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  1. lanky

    Edelbrock intake manifold

    If you are certain you don't want to switch carbs, you can run any aluminum intake you want with a 2 barrel adapter so your carb works properly. If weight savings is your concern, I bet an aluminum 4 BBL carb is close to the same weight as a factory 2bbl. That said, the factory Autolite 2100s work great and I understand if you want to keep it. I would suggest the mosy mild aluminum intake you can find, like an Edelbrock performer (not performer RPM) or an old offenhauser if you can find one.
  2. HAHA well I am definitely confused now. I think you mean the yoke length?
  3. Just measured my small block toploader. Looks like exactly 14" if you put tape measure from rear of tailhousing diagonally to where tailhousing meets case. Meaning I didn't measure with a square on the rear side of tailhousing. Hope that helps.
  4. I think they're different for a 351w. If they're not, I think I have a pair I would be willing to sell. Are there not available reproductions?
  5. lanky

    MSD ignition box placement

    I plan on mounting mine under the passenger side dash since there's more room on that side. I think cleaner looking is always the best, unless function is sacrificied. MSD says it's fine to extend the leads as long as you upsize each lead 1 size. I have read glove boxes are a terrible idea because air flow IS important. In that regard, make sure it's away from your heating ducts if you do mount it inside. As far as where to go through the firewall...I'm open to ideas. Admittedly I've already put more holes in mine than I should have for wires. EDIT: don't forget to set your limiter before final mounting! Turning the knobs could be difficult if its under dash etc
  6. lanky

    Narrowed 8.8 rear end

    Wait a minute, crown vic rear disc brakes fit a 9" !?
  7. Mine is a '69 351w, I bought the Borgeson kit with the saginaw style pump. I had to modify the bracket that came with the kit, it was way off being inline with the crankshaft and water pump pulleys. For me the belt has to be really freaking tight to not slip during parking manuevers, but if its not slipping assist is fine. FYI the hoses Borgeson includes are not great, they should be making them at least an inch longer than they are.
  8. Thanks for the info. Between the steering box, future brake booster, and headers I am skeptical of even trying to make it work. I was just curious if others had solutions. Awhile back I started a slave cylinder bracket that I think is going to work, but haven't had the resources to test it yet. I will do a write up on it if it works for sure.
  9. I have heard a person can modify a z bar setup to work with borgeson, but haven't really seen pictures. Has anyone here modified their own or bought the now available one from ORP? Out of curiosity, if someone was running a z-bar setup can they still run a diaphragm pressure plate? I believe the answer is yes, but that a return spring somewhere gets removed. Under dash on pedal I think?
  10. lanky

    Clutch pedal value

    I would take it off your hands for a Benjamin.
  11. lanky

    Fuel Neck Filler Mods?

    Just out of curiosity did it solve the spill-over issue too (when driving away)? I know if the pump doesn't stop soon enough when I drive away fuel actually spills out the back.
  12. lanky

    Suspension for the every day driver

    I totally agree. I have noticed that a lot of race cars that DONT run big diameter wheels have incredibly thick brake rotors to make up for the smaller diameter. But yes, street cars are totally different. If I could go back in time, I would actually not run the 13" brake setup that I have because it makes the unsprung weight greater and makes good aluminum wheels a lot more $$$.
  13. lanky

    Toploader will not come out

    I bet it is just binding. Maybe I have bad luck, but every transmission I've removed has binded after it backs off a little. You did take the transmission out of gear right? If you can fit some kind of straps in between the block and bellhousing for pulling power they are nice because at least you know you won't break or dent anything with straps and hand-power...unless the transmission flies off onto you! This worked for me with a jack under transmission with a friend gently rocking the trans while I pulled straps.
  14. lanky

    Suspension for the every day driver

    I was referring to professional racing and I meant to say production-based race cars, my bad. For production cars yes it's mainly a looks thing. I do consider 50 series low profile though, and certainly MOST race cars in general don't use smaller sidewalls than that. I'm assuming around that size is the sweet spot between tire characteristics and still fitting massive brake setups.
  15. lanky

    Suspension for the every day driver

    While I agree with what you and other are saying...I go to Laguna Seca a lot and many race cars run low profile tires now. In the case of our cars it isn't necessarily beneficial, but I had to say something for the sake of accuracy. I see a lot of high end production stuff running low profile tires (ferrari, porsche, bmw, etc etc)