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  1. yep, found one from a cougar in NJ
  2. all I would need now is a girlfriend. Hope my wife wont mind :-)
  3. Ah Yes of course, i assume i would need to cross connect the anapanaforis with the panadoris in order to check for resephromity :-)
  4. interesting, very simple, it should also go back to closed circuit as soon as pump stops and pressure drops.
  5. the blades themselves have always been loud as opposed to any other car I own, perhaps pressure or length?
  6. Has anyone ever found a way to make the top semi-automatic? in other words is there a module that will allow for pressing a button then is senses and stops in either up or down? I ask because my skylight at home has a sensor that when it sees a load increase on electric, it stops. ( this would be a nice upgrade )
  7. I forgot to mention that this has the delay module and switch from a bronco. it all worked fine till a few months ago. I guess ill start with the process of elimination. BY THE WAY,,,,, is it me or do all the windshield wipers sound like nails on a chalkboard?
  8. I'm shocked you stuffed that in with a brake booster and not having to remove the towers. good work !
  9. so i should be looking at the motor then or the transmission on it. or just change it out.
  10. when i turn off the switch for the wipers it stops in place, it does not return home. is this the motor or switch?
  11. Thanks, it sucks to think I have no other option and have a feeling it won't be any better this time around.
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