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  1. Thanks for checking, I now have the bottoms from a very generous brother poster. (latoracing)
  2. 2015 . with puddle, signal, and heated
  3. these late model mirrors are going on my other 69 project. these require a ton of finesse.
  4. hi thanks, yes i need the bottom and tops thx
  5. Couldn't live with knowing the right side was lower so instead of cutting the aprons off and the radiator, we just cut the top of the apron and rad. support and added to it. Now it is perfectly level.
  6. i guess this is what i need for the upper ones:
  7. I have the trim for the top and the two fiberglass ends. Do you have any of the brackets?
  8. i found this, it gives a pretty decent layout http://www.relicrecyclery.com/groovygreen/page15/LE600_15.htm
  9. now the question is, where can i get these brackets?
  10. this was very helpful, thanks!
  11. can't really tell but it looks like it has brackets up top on the sides too. There is one person here who will know all this for sure,,,,, RIDGERUNNER !
  12. I'm starting to see how it goes in, the problem is I'm missing brackets. what is needed here? and are there other brackets I need?
  13. So then I assume those standoff brackets need to be removed? what supports the pan forward of where it mounts to the rear?
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