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  1. lanky

    Fuel Neck Filler Mods?

    Just out of curiosity did it solve the spill-over issue too (when driving away)? I know if the pump doesn't stop soon enough when I drive away fuel actually spills out the back.
  2. lanky

    Suspension for the every day driver

    I totally agree. I have noticed that a lot of race cars that DONT run big diameter wheels have incredibly thick brake rotors to make up for the smaller diameter. But yes, street cars are totally different. If I could go back in time, I would actually not run the 13" brake setup that I have because it makes the unsprung weight greater and makes good aluminum wheels a lot more $$$.
  3. lanky

    Toploader will not come out

    I bet it is just binding. Maybe I have bad luck, but every transmission I've removed has binded after it backs off a little. You did take the transmission out of gear right? If you can fit some kind of straps in between the block and bellhousing for pulling power they are nice because at least you know you won't break or dent anything with straps and hand-power...unless the transmission flies off onto you! This worked for me with a jack under transmission with a friend gently rocking the trans while I pulled straps.
  4. lanky

    Suspension for the every day driver

    I was referring to professional racing and I meant to say production-based race cars, my bad. For production cars yes it's mainly a looks thing. I do consider 50 series low profile though, and certainly MOST race cars in general don't use smaller sidewalls than that. I'm assuming around that size is the sweet spot between tire characteristics and still fitting massive brake setups.
  5. lanky

    Suspension for the every day driver

    While I agree with what you and other are saying...I go to Laguna Seca a lot and many race cars run low profile tires now. In the case of our cars it isn't necessarily beneficial, but I had to say something for the sake of accuracy. I see a lot of high end production stuff running low profile tires (ferrari, porsche, bmw, etc etc)
  6. lanky

    Opentracker's Roller Idler Arm

    Yes caster helps return to center, no doubt about it. When I had a manual steering setup with the roller idler and about 4 degrees of caster the return to center was excellent, VERY hard to steer at low speed though with 235/45/17's and good tires. One day I may go back to manual steering and would definitely try 3 degrees of caster to see if that's easier to steer.
  7. lanky

    Hurst Comp+ Linkage Adjustment

    Here's how I fixed this issue without cutting/bending rods. I took out the provided nylon washer on part#15 in above diagram. Then I cut an aluminum can into a circle and drilled a hole, filed it smooth and used that. Redneck fix maybe...but hey it works. Hopefully that would provide you enough clearance like it did me.
  8. lanky

    Radiator Bracket Dimensions

    If you haven't already removed it, don't worry about it. Thanks for everyones help appreciate it.
  9. lanky

    Radiator Bracket Dimensions

    It looks like you cut off the inside ends of the bracket, where it "hugs" inside of radiator... is that correct? I was thinking maybe I could bend that part of the bracket straight, and then rebend it so that it effectively leaves more room in that area. I wouldn't mind having to cut up some scrap rubber, if the bracket fits correctly the rubber should stay put under pressure. I bet the factory rubbers won't work with the thicker radiator in my case. I would be curious to know your "B" dimension if you have a chance, since you said it was wider than the factory bracket.
  10. lanky

    Radiator Bracket Dimensions

    Very helpful thanks Mike65
  11. Can anyone give me the dimensions in the picture? I have an aftermarket radiator and I am wondering if a stock bracket will work with it (I never had this style bracket with my car)
  12. lanky

    Idler arm silly question

    Totally normal. They loosen up with use...often requiring redoing steering alignment at least once while the fresh rubber breaks in. I don't know what you meant by 2 pieces though. You should install the grease zerk, and squirt grease in it while using a wrench or pliers to rotate it, gets the grease in there that way
  13. lanky

    What front suspension setup???

    I would recommend the following for a street car: Either factory springs with stiff (aka gas a just) shocks OR lowering springs with a slightly softer shock (Bilsteins are worth the $) streetortrack strut rods Roller perches from ORP Factory arms with 1" arning drop or factory arms w/wedge kit and 1.5-1.75" drop Bumpsteer tie rod kit (many brands)--hassle to 'tune' correctly but totally help imo I have ORP track roller arms (uca's/lca's) with 1.75" arning drop, Bilstein shocks, SoT strut rods, cut lowering springs, bump steer kit. Handles awesome, but the roller suspension stuff sure does transmit a lot of noise through the chassis.
  14. If you do decide to split parts up and ship I am interested in the radiator mount. You can pm me if that works, otherwise no worries.
  15. lanky

    Headers for my 5.0 build.

    I agree that 2.25" is adequate, but at least on my car the crush bends were pretty bad! So when you said factory system, I immediately thought of the bends that my factory system had and imagined how poorly the exhaust flows from said bends. But yes 2.25" is plenty if its a decent system.