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  1. I have stock length forged rods and have the chance for a free 3.850 crank.. All I would need are some forged 302 Pistons. Just curious what those of you with a 393 have and what you are putting up numbers wise.. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have had my PA performance on my car for 12 years now with no issues
  3. thanks everybody. If I stroke, then I might was well go to the 408.
  4. I was wondering if there was anything on my engine I could recycle. Germany is super expensive for getting parts over here.
  5. doI just need a new crank or do I need a lot more than that?
  6. call this place. Jay set me up with everything to rebuild the C6 in my 1969 and he has whatever it is you need. https://www.broaderperformance.com
  7. and here I was only looking for 1969/1970 factory radios. Thanks for the pro tips on the other factory years that are direct fits.
  8. Need a radio for my car. I recall reading that one of the brands crap.
  9. Can I get the link to your online Manuals  PLEASEEEEEEEEE




    1. BigDuke6


      it looks like the links have gone dead.  These were uploaded a long time ago 

  10. for me, 1969stang.com redirects to 69stang.com. It's always something.
  11. so I combed through my summit receipts and found that I got a K&N 66-3040 with a 1.250" drop base. I am using TCP motor mounts, which are stock height. I don't know why it works for me but not for you. https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/knn-66-3040/overview/ I also remembered that I posted the same thing on stangnet 10 years ago. see post #2 https://www.stangnet.com/mustang-forums/threads/drop-base-air-cleaner.789841/#post-7955125
  12. I get that message if I go to 69stang.com. If I go to 1969stang.com, it automatically redirects to 69stang.com and then the error message pops up so I have to hit the back arrow and really quickly hit "forums" before the redirect happens again. There is clearly some error in the coding somewhere. It is not conducive to driving traffic to this site
  13. Let me have a look see at my old Summit receipts and see what I bought. I will get back to you.
  14. I am running an air gap and had to use a drop base for the air filter. It 'just' fits
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