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Found 2 results

  1. I am very new to this classic car restoration, I inherited a 69 mustang coupe and am currently in the process of restoring and repairing. My problem is I dont have a good idea of what the original should look like at times due to jerry-rigs and hack-fixes all over the car. I need to find a good classic mustang or car shop in the Seattle area to come running to with my various questions on looks, parts, installs etc. Anyone know the area well enough to shoot me some names?
  2. I am getting ready to install relays for my front headlights, and I'm replacing the outer two lamps right now because they both went bad. I have been fighting with the stupid spring system that fastens the bulb assembly. Is the spring for the inner trim, the bucket, or both? Since the inner trim has the tab with the hole I figure it's at least for that. Does the front end of the spring curve upward or downwards? Mine was facing downward when I took the old lamps out. What is the darn secret with these things? I can't believe how difficult it is to assemble everything and I'm scared to death I will break the original inner trim or the new lamps. To be clear the old bulbs fight just as much, and from comparison I'm sure the bulbs aren't the issue. Why was such a thick spring used? Even with pliers and no bulb/bucket in the way I can barely stretch the spring at all. Seems like a softer one would work just as well right?
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