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  1. FYI, just in case you were thinking of clear coating it to preserve it, dont do it. it doesnt work. I tried :-)
  2. Here is the mod i did for the door handles. i made a replacement for the latch out of ⅛ stock/ the original part is cast aluminum? that would probably break if you tap the 8-32 thread into it.
  3. i agree about the kindig, aside from that they are played out.
  4. I just love we speak the same language and have completely different spelling of words. Tire- Tyre :-)
  5. Problem is this is going to follow us anywhere we go. Look at FL and TX and VA. they are all getting overrun by leftists. Seriously, do you think a guy like Beto would have survived living in TX 10 years ago? I don't understand how the wealthy are into this too. How does any of this help them? There will be an uprising im sure. right now we are being quiet, but i cant imagine for much longer. I think our generation will just need to die off and let the shit hit the fan for the future generations of eunichs
  6. i found another set of door handles and somewhere may have more in a box. If anyone is interested they are $150 plus ship. for the set with the door skin section which is the most important part along with the steel brace behind it. the buttons on this set is a bit banged up but still not bad. Some guy on ebay england sells the door handles new but without the parts needed for mounting.
  7. It will do you no good unless you have the section of the door skin it sits into as well as the part behind it.
  8. Thanks! you motivated me to buy a shrink disk. it tried it on my fender that i welded a patch on, it works amazing!
  9. i dont, it was years ago on ebay, i think i still have a set around.
  10. Its about to get another SOB dent from me :-)
  11. I give you guys that do bodywork props!! I don't know how the hell you do it, but it is an art. I cant seem to feel no matter how much i try to correct, i screw it up even more. I have a spot that feels lumpy from trying to correct it. I am going to buy one of those shrinking discs now to attempt tp help. looks like all the problem areas are where the frame under the roof is and trying to get to it, i make more dents. I tried the torch method on a fender and gave it a tumor instead of shrinking it :-) Im going to need one of you geniuses to move here to help. Forget the warm weather where you are, come hang out in 12 degree weather. You'll feel good about it :-)
  12. i get it now, i guess its like if you were to push in on the roof it would make a ripple.
  13. Hoping a body pro can chime in here. I block sanded the roof today with 320 on a long block I hit metal a few times in spots and the darker areas are the lows. For the life of me when i run my hand across it i can not feel any high spots, but clearly there are.It feels flat to me. any advice? Also, should i reshoot primer on the roof again? BTW, Wow does this stuff make serious dust!
  14. you know a piece of 14ga sheetmetal or ½ plywood would work just as well. I haven't shot my 9mm into my trunk yet but .....
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