. I’m with Alan. You probably need to pull the guards and strip the deadened underneath and see what its really like. Under those Mach 1 mouldings can also hide some problems. Plus I am not sure if I could live with rivets holding panels in the rear end. I’m not sure its the right car to hold as a survivor given the rust and some average past repairs but......
  14. Hux

    I Need To Vent

    Faaarrrkkkk. Yes you should be as mad as hell. They had to know you had something in there. The random thief doesn’t steal a TKO, someone knew you had it and went to the effort to disguise the robbery.
  15. Got bored with body work and felt the need to do something that made me feel like this resto would eventually be a driver so time to make something shiney. So new carpet and new chrome trim (Dii Corvex) on the sports deck rear seat and now wrapped in bubble wrap and put away. I could not get the carpet sitting nice on the floor piece that faces into the trunk - on the pre 69 they have the chrome trim. Mainly as I have no way to staple steel at hand in reality. Since the trim kit suits 65-70 I used the early piece to finish it. The Dii chrome trim is actually nice, lined up with the existing holes quite well. I would recommend it.
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