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  1. im curious too, I have the same problem, its almost etched into the paint.
  2. So, the more I work on this thing the more I say, Chevy is shit!. everything on this car is such a thoughtless design. I put on new brake shoes and there is NO adjuster hole. The say to either put the hole in the drum and adjust, or take the drum on and off. WTF? So I decided to do it like All my other cars had it, where it belongs. ( Like Fords ) Drilled out and elongated the access holes. And these GM guys say Ford sucks?
  3. it is unlikely the seal on the trans pump is the culprit. I still say that is an oil leak rear main.
  4. just look at this, friggen chevy. I just put the ORANGE engine back in. its only about ¼ from the firewall. Who the hell puts a distributor in the back of an engine !
  5. Thats ok, i own a 72 nova SS and i can truly say CHEVY SUCKS! the more I work on it the more I realize there is not one f'n thing chevy has done right. Long Live FORD :-)
  6. would you drive the shivy to the livy if the livy waz dry?
  7. ouch!, cast aluminum. yes you will need another frame. unless someone has a trick up their sleeve.
  8. looks like rear main seal to me
  9. 2.09 regular nearby but average is 2.33
  10. I have not seen an increase in fireplace sales :-) BTW, I would stock up on Corona beer, just to say you have Corona.
  11. So these are the regions in Italy, Lombardia is the worst. Green is cured, Red is Dead Yellow is Positive cases. So as of today in Italy 1800 dead. This is Far less than the flue. ,
  12. I went with vintage LEDS on one car and my other from mustang project. they are both great. these unlike the vintage dont sequence when you brake, only on turn. https://www.mustangproject.com/Catalog.aspx?category=68642387-6653-4218-935e-89619ca5f35a&sub=f238e982-267e-40ef-96d5-47cd6aad2b01
  13. All I know is the Airlines are gonna take a HEAVY hit from this, and no entity deserves it more than them. I love the fact what goes around, came around. they charge you tons of money for everything, treat you like shit and seat you like cattle. Now they are showing they are fogging the jets pre flight. THIS should be done anyway and always! I say Good!
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