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  1. newstang

    Craig from New Zealand

    looks outstanding!
  2. newstang

    Upper scoop inserts

    i'll check to see if i have some laying around on monday
  3. newstang

    Upper scoop inserts

    Plastic? you mean the honeycomb looking part that is cast aluminum?
  4. newstang

    Dynacorn Rant

    we wouldnt know, those factory welds would have converted to factory rust here :-)
  5. newstang

    69 Vert project

    Trying to pretty it up under there now. I also moved the trans support 2" further back for the 4R70w transmission. If it lines up fine, if not, i have steel.
  6. newstang

    Dynacorn Rant

    Yea, lets tell them what its like to run your hand across those spot welds! ever touch barbed wire :-)
  7. newstang

    Dynacorn Rant

  8. newstang

    Dynacorn Rant

    yes, i must have ordered the one made for a convertible for earlier mustang, the one for 69-70 needs modification for a convertible. I thought they were all the same.
  9. newstang

    Dynacorn Rant

    rectified with a hammer and torch.
  10. newstang

    Dynacorn Rant

  11. newstang

    Dynacorn Rant

    looks like its probably my fault. I just looked at the dynacorn site and see the full floor pan says "modify for CV" guess i was lazy and assumed the earlier pans were essentially the same except for ribbing. its not. there are several differences where it simply wont fit without heat and hammers. The tunnel is narrower, the shifter hole is small and square and there is an indentation right by the shifter. the rear of the pan doesn't quite reach the wheel well. As far as not using dynacorn. the weld through stuff is made unbelievably well. but in short, what choice do you think you have?
  12. newstang

    Dynacorn Rant

    they could at least provide the correct ones instead of having us cut off the incorrect ones. On top of it all, ive been wondering why the floor pan they sent didnt quite fit anything correctly in the tunnel area, it turns out its not for 69, its 65-ish
  13. newstang

    WTB 69 Trunk corners/ tail panel mounts

    they are perfect! ill even take two spots of rust :-)
  14. newstang

    69 Vert project

    Thanks for the contact.