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  1. Definitely get the street valved ones. I have the sport valves and they are stiffer than I expected.
  2. Yea before anyone can determine what's going on alignment specs are needed. Maybe related...look at my profile/threads to read my experience with the borgeson system if you like.
  3. I have to respectfully disagree with you RPM, if I ever drive my car hard for more than a few minutes IMO it's very tiring...leg shaking afterwards tiring. For cruising it's no problem at all. Before we get into a MC bore discussion, mine is sized correctly (1"). Leaves just enough pedal travel left when front brakes begin to lock.
  4. I have yet to install mine, but I also have an explorer MC that will fit with a booster. I know this because the MC I have now (cobra) is exactly the same length and I've seen pictures of it fitted with a dual diaphragm booster.
  5. Admittedly I haven't raced, but I did run my car with manual steering for awhile. I have no idea how anyone recommends this/ says it's not that bad. I am not weak, but I found the effort so high it made me nervous for quick/emergency manuvers. That said, most trans am guys somehow have manual...
  6. Someone take this, the guy has it listed for free!!! https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/pts/d/hayward-free-1969-mustang/6960852205.html
  7. I replaced mine on my coupe, but its the same. I just put a thin strip of adhesive to prevent it from running. I used acetone to clean the surfaces, and the rubber, before installing. Worked great
  8. Your numbers aren't bad from what I've seen/read before, but I'd bet there's more on the table with a cam. You're making tons of torque below 2500rpm which is dang good! Depending on the heads and CR, your torque curve is extremely flat-- indicating it could probably handle a cam with more duration to breathe better up top and get more power yet still be very streetable. Need to know CR/clearances Notice how around 4200-5000rpm the HP curve has already flattened a bunch. I'd bet some tweaks could net you 20hp or more between that range in the powerband--which is alot!
  9. Ill have one available later this year if you haven't found one already. I'll give it to you for free, but it won't be removed from my car for a while. Still have some shuffling around of the car before transmission is removed... Also will have a good working FMX for free. Does it leak? Of course!! That's why it's always had fresh fluid in it and probably why it still works so well
  10. I have to say, those are awesome wheels! Match the color scheme of your car perfectly.
  11. 3 pedal: ok no rush. I am interested in all the parts to be clear (run, booster, boot, boot trim, 69 DS regulator)
  12. RPM right =correct. Sorry for confusion. I can PayPal you as well.
  13. Could you take pictures of the booster?PM me your PayPal afterwards. Thanks
  14. This is the right one. My originals also have this stamping for drivers side.
  15. RPM Yes it does suit my fancy! 3 pedal I also need: DS regulator Bendix Brake booster Window crank knob & hardware front (1) 164T manual block plate Shifter hole trim (manual no center console) Toploader DS yoke 28 spline sbf Light blue armrests (non deluxe door panels)
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