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Custom Subframe Connectors

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I posted this on another Mustang site, but thought I would add the same here.


Made a custom set of subframe connectors. I'm trying to keep the car looking as stock as possible. I had an aftermarket set of subframe connectors originally installed, but they just didn't fit the theme. I thought these had the highest potential of looking period correct. I need something to stiffen up the car (500hp).


However this was a major PITA. It's made from 11 gauge steel. The curvature of the pans made it very difficult. I had to remove some of the ribbing and relocate the drain holes. I still need to smooth a couple spots with a little duraglass.











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Nice fab work, looks like it could handle double the HP you'll throw at it. I remeber watching the guys on musclecar do something like this last year and it sure looked like a lot of work so I can just imagine.

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On 11/17/2019 at 10:52 AM, Mystikbrian said:

do you think I could get the photos of your frame connectors?

I notice when I view this page with my phone, the pics are clear. When I use my laptop they are blurry? Have you tried different browsers or maybe your phone?

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