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    WTB 69 A-C Heater Box

    Excellent info Rob, mucho thanks.
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    Got the TCP tubs that are shaped like originals these add 2” and combined with the narrow leafs from Evergreen allow a 315 tire with enough clearance to avoid any rubbing. I did narrow the rear seat backrest, removing a section from the middle and reinforcing the joint. I also have a narrowed axle because I wanted the wheels to have dish.
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    WTB 69 A-C Heater Box

    Bob, if you get the mustang kit it comes with everything and lines right up with the holes in the firewall. the unit is smaller so its a easy fit, Ive done two with the original controls and is pretty simple. the only pain in the ass is running the ducts but other than that they are great.
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    table top car show

    I'm tired of waiting for show season so set up a table top car show.
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    Ignation Switch Spacer

    Here is one, but wants a lot for it.
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    3M undercoating. Great stuff. put 12 cans on mine.

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