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  1. Been a long time. Life can change fast. Finley got the horn done the way I wanted it.
  2. For example.. pipe for a 1978 TS 250 Suzuki. The cones were made of so poor a sheet metal it was almost imposable to weld it. Far to many hours in a simple job...and looks like crap...
  3. After 45+ years of repairing motorcycles. I am the only one left that even knows what a 72-73 motorcycle is. I don't restore bikes! They do find me. It just needs a tune up=no such thing! All it needs is ___________= don't think so! If you say it was my fathers bike and has been sitting for 20 + years and told me how great it was. Leave it in the truck and find someone else. The time I have spent and never got paid for I could retire.. Older things can be hard for there is no flat rate on it....
  4. I found the frame stiffeners almost night and day. But my car was a little rusty to start with and a 500 hp motor did not help that. Ray.
  5. I did the make your own tin man SFC It was one of the best things that has been done to this car. Keep in mind that I have high miles and many passed rust issues. Putting in a 560 hp motor made it more like a rag doll. Wish I did this mod years ago..
  6. Anybody think to do a compression ck ? You are maybe just trying to run with one dead cylinder.
  7. There was a road sign in are town that was stolen so many times they changed the name of it. Capt. Bud street......I don't have one of them but I know people who do... Peter pan lane was also poplar...
  8. Hold my beer and watch this......My not work out well...….. but your beer is safe until the EMT show up...
  9. Ridge you did not make the ones I have. A 6 year old could do a better job on than these. They were from ________ ...
  10. I have two NEW sets of sail panels.... Why thy have not found there way to the dumpster I don't know... I would be ashamed to say I made them...….
  11. Let me tell you that removing a sail panel that has been there for 40+ years is not for the weak. Mine ran under the rear window molding..(or did) things my not go well.. Slowly prying is your best bet... I installed LED light strips..Now I can see in the back...
  12. Finely completed only if.. You never drive it. Never look at it . Never look at another mustang. Never get a parts catalog in the mail. Never go on the internet. Never wake up in the middle of the night. Never find yourself with a pile of money with nothing to really do with it. If you can live by these rules you are safe...….
  13. ray1970

    Car gender?

    It is just one of those things I don't understand. Cars have no gender. I have worked on cars most of my life and have never seen a vagina or a penis unless in the back seat. So why are they given a gender over and over in a post?? Try not to take this wrong......
  14. Not much help beyond the info already given.... My rim blow died many a year ago....Now I have a solid wood wheel with no working horns at this time.(both horns are new) I just stab the clutch and give them a 108db rev ck at 6000 to let them know I am their. Not really good at inspection time but I get by... The rim blow really was just a bad idea….But you did not say you have a rim blow...
  15. Should be turning the wright direction.. but is it??? Things can get mixed up. Take the belt off and spin the pump by hand...... you should be able to feel if its right or not...
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