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  1. I used the pump included in the kit. Which is noisy, just as noisy as my factory pump. At least fluid doesn't spray out of the filler neck like my factory pump did. Mine was from almost exactly 2.5 yrs ago.
  2. Just to have on forum record, I ran up to 6.5 degrees of caster on my Borgeson setup with the last 10-15% never returning to center. Very frustrating. I'm still trying to figure out what my plan is. AKA caster isn't always the fix apparently. First I ran manual steering with roller idler, return to center excellent but super high effort to steer at low speeds. Then kept the manual CL and roller idler with Borgeson.
  3. Nice to hear from someone that shares my opinion on Borgeson setups. I DID go from a roller idler with the factory manual steering (PS box) and a ~15" steering wheel and it was unbearable to turn at lower speeds. Wish I had bought something else as the return to center is awful and the pump is noisy.
  4. I'm 6'5 using Fiero seats with bracket adapters I made. If I recall correctly, I moved the seat back roughly 2", pretty much as far as I could go with the Fiero seats. Definitely no room for a passenger behind me. The seats themselves sit quite lower than the factory buckets. Something to keep in mind is that the steering wheel gets further away when you do this, and with a standard column you might need to extend the column with a spacer etc.
  5. I wonder if the steering arm was shortened at all to quicken the steering--hope so!
  6. Keep in mind, since you're running EFI, they prefer single plane manifolds otherwise the sensors/computer gets confused. Don't take my word for it, read up on this subject. Dual planes disrupt the way they sense air charges, in short
  7. I'm interested in the '69 you have, PM me?
  8. Those look like drum spindles to me
  9. something I wish I was told before I did this, but I can also blame myself for not thinking about it, is not only lower control arm holes but relocating them slightly rearward to increase caster without the wheel being pulled too far forward in the wheel well.
  10. I have read about 1-2 degrees of pitch during acceleration, but it's pretty impossible to know the exact amount. Since I put lowering reverse eye leaf springs and new motor mounts I've had a vibration as well. So far I think I have a 3 degree wedge installed, but I stopped there for now bc I'm planning on swapping a toploader in. My angle measurements will change after that.
  11. This sounds backwards, but if I know the engine bay is hot, I hold the throttle to the floor while cranking the engine. It seems to help with the vapor lock. Not pump, just push and hold. As soon as it's firing I release the throttle. My car would crank fine, but wouldn't turn over. This trick solved the problem for me.
  12. Docwork beat me to it, you want both. And yes there are two 'standard' sizes for push in style, among other sizes.
  13. My repop manual CL fit and functioned perfectly with the factory steering box. All issues started with the borgeson box for me. Before buying the kit, I had read people's install notes and their satisfaction varied from little to complete satisfaction. Bad QC maybe?
  14. I think I have the answer to this. I also encountered this problem and for my situation I figured it out, and actually wrote a bit (look up my threads) about why this disappointed me. I'm pretty sure it's the height (up and downwards) of the borgesons splines. The borgeson vs the factory gear box does not put the pitman in the same plane as factory, thus the pitman arm won't/doesnt want to sit down like it should. I went to manual steering setup first (manual C.L., 70' tie rods/spindles), everything worked great and installed easily/correctly. Aka the issue youre posting about wasn't there. However driving around was way too difficult so I purchased the borgeson kit thinking people liked them. I noticed the same thing you did during install, but mine may have been slightly less bad of a fit than yours. I also noticed the overall angle AND position of the C.L. changed with the borgeson-- drastically--so much in fact that the tie rods couldn't be adjusted to center the steering properly. So I had to have my new Baer tracker kit sleeves cut shorter and my inner tie rods just to get the steering centered. This is inexcusable for part fitment if you ask me, and left a bad taste in my mouth as there was no mention of this anywhere in their documentation. However this obviously does nothing for the issue youre posting about. Ever since the borgeson install, despite (good) realignments, I can't get my car to steer straight (like it did with manual steering) at all. It wants to go left and right but not straight. Now I'm stuck with an expensive aftermarket system that I don't like, has fit issues, has a pump noisier than the factory Ford pump was, and it doesn't steer straight. If I ever went to a different setup I hope there's enough threads on everything to get the car aligned. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  15. Thank you, if I ever test amperage used in my system maybe I'll switch to the smaller case if I don't need more than 90A (likely not) as it looks much better how yours is setup.
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