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  1. very true, the air is the cleanest its ever been in 3 lifetimes. I believe the planet goes through cycles and it will do so long after were gone. even if the planet is all on-board, the climate will change and the fires in Cali have ZERO to do with climate change.
  2. newstang


    very true, friends and family lost over these politics. Problem is the Dems are looking for communism and we not. So they are invited to leave a capitalist country and go to Venezuela, Cuba, China if they like. The media like CNN, MSNBC will only show you the leftist view. You can tell because everything they say is their opinion against the president. (Who will win again)
  3. newstang


    I just had a Dem say to me, "I feel sorry for you, really." for being a conservative. Im really confused, do they not see the shit their party does that they need to feel sorry for me? I told her, dont fell sorry, im ok with it. Biden will never see the white house.
  4. I say we play their game, If its true that the world was Pangea, then we were all one continent, in that continent was Africa, so we are all part black, therefore : I WANT MY FREE SHIT !
  5. newstang


    So funny, this is telling how the rest of the planet sees Biden.
  6. newstang


    it would not, so long as your "peacefully" protesting
  7. they just did, they say its global warming and its Trumps fault/ Fucking morons
  8. I LOVE IT!, a MAGA bat to beat the shit out of the next libtards !!!
  9. saw pics of san fran at night, eerie yet beautiful too.
  10. apparently the left is concerned about them. That makes me happy
  11. So ive been hearing about the Three Percenters, I tried to look them up but it seems their groups are on facebook, but being they show to be on the "Right" there is no such thing on FB. can anyone shed light on them? Ive heard they have support of police?
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