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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! looking to upgrade to disk rear brakes on my 8" rear end. Has anyone had a good experience with a specific conversion rear drum-to-disk kit? SSBC, Summit, Auto City Classics?? I already have a SSBC front disk conversion kit installed with booster and Master Cylinder. I have the original 1969 Mustang rims (see pic) and many sites say that they won't fit with the 14" wheels. Thanks for any offered help!
  2. I am looking to upgrade my manual steering to the borgeson power steering. Problem is their kit doesnt have any provision for the 4 speed z bar clutch linkage. best answer I can get is to fabricate one. Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket one for sale? Im sure someone has solved this problem before, looking for some suggestions, any help would be greatly appreciated, Chris
  3. Has anyone done an HID conversion on the four light setup for a 69? I was thinking of the following kid: http://www.prostreetlighting.com/product/50015006EURO/5001-5006-EURO-XENON-CONVERSION-KIT-5-34-4pc.html using the single beam 5k bulbs also with this relay kit: http://www.prostreetlighting.com/product/4PLUGH4WIREHARNESS/H4-Relay-wire-harness-for-4-Headlight-vehicles.html Everywhere I look there are no 1969 application specific setups. Plenty for the 7 inch lenses used on the 1965-1968/1970+. Anyone have any good/bad experiences doing this?
  4. Hello, I have a 69 Mach 1, original a all manual drum brake car. Now I have mounted new spindles and converted into front discs. Including booster and a new SSBC distribution block. For several reason I ended up mounting the distribution block rather high up on the inner fender (just below my hood hinges), which means my inlet ports on the distribution block is higher up than the outlets from the master cylinder. Can this cause any problems (air in the system, difficulties bleedign or so...?) The pipes from the master cylinder goes up approx 1,5", then flats out and goes down about 3/4 inch down to the dist. block. Still I have not filled it with fluid, but I was hoping I could keep it like this, but would like to know if it is good or not... Any suggestions ?
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