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  1. MN69Grande

    Horn trouble shooting

    Hey mid-life welcome back! Hope life is getting back to normal. Danno thanks for the offer this weekend is crazy I'll send a PM to see if we can connect.
  2. MN69Grande

    Horn trouble shooting

    Hi Everyone. I'm finally at the point of trying to fix up some minor annoyances. I haven't had a horn in years. Looking for advice. Here is what I have done so far. 1.) Jumpered the horns directly to the battery - get noise. 2.) Pulled the wheel, replaced/checked the rimblow switch. Ohm meter shows open when not pressing and resistance when I sweeze it. 3.) Jumpered between the two contacts of the horn switch in column - no noise 4.) Checked from the column contacts in the turn signal switch assembly to first connection on the steering column for both blue and yellow wires and have continuity 5.) Changed out the headlight switch to eliminate the possibility of a bad breaker So here is my question. Is their a fuse for the horn? I have a 69. If so should I have connectivity between the Blue and one of the fuse connections? Anyone know what pins go to the horn on the headlight harness (pic/diagram maybe)? I'm still looking for my wiring guide somewhere which might have some of these answers.
  3. MN69Grande

    Meet Virginia

    It cost me a cupcake each to get the photo. That isn't bad. Good suggestion. It isn't staying that way. Normally I do the ramps in the front but was in rush. It be back on the ground this weekend.
  4. MN69Grande

    Meet Virginia

    Found some new Mechanics... Just not sure I'm getting my money's worth they seem to have oversold their experience with older cars.
  5. MN69Grande

    Hi Amps, need serpentine

    That might make sense. Currently I only run dual cooling fans, factory headlights, some additional gauges, a gear vendors controller and an aftermarket stereo so could be my loads aren't getting up there yet. This winter I'm hoping to add AC back. Then maybe it will be too much. But really I get some squeal when the car starts but it doesn't last more than 5-10 seconds. I do have to tighten the belt once a year though. That said again March Performance has some Black Serpentine kits you might want to consider. Looks like with PS and AC a Black kit start around $800 for the simple kit. If you are a ways out from getting it together it looks like they are putting together new economy kits that might be worth asking about. If it Drops a couple hundred more I might be inclined to upgrade.
  6. MN69Grande

    Hi Amps, need serpentine

    Why do you need a serpentine or double v belt setup? For the last 2 years i have run a 130a alternator out of a windstar on a single v belt and it seems to work. I just have a set of March pulleys and it all seems fine.
  7. MN69Grande

    Radiator Overflow Tank

    This is exactly what I did. Except I used angle brackets and mount the tank with the radiator. Also on the drivers side. You can find really nice aluminum ones for not a lot.of money. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01EC4G82I?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title
  8. MN69Grande

    Now What?!

    Man that job is a PIA. I used soapy water to assist. Maybe a good long soak warm soapy solution would help. Is on or off the car?
  9. MN69Grande

    Engine ideas other than Coyote

    I wasn't going to comment on this thread because I haven't researched it enough, but for fun I'll just throw this out there. Edelbrock had/has a BOSS 302 line up with heads and intake modeled on the originals. I always wondered if paired with the correct cam and a new Ford Performance Boss 347 short block, if you couldn't have an interesting combination. I'd probably move up to a 6speed rather than the old style 4. Add track lock I bet that would be a lot of fun. You can get the oil cooler, remote sending unit bracket, battery relocation kit, and most the other parts fairly easy to clone the engine bay like a boss. Anyway it would be different. I at least haven't seen it done out there yet. Of course this isn't a cheap option: https://www.jegs.com/i/Ford-Performance/397/M-6009-347/10002/-1 https://www.jegs.com/i/Edelbrock/350/61699/10002/-1 https://www.jegs.com/i/Edelbrock/350/7129/10002/-1
  10. MN69Grande

    Mach 1

    If this article is right Ford was taking a lot of crap about using the name on an SUV. Now only the concept will have that name? http://www.thedrive.com/news/23258/ford-wont-call-its-mustang-inspired-electric-crossover-mach-1-after-all
  11. MN69Grande

    Looking for Gauges with Tach

    Try reaching out to this two suppliers http://www.tachman.com/ford.htm https://www.rccinnovations.com/index.php?show=menu-overlays I don't know if you can get everything from them but it's worth asking. Otherwise if Originality isn't import to you there are couple companies that sell a whole upgrade packege http://newvintageusallc.mybigcommerce.com/69-70/ and http://www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=791/category_id=434/mode=prod/prd791.htm A third option that I'm using (maybe to be upgraded later) is to get an analog aftermarket gauge that looks period or a hood mounted Tach.
  12. MN69Grande

    Classic Car Insurance and Teenagers

    +1 on American Modern. I'm under a Heacock Classic insurance policy and they have been pretty easy to deal with and cheaper than Hagerty. Looking at their about page they are under American Modern Insurance Group. Don't know about teenagers driving the car. I would call them and ask. https://heacockclassic.com/about/
  13. MN69Grande

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Changed the Jets in the Holley... to make it run worse I guess. Tomorrow I'll go back to the previous ones. Also installed a new fuel filler neck with the over flow prevention mod Stangs-R-me came up with. Hopefully I'll test that out next week.