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    thin the heard
  2. I say we play their game, If its true that the world was Pangea, then we were all one continent, in that continent was Africa, so we are all part black, therefore : I WANT MY FREE SHIT !
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    So funny, this is telling how the rest of the planet sees Biden.
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    it would not, so long as your "peacefully" protesting
  5. they just did, they say its global warming and its Trumps fault/ Fucking morons
  6. I LOVE IT!, a MAGA bat to beat the shit out of the next libtards !!!
  7. saw pics of san fran at night, eerie yet beautiful too.
  8. apparently the left is concerned about them. That makes me happy
  9. So ive been hearing about the Three Percenters, I tried to look them up but it seems their groups are on facebook, but being they show to be on the "Right" there is no such thing on FB. can anyone shed light on them? Ive heard they have support of police?
  10. Un-Real, im watching the morning news(ABC) and they are already saying that Russia is tampering with the elections in favor of Trump. Boy these scumbag media are really afraid to loose again!
  12. I had to change the channel, this idiot cant even read his q cards. I love how he blames Trump for the riots, when its his Democrat idiots that cause it. Remember that the symbol of the Dems is a Jackass, with good reason....
  13. I only use Flexzilla in my shop. Harbor freight dryrots in a week.
  14. hey, whats important to know is that today is Ashura. it now shows up on my apple calendar, but im sure muslim shit will replace Columbus day, 4th of July , Christmas and thanks giving! Didn't they just terrorize this country a few years ago. This crap just gets better and better, I'm no Bible thumper at all, but old friends of mine have been talking about Rapture, barcode tattoos, watch the gay movement, and whats right will seem wrong and wrong become right, since i was a teen and all sorts of crap i forgot. I always said, they were full of shit. But i'm afraid to say they were right. Im sure its not coincidence. I have never before felt like my time was up and that we would actually be in a holy war / race war. I do believe we are there. Never-mind the elections, no matter who is in or out, this will get worse. But what really concerns me is we wont be able to drive our mustangs anymore with trash like AOC :-)
  15. Problem is You have already been disarmed in your country, We are well underway, But people here are now "breaking the unconstitutional law" and finding banned items like AR15's large capacity mags, etc. We have lost confidence in the police defending us because of what the lawmakers are doing to them. So now it will come to arming ourselves at all costs, Including having to reluctantly go against our own (police) if they try to carry out disarming us and making us criminals for having large capacity mags with the illegal laws passed. At this point with lawmakers going against them will keep them looking the other way hopefully. It will come to a point where we will need to neutralize all domestic terrorists if this continues. BLM and the sympathizers will be the first to go if they come to us. BY the way, when I say WE, i mean Americans. Not me, Im a former LEO and am very well and legally armed.
  16. I thought you reinvented the wheel. Manual works just as well? then what the heck did i put on hydro for :-)
  17. good luck with that, have heard one libtard even mention it. around here a bunch of homes have BLM signs. we should put up signs of that poor kid.
  18. F-them, he's got 250mil of their money now, hope others continue to sue them till they shut down. Just like this latest " unarmed black man" they are boasting about. Someone needs to make the media show the whole story, not last 5 sec.
  19. This video talks more about Bill Gates the WHO and the immunizations and how this virus was was all planned and rehearsed
  20. So I just watched this through, all I can say is holy shit. https://freedomplatform.tv/plandemic-indoctornation-world-premiere/
  21. I bought a new F150 a few months ago, i never noticed the tires on it other than it had them. Yesterday with Goodyear in mind I said, i wonder what tires are on this truck. Please dont let them be goodyear. Well they are,, What to do !
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