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  1. If you need anything cougar related, let me know and I will put you in touch with a local friend of mine. All he has are cougars.
  2. I actually did make the part, i just made a copy of the opposite side. the pin that was missing for he piston couldnt be found. scott drake makes a set but its not for 69, the pin is 1" in the kit, we need 1.5" I found a longer one and cut it down too.
  3. I dont know if your interested, Im not big on cougars, but i found this on the side of the road up here while going to a car show,
  4. So am i the first to have this in the U.S.? What do you suggest, prop rod or springs?
  5. Ah, ok so the quarter glass is also different on the 70. I guess ill stick with 69 glass. i happen to still have another glue in glass so that would complete the set. thanks!
  6. Wow. Thanks for the info. So the glass I have is 69 glue in I also acquired a 70 bolt in. So I guess I can go with either and use the appropriate weatherstripping
  7. Ok, I'm losing my mind on this one. I have a front door glass that has the stainless part for the weatherstrip and others are telling me the weatherstrip should be on the rear quarter glass. Who knows for sure cause this will drive me nuts!
  8. My MTF hood arrived ! this is the one MTF used on the new zealand project, ant wait to get this car done next. thanks Rich!
  9. i found one too, not the best, but it will do for now
  10. Just got my MTF Hood! Although this hood is not for the vert but for the other fastback, this hood is Nice I love it!
  11. it was only after a good sand blast. The high beam, on the other hand, has no left-right, only shows H and the part number. had to do a quick lookup to see which I'm missing.
  12. nevermind, sand blasting revealed numbers covered by tons of crap
  13. Time to invest in Arizona waterfront
  14. I have 3 of the four headlight bowls and for the life of me have no way to identify which bucket they go into/
  15. Color is deep impact blue by ford, PPG is the paint
  16. it is, i just stumbled on it https://spectrachrome.com/
  17. I have the original back for the vert, now im looking for a bottom if anyone has one.
  18. damn, i was hoping not to have to do a mod on it. you wouldnt happen to have a bottom do you?
  19. Does anybody know if the rear seat bottom is different on a coupe vs. convertible? I seem to be missing the bottom and cannot locate a convertible but I do have a coupe available
  20. That does look like a 70 tank, get a 70 fuel fill neck.
  21. im in the market for a nice one too if anyone has one.
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