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  1. Just look at Remington and Colt and what the PE vultures did to them.
  2. I don’t wish to seem indelicate here, but your question does call for the subjunctive.
  3. So it is a standard base circle. I am shopping around getting my engine stroked and talked to a guy who claimed to have built several engines over the years and he assured me that these retrofit cams were reduced base circle cams and whoever told me I could use a standard base circle cam on a 1969 block did not know what he was talking about. Mild panic set in. I later called to comp which told me that all these cams are std. base circle cams and a reduced base circle cam would have to be special ordered and that these work in a 1969 block when using link bar lifters (which I have). I then perused the ford racing parts catalog and noticed this about the X303 cam The legendary X303 cam developed by Ford Performance for the 5.0L Fox-body Mustang. This cam provides a noticeable power improvement and lumpy idle while maintaining good driveability with a manual transmission. Works well with carburetors or mass air fuel injection. Fits 1985 and later 302 roller cam blocks Will also fit 1963-1984 non-roller cam 289-302 blocks when used with hydraulic roller lifters Will also fit 1994-1997 351W blocks with factory roller cam Will also fit 1969-1993 non-roller cam 351W blocks when used with hydraulic roller lifters needless to say, this guy will not be building my stroker.
  4. I know that when retrofitting a roller cam on a pre-roller cam block, you can either use a spider and dog bone to run a reduced base circle cam OR a reduced base circle cam or a standard base circle cam when using link bar lifters. This brings me to the comp cams hydraulic cams such as this one: https://www.compcams.com/xtreme-energy-236-240-hydraulic-roller-cam-for-ford-351w.html#tab2.tab2 does anyone know if this is a reduced base circle or standard base circle cam?
  5. these are the only pics I have from when I had an X junction installed. The pics were more geared towards the exhaust than capturing the subframes but hopefully you might be able to glean something.. My car was on a lift Tuesday and if I had seen your post earlier, I could have taken pics. This is from before the accident. The subframes were the only thing that kept the car from ripping in half
  6. sorry for your loss. I have a PWR radiator that is a direct fit and I use a 2500 CFM pusher fan. I am running a hot 351 build that has 11:1 CR and a roller cam that makes 355 hp at the rear wheels and my engine never gets about 180. Even when sitting in traffic on a 90 deg day. PWR also makes direct fit radiators that have built in tranny coolers. They are available from https://www.crracing.com
  7. are you saying you need an electric fan or you do not want an electric fan?
  8. Nice. I have the magnaflow 2.5” system. I don’t have a video of me buzzing the tower yet but you get an idea of what mine sounds like https://youtu.be/y4ySeB3GwoQ
  9. Holy cow. Those are the US prices. I got mine in 2007 for $399. It is now $999. Had the price gone up only by inflation, the 2020 price would be $495
  10. I have this radiator from Oz. It looks like the US distributor is out of business but somebody else has to have them stateside. I can swear by this radiator. Note that the price is in dollary-doos so the US price is lower https://www.crracing.com/product/ford-mustang-1967-70-extruded-tube-crossflow-radiator-sbf-bbf
  11. can you tell me a little bit about how you lowered your car?
  12. SM69Mach, you sure have a purdy car. Here is mine What’s been done: frame off resto new interior 16x8 Vintage Wheel works V45s 4 wheel wilwood disk brakes with a MPB booster rebuilt engine with roller cam and ported Eddy RPM Performers and Air Gap (360 hp at the wheels) Magnaflow 2.5” exhaust with X pipe rebuilt C6 tranny with performance parts, “rollerized” needle bearings where possible, upgraded clutches, etc TCP manual rack and pinion Complete Global West Cat. 5 suspension Holly 4bbl carb that was sent to Jet Performance for a stage 3 conversion Reen Machine Halogen lights billet front grill currie 9” rear 3.73 gears detroit locker What’s to come next EPAS electric power steering ABS electric power brakes 408 stroker Digital guarddawg push button starter
  13. Ok Frode. Thanks for the reply. How is your car doing? What about your brother’s mopar?
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