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  1. Right now I have fiero seats installed. I made simple brackets to move the seats rearward 2-2.5" (can't remember right now) with mustang sliders. I did this because I'm 6'5. I know that's how far I moved them back because I specifically measured from the front of the back rests (NOT the mounting holes). No the rear seats will not fit a human now. The seats are actually really comfy and I haven't even redone mine. I also had blown out original seats before, but my fiero setup is definitely lower than before by about 1/2" to 3/4", but this actually made the steering wheel too long a reach even for me. Luckily I had an aftermarket wheel and bought a quick release (added ~2") Despite all this, when I get around to it I will be making/modding brackets to put Corbeau gtsii seats in. I got them brand new for a steal, they have way higher side bolsters, adjustable lumbar, and have a higher back/neck rest which I like. As they come, the Corbeaus sit higher than the fiero seats (unsure how much). Corbeau can lower the seat bottoms one inch by cutting the seat foam. The price is reasonable actually, but after shipping cost I may have that done locally. Lastly, I would have bought those Sparcos in the pics above, but I was concerned they wouldn't be tall enough for my giraffe neck.
  2. EDIT: Apology, I misunderstood the initial question. I did what I said, but not to the front of radiator support. I was thinking 'mounted directly to radiator support', as-in using the ears on the radiator to mount directly to support. Didn't read 'in front of' --apologies
  3. Yes, I actually finished that recently. I ordered a 3 core aluminum champion radiator with wider brackets than they sell to mount to radiator support. I am running the contour electric fan setup, 351w. In between shroud and water pump snout is about 1/2"-3/4".
  4. Maybe common wasn't correct, but desirable=$. I checked out Perogie, definitely bookmarking all possibilities. I've had decent luck finding parts on eBay in the past, and part of me is hoping a decent rebuildable booster will pop up. I went ahead and ordered a booster bracket. Right now I'm leaning towards Cardone #54-73202 which looks correct, and are very reasonably priced even if it only lasted me 5 years. I do question the finish on it though.
  5. I know of them, everyone likes their service. My problem is that questionable cores (rust/pitting/missing parts) are being sold for hundreds of dollars and it's a gamble. I am not against an original at all, but I have a problem shelling that kind of money out. I haven't been able to find a reasonably priced core or original, because everyone seems to know they aren't that common.
  6. So that tool is basically the same as the factory manual minus the dial gauge. It's hard for me to imagine getting the length correct within .003" like in the manual. Will have to ask more q's when I cross that bridge. On another note, aren't both the Midland and Bendix factory boosters dual diaphragm? I noticed tuff stuff only makes single diaphragm for our cars. Dual is safer correct? Or is dual a 'feel' thing?
  7. In the on/off situation, that was because the pushrod was adjusted too short correct? Appreciate the info on what you guys have bought. Good to have options.
  8. Still good to hear that. I've decided I'll go with a rebuilt Bendix-style booster (not original). I'm not concerned with factory matching parts, just want a quality unit that fits well. Thanks. Now I need to learn the best way to check booster pushrod adjustment when I get a booster. Factory manual uses a specialty tool I'm pretty sure doesn't exist anymore...
  9. I wish you the best of luck on this. I had mine done three times, by "professionals". Leaked worse than when I first brought it in, all three times! I have a gasket for my coupe somewhere that I bought and haven't gotten around to doing it yet.
  10. If the wheels are new I would return them and demand return shipping paid. I know you had them mounted already, but I don't like any wheel that requires too many weights.
  11. Yeah if anything you would think one would be automatic only. Hence my question about if a 9" booster is a problem. Weren't both Midland and Bendix OE units closer to 8"? Really hoping somebody here has had success with something I can purchase.
  12. This year a lot of my car will be changed. I am swapping my car to a 4 speed toploader from FMX, and the pedal assembly is going to be removed during the process. I still have a long way to go, but I do plan on tracking and autocrossing the car when I'm done. I already have the 13" Cobra brake swap up front, and a 1" master cylinder. System is well bled and the pedal travel is perfect, but I find that anything beyond cruising and the braking becomes tiresome very quickly. I am pretty set on power brakes. I know everyone prefers the original boosters, but they are already expensive and usually in bad shape. Yes I know there are rebuilders but that just adds to the already high cost. Has anyone had a good experience with an aftermarket unit? Which one? I would also be interested if someone purchased a master/booster combo that worked well for them. Generally I avoid anything made/rebuilt by Cardone.... Lastly, should I avoid 9" boosters for fitment reasons? I have a borgeson steering box. Examples on summit: Tuff Stuff (#2225NB)--has good reviews and is pretty cheap at $169 Scott Drake (#c7zz2005bdx)--which some people seem to have issues with $260 SSBC (#28150) apparently only for manual transmissions??--$279
  13. I converted to a late model Ford 130A alternator when I switched to electric cooling fans. Simple install, eliminated the external regulator, works fantastic even at idle, my pulley off my old alternator swapped on perfectly, and since they used these alternators in tons of popular models I can get a replacement at any parts store if I get stranded--> I want to road trip so this aspect was big for me. I junkyarded mine and it was cheap, and still works great. I have a 351w and made a simple extension bracket for the existing bracket for fitment. I tried reclocking the alternator case (to avoid needing the small bracket I made) bc the case interfered slightly with the cylinder head. Reclocking is totally doable (I've seen images) but I gave up in fear of breaking the aluminum case bc mine wouldn't budge. The bracket is a 3.5" long x 1" wide piece of 3/8" steel with 2 holes. Simple.
  14. Semi-off topic but I wanted to mention some, not all, inline 4 contours had the exact same fan setup as the v6's. Why some do and some don't I'm not sure. If it were me, since you said the engine gets too hot at idle I would start with cooling because that's the easiest to tackle first.
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