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  1. Over heard a young man trying to impress his girl friend with is knowledge of classic cars, explaining that the inner headlights were fog lights on our 69 Mach 1. I just smiled and let him talk.
  2. I'm tired of waiting for show season so set up a table top car show.
  3. Back in the early days, I had a problem with the stud that the cable attaches to was loose in the starter and caused an intermittent problem.
  4. My wife ordered hers with the full sized spare.
  5. I use Armorall tire and wheel cleaner. Tire in photo is 6 years old, they are 12 years old now and still look as good. Spray it on, let it set a few minutes, scrub with soft brush and rinse.
  6. I twist mine so they don't touch the paint. If you drive it and they are touching the paint it will leave a mark.
  7. Never under estimate an old man that drives a classic Mustang! My wife is the original owner of our Mach 1. She ordered it in Jan. 69 and got it in Feb. Her dad (a farmer) was with her when she ordered it. He suggested she get the Mach 1 option as it had heavy duty suspension but thought the 351 was enough engine for her. She was in her 3rd year of teaching at a small town high school. The high school boys thought she was the coolest teacher. We met later that year when I returned from a year in Vietnam. It was a daily driver until 1980. We restored it after our kids were out of collage and are enjoying driving it again and going to shows.
  8. That moment that's better then any trophy when someone looks your car over and says WOW!
  9. Your car looks great. When we first started showing our Mach 1 everyone told us the two important things were clean and workmaship. Not what you have done to your car but how well you did it, is everything neat and fit well. When it comes to cleaning, clean, clean and clean some more. If any of the shows you go to you can ask for a copy of the judging sheet to see what you need to work on. If you like the way your car is I wouldn't change it, just make sure it's clean and neat. Visiting with other car guys and making new friends is as much fun as winning trophies.
  10. Here is mine and I do a little photoshop too.
  11. User list shows you joined Monday at 8:35 and account not yet activated. I'm not able to verify your email address Looks like the email should have been sent. Try the phone number another time or two.
  12. The stalling is most likely due to weak spark because the battery is running low with no charge. I would get the alt working and see if it still stalls after that.
  13. Did you use the same username for the Mach1 forum? If so your name does not show up and users signed up but not activared are included in the list. If you used a different username I could check that, if usibg the same you might try registering again as there could have been a glitch the first time.
  14. Our 69 Mach 1, Acapulco blue w/black interior, San Jose build, came with black strips with gold center. The build sheet has a block for "Tape Strip" 2nd row column 41 and the code on our's is "M". Don't know where the attachments came from and I can't delete them.
  15. A Mach 1 with automatic transmission would more wires going to the console. A light in the shift indicator and for the back-up light switch.
  16. Got mine from California Mustang and they look good. Hard to tell any difference from the originals. The black background in the original ones had faded plus one came apart.
  17. Most of the information I have found lists 6 as the code for Acapulco blue but I have found that is for non-Mach 1 cars. The code for a Mach 1 Acapulco blue with matte black hood is 65. Have researched this some as our Acapulco blue Mach 1 has the color code 65. I think all the Mach 1s with the matte black hood have a 5 added to the standard color code. A lot of the on-line decoders do not have the Mach 1 color codes.
  18. I don't know what year Podiver's Mach 1 is but on 69 Mach 1s drum brakes on all four was standard, disc brakes were an option except maybe on 428cj.
  19. I used spray on bed liner on tje under side of the frame, floor pans and rear wheel wells. Easier to clean then undercoat.
  20. We enter the local shows and did enter the MCA National show in Lincoln last weekend. Most shows will direct you where to park If it's a judged show having your car clean is the most important thing. Most local shows allow a display although some do not want it on or in the car, I have one with a little history of the car. MCA mational shows do not allow displays. Usually leave the wheels straight and haven't seen anyone take a wheel off. Usually have hood and trunk open. We have chairs with a canopy (great for sunny days), and place any tools and cleaning supplies out of the way by our chairs. The most repeated advice we giot when we started showing was have it clean. Above all enjoy the show and make new friends, lots of great car guys out there.
  21. Very interesting story on the Mach 1. My wife was a school teacher when she bought her new 69 Mach 1, same color and 351, 3-speed. We got married in 71 and still have the Mach 1.
  22. Put it up on a lift (local dealer) cleaned the undercariage and painted some areas that needed it. Getting ready for the Pony Express MCA Mustang show in Lincoln, Ne.
  23. Agree, it can be done. I replaced mine (non A/C) one time years ago, wasn't easy and would be more difficult now as I'm not as flesible as I was.
  24. Any body here going to the PonyExpress Mustang Celebration in Lincoln, Nebraska? One of three MCA National shows this year. August 8-10.
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