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  1. https://justthenews.com/government/local/cincinnati-city-councilman-becomes-third-group-be-arrested-corruption-charges-year
  2. I found something that we can all agree upon
  3. Just remember, criminals will always have guns, they dont abide by that silly little laws. As RPM said, all the most restricted places in the US are the highest in murder rates. NYC, Chicago, LA not good places to be with these garbage mayors and Gov's that put in restrictive laws. Of course, all those places are Democrat run.
  4. I do, and I am ( was) the police. mass shootings are not what im referring to. of course you can walk into a school with defenseless kids or an office which prohibits weapons. I'm talking about on a normal street in anywhere USA ( except NYC ) armed citizens Do neutralize perps. BTW, i was under the impression that you are not permitted to have guns in Australia. One of my favorites.... 2018-04-04-VIDEO-00002651.mp4
  5. I use only ni-copp it bends beautifully and does not rust.
  6. Shouldnt we start saying Impeach by now?
  7. sorry, i may have went on a rant and forgot what i was saying. In Austria the other night, a terrorist took to the streets and from what I understand began killing. It is far more unlikely for a situation like that to happen in the US because a gunman may get a few shots out, but would be terminated by armed citizens. My point is we can not depend on govt to protect us, we must protect ourselves. When i say the left I refer to Democrats and we are the Right. ( and may i say we are always right :-)
  8. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2866309830310959
  9. yea, all the places that suck to live, why dont we push the others to the center so we can take the dry warm climates :-)
  10. No question Trump is severely full of shit, but you do see that every media outlet walks on eggshels for Biden and Trump is just their feelings right?
  11. so you understand, every move to the left is in fact getting closer to communism for us. what we specifically do not want in this country is to be like Europe. As you know, this country was founded to get away from Englands rule and our rights and freedoms are something everyone wants. For example, the left wants to take away our guns. This is so they make us as weak as europe. A country without a defense will certainly be controlled by government, as well as be reliant on the govt to protect us. As you just saw in Austria. This divide is by design. Divide the people into two groups and let them fight. Before the election of trump this country had two sides, but they both sucked. no one cared because you got what you got and nothing would change. Now the swamp (which is both sides) lets us hate each other and do whatever keeps them in there for life. We have nothing against socialism, if someone wants it, this country is not it. They a free to get the F..k out and go to several countries that have it.
  12. The question that can not ever be explained is how 50% of the country wants to open the door to Communism.
  13. im a bit confused, how is D.C have their own votes, they are not. a state.
  14. well, its all but over guys, lets enjoy communism !
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