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  1. New 69-70 Mustangs

    No thank you..........I will just keep tossing green paper into a toilet that wont stop flushing....... The happiness it brings.is just hard to describe..
  2. It is all a matter of chose. I don't use ex gaskets just black rtv What is not there cant leak.. A little prep work on the headers helps. My not work for every body.....
  3. Dont ,just dont ,that is all

    Pioneer super tuner was the only way to go. If you had the money.
  4. I got another project car

    I have a soft spot for pintos. There is a pinto wagon that I see in town on and off that even has wood grain sides..(older man driving)Bone stock.. V8 with some under body work and a little lager tires. I Just get wet thinking about it...
  5. 4300 Carb Questions

    I am not familiar with the 4300 carb. But if it has foam floats and not brass YES they can saturate and start to sink over time.(rich) The new fuels due leave the carb. looking clean. The problem is it corrodes the jets......Over time they just keep getting smaller till there is almost no jet flow.. (lean) I have yet to see any magic additive that works....They do sell a lot of it...
  6. Winter Needs to be done already

    You have your Hog. You have your ground hog. You have your skidder hog. The ground hog being the far most dangers. I could go on but there maybe children reading.... ..
  7. Winter Needs to be done already

    Lower NH today.... snow-ice-cold.. Tomorrow- rain and cold Mustang hooks up poorly on these days.... I fix motorcycles for a living so this needs to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Dont ,just dont ,that is all

    I don't even know what to say.. There are just to many things my mind want to express and none are good...........
  9. Which brake booster is right for me?

    I feel the need to ask how low do you think the vacuum will be on your motor that will make power brakes not work??
  10. Demons possess my '69 Mustang

    I was really thinking more than slightly open. I forget at times not everybody gets that deep into what I think is simple when it comes to engines. The adv. weights inside the dis. can bind up from rust over time and one or two other things I have seen springs fall off also that control the return of the weights. screws to long or something just bent from past repairs.. this can hold the Ing...adv. beyond its normal setting that can make the motor surge or just rev high at times.. I am not really good at this explaining stuff... On the very far end of this I have seen motors rev out of control with no plug wire on the plug...this will really screw with your mind!!!!!!!!! 1
  11. Demons possess my '69 Mustang

    I have had two bad solenoids that would not let my motor shut off. it can happen.. As far as the revving goes I can only think the ing adv froze open. vac. or mech. You My want to look at that..
  12. Original cylinder head upgrade

    I live in a 351 Cleveland world..... enlarging my not always work.... Enlarging in the wrong way my yield less than more.... 1969-70 351w heads..... I would clean them up and put them on........Save the bigger money heads for the stroker motor. Don't tell me you have not looked at them....You know you want one.... Or just do what you fell right ....
  13. If you could ONLY CHOOSE ONE?

    Wentworth Howell (Lovey) She had money.....Lots... She was old and most likely was very short term. Well past the bitch stage..(Hopefully) Mary anne next up on the phone list... The flamingos give her the heads up.
  14. forget all that crap......After the issue I had three years ago with an intake washer that trashed the block and head I keep track of all washers and nuts. but not so much with razor blades.....bad idea!!! NO.6 cil.eat one. bore looks not good and piston not much happier.. summer over before it began..................................
  15. WELL after getting away with it for far to many times in my life............ I lost in the game of re using head gaskets.... There not really hard to change out......After the fact.....But the fact I have new ones that I ordered at the speed shop just 4 mile down the road and was to impatient to get. Makes it just that much more stupid ..............It gave me something to do on a rainy feb.day in NH... Its an old mustang there are at least 10000 more things that I could be doing......