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  1. That's it exactly Newstang!!!!!! We do have the same taste. Ridgerunner, looking forward to seeing your progress, I always assumed one day I would have to try to make a fiberglass one. If you decide to go into production or at least make more than one let me know, I'll be the first customer in line! :) I already cobbled up a custom ram air for mine and opened up the stock hood but this would be way cooler!
  2. Now that the '69 stang email is up and running again I received yet another bitcoin sexploitation scam email only this one was a little different and had my user name and almost exact password in the subject field. After some of the generic threats he also complimented me on my car so it's doubtful it came from any place but here. I would encourage you all to consider changing your passwords and to not use something that you have used on personal accounts, particularly financial.
  3. Nope, that's a Shelby deMexico hood. I'm talking about the '71-'73 scoops. Can you elaborate? I did a really nice photo chop on here of what I'm talking about years ago but once I found the thread seems all the older pics uploaded to posts are now long gone. :(
  4. Email should be up and running again for anyone who missed the other thread. BTW, if you see a sock on my door knob don't knock, it means I'm busy using the other sock. :P
  5. I agree too, one of the things that drew me to the '69 stang was that it was the closest looking stock mustang to the '67 Shelby I used to love as a kid. And now that my car has a custom Shelby trunk lid and end caps that retain the stock tail panel and lights I think it's just about spot on. Now if only I could get someone to make a '69 hood with '71 - '73 style Ram Air scoops I'd be in Mustang heaven.
  6. LOL, only problem is I don't masturbate.......................while on the computer, tablet is much easier to close in a hurry. So anyway, back on topic, I managed to get a hold of Ben, he is going to look into it ASAP.
  7. I managed to get a hold of Ben, he is going to look into it ASAP.
  8. I sent an email to a hotmail account I found for Ben since I'm sure his stang account would be down too, hopefully it's still active, we'll see. I have no doubt the server has been hacked, I'm still not getting new emails in my inbox but my spam box has been getting new sextortion scam emails that looks like it comes from me too me asking for bitcoins or they'll send webcam videos of me masturbating to porn to everyone in my contacts list.
  9. Good to be back, just wish it wasn't for this issue. :(
  10. I have that size on the front of my '69 vert with 17X8 and 4.5 BS and 275/40-17 out back with 5.5 BS on 17X9's.
  11. Don't know if this will help others but I tried some things and even though yes the most recent gallery was disabled I found a back door into the original albums page, you have to find your album and then click through each individual pic links one by one to be able to copy and save but it's better than nothing. Obviously this won't include anything that was updated to the gallery after the albums closed but it's an option. http://1969stang.com/albums/
  12. OK thanks, I'll try to reach out to Ben directly and see what I can find out.
  13. I had the same issue recently, can send but not receive but it only started happening around 9/1. I'm looking into it.
  14. For some reason my 69stang.com email address has only been able to send emails but not receive for over a week now and I am only using about 20% of my capacity. Anyone else experiencing this?
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