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  1. Yes I still have them. Where are you located?
  2. Are you looking for a new set? I have a set of original Mach 1 seats that are in excellent shape. I’m 6’ and I have about 4 “ head clearance. I’m in Branson Missouri. I’m looking for a more modern version I’m going to be doing the pro touring look. What do you want for yours?
  3. I would be keeping my rear, so I’d need to weld on the tabs. question: how are you lining up the tabs to be welded on the axle tube? To you supply a jig?
  4. Looking forward to it! I asked in my prior question. How do you align the brackets to weld the tubes in relation to the pinion angle?? Do you have a jig/bracket that mounts to the rear to guide the brackets to the tubes???
  5. Rich, I have reviewed your set up, it is quite different then the ones above, since you are incorporating the Watts link. But you have caught my interest. My concern for handling is straight line racing, keeping the rear straight! I have no interest in Concourse racing. I have a 69, how will this work with 2-1/2” exhaust tailpipes? How are you setting pinion angle when welding the brackets to the top of the axle tubes for the links? Do you have a template that guides the location of those brackets, such as the one used on the TCP 4 link? I meet the owner of an Elanor Build. He said you were very helpful with the purchase of the products and during the installation. Word of mouth is always the best advertisement!!
  6. I’d like to put in a 4 link, I've been looking at Heidts or Total Control Products. Any preference? I’d also like to put in mini tubs, the ones sold by Detroit Speed. I don’t want to cut the frame rails. I know both companies above sell a different 4 link kit that accommodates mini tubs, but you have to cut out the frames. Without cutting up the frame rails, how wide of a tire can I use? Thanks in advance!!
  7. Was at a NSRA show this weekend and I took an award. ThT evening we had a cruise, but I couldn’t park, the car wouldn’t turn off. Instead on pulling the coil wire, I banged on the solenoid and it turned off. Had to be back Sunday morning by 10 for the award ceremony. Wouldn’t you know it. The gremlin came back. This time when I went to put on the battery pos wire the motor would start to turn. I eventually got another Standard Solenoid and problem solved. Who wound think a 2 week old solenoid went bad already
  8. Mach1Rider- if you’re referring to the ignition box (MSD) that hot wire is going directly to + on the battery.
  9. Ignition switch was replaced 5 years ago. But I to am leaning that way. has a new Sol and good ground. its a 69
  10. This was happening every now and then, now it’s more often. When I go to turn the motor off, it keeps running. I have to pull the coil wire to stop it. Did notice when keyed on the tach isn’t working until I move the ignition key. My MSD ignition box red light goes ON when keyed on and OFF with key off. When things start to act up, I put my positive battery wire on and the red light is ON with out turning the key on. ??????
  11. I converted to a 1 wire alternator years ago. The Voltage Regulator wires are not being used and just hangs there. I would like to clean things up and get rid of them. Can I?
  12. Ok Appreciate the info Mach1 Driver!!
  13. Yes your right Midlife, I was thinking the same. better $60 than $300. everytime I look for a Halogen low beam it’s either not available or it’s the 7” bulb.
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