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  1. did that, he got some of it out but being the metal came to a point it stretched too much
  2. yea no kidding, this goes to show how slow biz. is.
  3. I have built stuff for less time than screwing around with the glass!! these things suck. Not to mention the new rubber on the top seems to overlap and prevent the rear glass from seating.
  4. they are all longer and need to be re-shaped around the bends, throw away those bolts and use 1/4-20 x 1"
  5. funny, i just looked back on when i started this car, Oct 18 2018, it should be complete by that date 2019 1 year.
  6. the tach strip that goes on either side of the quarters. its all covered inside so cant take pics, but it comes out here.
  7. Aside from that the top looks great
  8. So I learned something new today. Did you know that the tack strip and bolts from a cougar are NOT the same for a mustang? Did you also know that the bolts for the tack strip from a cougar are longer and go through the quarter panel? I do !
  9. damn, none of my cars have had it. this is the first time seeing it. thx
  10. not sure I ever saw one on any of my stangs.
  11. Any Idea what this bracket is for?
  12. Oh, im not the one doing the top and upholstery, That honor belongs to Danbury Upholstry, these guys are great.
  13. top going on, seats all done
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