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  1. It will be great to see it fully reassembled with the new paints scheme.
  2. https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1201971219303285 This makes me feel a bit better - with the death rate in Italy I was wondering what that meant to the rest of the world - its a known issue that Italy has very high death rates for influenza.
  3. I hope you are right Mike, but when you see what is now happening in Italy and that their health system is overwhelmed I think the strong approach is the right approach. Panic buying is stupid though......there will be shortages but nothing critical. If its gets really bad I will head out and knock over a few deer for meat.
  4. I wondered about that. I had seen the custom badging on the scoop before but couldn’t remember if it was on a member here or on VMF....too many forums to keep track of!
  5. Hi mate just wanted to make sure you weren’t off on a weird tangent. We dont have anything like you guys for the range of sizes available so we get stuck with basic dimensions. I love your build and really look forward to seeing it progress
  6. Check your tire heights mate. Not sure if that would be correct for the front. I was looking at same size front but rear as 275/40 17 and both are about the same (its mm for us but from memory just under 26”). Even still you will have a height difference of almost an inch which might look odd dont you think?
  7. Definitely not rare...just another M code Mach 1 in reality. Get those Mach 1 trims on so I can get a look at good it looks with them on!!!! What wheels are you doing...I have the Transam Race Engineering minilites...17x8 and 17x9.5.
  8. Hux

    I'm OK

    Great news Randy. I will have some work for you this year for sure.
  9. BTW after seeing your paint in colour I have flipped on whether I stay with the original white. I have always had a soft spot for the oranges...and as I am not staying true to the build sheet - adding shaker, tach dash and sport deck seat and converting to toploader (because that is what I want) I dont think the colour change will make much difference to the value.
  10. RICH. Have you converted to a 69 front? your lower valance has indicator holes front guards look like they no longer have the front indicator hole
  11. Rich this is what the Aussie bracket looks like
  12. HI RICH Ford Australia used Saginaw pumps from @1979-1982 on the Aussie Falcon and Fairlane with 302/351c. There is not that many around and am currently hunting for one at a reasonable price myself. Some folks only want to see with the steering box which is of course RHD. I’ll let you know - the alternative I am toying with is the EV and hot rod folks all talk about about a particular electric power steering pump which is an Australian model only I think (GM Holden Astra). It needs only power no other extras to work and runs @ AUS $120 used.
  13. I cannot wait to get my car done....I have minilites ready to go but they are 8x17 and 9.5x17 so I can get a decent performance tire at an affordable price.
  14. I had to read deep to find the references on each page. 1. The Boss is coming 2. Come and see the boss at Nula Ford 3. The Boss is gone if you want one come and order it. Other than sales date period it would be almost impossible to ID a car unless they sold only the one Boss 429. I guess you could request Kevin Marti to search records for Nula Ford sold Boss 429’s?
  15. It’s a bit like asking how long is a piece of string. So if you built the SCJ to the same standard as the CJ then yes the SCJ would be worth more. If you date code correct built a replacement SCJ engine it would be worth more. A SCJ body without an engine is not worth as much as a CJ with a non orig 428 in it. Or are you asking whether the SCJ body is different to the CJ body? Driveline and the VIN plate I think is the major difference with an external oil cooler for the engine from memory but I am sure there are some folks here with much better knowledge of whether there are subtle differences.
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