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  1. I dont think so, Too late to check, i already cut out that section.
  2. Of course none of the pics are in sequence
  3. Still haven't gotten much further, cant seem to find a single body man in all of CT ! here is where it hits on the coyote, The only other issue, is where it meets the cowl, i cant figure out how to marry it, it sits higher.
  4. Using freightquote got the shipping fully insured for 1k for $330, arrived intact thanks to your packing.
  5. Fitting on Jims hood, Looks amazing!
  6. I found this if you want original: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2916114342001986/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined
  7. here is the install manual, youll see its pretty straightforward. https://www.vintageair.com/instructions_pdf/554170.pdf
  8. Bob, if you get the mustang kit it comes with everything and lines right up with the holes in the firewall. the unit is smaller so its a easy fit, Ive done two with the original controls and is pretty simple. the only pain in the ass is running the ducts but other than that they are great.
  9. Bob, go with a vintage air. by the time your done sourcing stuff it will be at the same price.
  10. its worth it and he'll support you like no one else if you have a question.
  11. Have it shipped via greyhound. Its cheap and will get there even without a box. Or ship with fastenall. you will just need to pick it up at the terminal
  12. Or we can switch parties and f up their next elections in the primary !
  13. My family and I are all changing our party affiliation to Unaffiliated. Time to send the republicans a message. I encourage any moderate dem to do the same. time to get rid of this swamp.
  14. to message him ? email him: scott@ronfrancis.com
  15. yes, just let him know, he may tell you you need a different year pcm, but it will work
  16. Yep, Ron Francis. (detail zone as Jmlay said) I use them for all my builds
  17. newstang

    58 Tbird

    He is 7, he loves coming to work on cars.
  18. Pardon for what, Joe is the only Criminal
  19. im surprised you two didn't connect and come up with some stuff together.
  20. 200 electric horses? I think the electric zombie is around 1500hp and over 1800ftlb torque
  21. newstang

    58 Tbird

    The turn signals on the dash pretty much describe todays situation. no matter which way you want to turn, you can only go down :-)
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