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  1. newstang

    69 Vert project

    Im sure Ill beat you. for some reason, m dumb ass forgot to order essential parts like, radiator support, seat platforms and im sure a ton more aside from suspension which isnt even a thought right now. Hey, for you Cali's this is what rust looks like and im just beginning to tear it up :-)
  2. newstang

    69 Vert project

    So today I started getting Jiggy with it. I didn't realize that one front rail is longer than the other. I was going nuts not understanding why I couldn't get square measurements.
  3. newstang

    69 Vert project

    I have no idea which. If it gets too pricy or complicated i may just do another IFS,
  4. newstang

    69 Vert project

    seems like he has some conflicting info on there. Are we able to use the 69 drum spindles for disc?
  5. newstang

    69 Vert project

    very true, but its over 3k so at least i got free shipping :-)
  6. newstang

    69 Vert project

    Its like Christmas Morning for big boys ! My Dynacorn order arrived today.
  7. newstang

    69 Vert project

    dont you just love it when someone takes a stick welder to sheetmetal? cutting this stuff sucks.
  8. newstang

    69 Vert project

    Dan is Chockostang?
  9. newstang

    69 Vert project

    is this correct? http://www.chockostangclassicmustang.com/discbrakefacts.html
  10. newstang

    69 Vert project

    I need some advice on front end parts. Being I usually do everything restomod, i dont know about any other than stock replacement parts. Looking to do this on the "cheap" probably not doing the usual cross member with ifs. So, what can i use for upper, lower control arms , springs, etc. also what fits for a disc brake setup from drum spindles?
  11. newstang

    69 Vert project

    Back on this project. Made the jig for it, ordered all the sheet metal from Dynacorn and have it on the lift ready to gut out.
  12. newstang

    Welding a Hurst shifter handle

    I have the one I custom made from my stang. it was on a t45 its 316 Stainless steel with the MGW adapter and boot for $200 if you're interested.
  13. newstang

    decided to make a frame jig

    it was perfect !