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  1. I have a pair of FPAs and despite being JetHot coated, they started to rust after 6 years. Stan should be using stainless steel.
  2. I sent a cheapo Holly 650 CFM 4bbl to Jetchip and gave them my car's specs and they sent me back an awesome custom carb with annular boosters and flowing 770 CFM. Really can recommend it.
  3. Yes. VWW was purchased by Coker Tire.. I sent a message to Coker and asked about the proper method for balancing and they came back with "lug-centered.. Hopefully this is the issue..
  4. Like the title says, vintage wheel works. These are the V45s. 10 oz of imbalance in one and 8.5 oz on another
  5. wheels are from 2004. I just mounted some BF Goodrich Comp TAs. The balancer was hub centric. Don't know if these wheels have to be lug balanced or not.
  6. had the new tires installed today. The guy was wondering at the sheer number of balancing weights on the wheels and said he had never seen so many. He finished the job and said he spoke too soon, as he ended up using more than what was originally on there. Other than press in weights, is there any fix for a set of terribly unbalanced wheels?
  7. The problem is shipping to Germany. There are still plenty of 16x8 options CONUS but it is over $150 per tire in shipping and duty/VAT so a $135 tire costs me nearly $300 at the end of day i have scoured every possible local possibility
  8. Aral to the rescue. can bump the timing up just a bit with this stuff. https://www.aral.de/de/retail/kraftstoffe-und-preise/unsere-kraftstoffe/aral-ultimate/aral-ultimate-102.html What size wheels are you running? I got 16" wheels back then only now, nobody makes tires for them anymore. I was going to wait til Spring to get some Toyo Proxes R888 in 255/50 r16 in the back and 225s up front except Toyo stopped that tire at the end of 2018 and the replacement only has 245/45R16s and they do not fill out the wheel well. No more choices for 16" tires in Europe
  9. the car went from awesome cold starts after weeks of hibernation to having trouble turning over from one day to the next and the only change was the plugs.
  10. FPS in anaheim. Ain't for sure about the AdDur
  11. 100 RON? Hah. Running 102 RON. Good that our cars are mostly twins. I can use the benefit of your experience. Does your brother still have his Challenger?
  12. I don’t know if you would call it a huge cam hydraulic roller cam 108 LSA - LIFT: INT 560 , EXH 540 - DURATION AT .50 DEG: INT 236 , EXH 240 thanks everyone for your input so far
  13. mechanic was working on a steering issue and replaced the plugs as a favor to me. Car went from instantly starting up to being difficult. I asked if he gapped the plugs. No. So I need a good starting point. 351W Edelbrock 60259 Alum heads (ported) Hydraulic roller cam Champion RC12YC plugs 11:1 CR MSD 6AL ignition and HEI dizzy Engine is about 450 hp
  14. 69 Mach 1: The first bearings went bad because the guy who installed the first set of bearing used the wrong bearing retainer plates (C clips) instead of the square ones. That is why the bearings went bad so fast. we replaced the bearings and seals using 9569s seals. There are no sleeves that go on the inner of the bearing. They are 31 spline axles but they take the small bearings. The right side is fine. No perceptible wobble on the DS axle. Given that the right side is ok, I am thinking that maybe the seal was installed improperly or is defective. If it goes bad a second time, then we will have to change up
  15. I guess I can measure that. The axles were newly installed in 2007 (Superior Axle and Gear, which seems to have gone under since then) and I have maybe 1500 miles on the car since then. I am going to replace the seal again and see what happens. I am guessing that the seal was defective since the right one is doing ok.
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