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  1. MN69Grande

    Mach 1

    If this article is right Ford was taking a lot of crap about using the name on an SUV. Now only the concept will have that name? http://www.thedrive.com/news/23258/ford-wont-call-its-mustang-inspired-electric-crossover-mach-1-after-all
  2. MN69Grande

    Looking for Gauges with Tach

    Try reaching out to this two suppliers http://www.tachman.com/ford.htm https://www.rccinnovations.com/index.php?show=menu-overlays I don't know if you can get everything from them but it's worth asking. Otherwise if Originality isn't import to you there are couple companies that sell a whole upgrade packege http://newvintageusallc.mybigcommerce.com/69-70/ and http://www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=791/category_id=434/mode=prod/prd791.htm A third option that I'm using (maybe to be upgraded later) is to get an analog aftermarket gauge that looks period or a hood mounted Tach.
  3. MN69Grande

    Classic Car Insurance and Teenagers

    +1 on American Modern. I'm under a Heacock Classic insurance policy and they have been pretty easy to deal with and cheaper than Hagerty. Looking at their about page they are under American Modern Insurance Group. Don't know about teenagers driving the car. I would call them and ask. https://heacockclassic.com/about/
  4. MN69Grande

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Changed the Jets in the Holley... to make it run worse I guess. Tomorrow I'll go back to the previous ones. Also installed a new fuel filler neck with the over flow prevention mod Stangs-R-me came up with. Hopefully I'll test that out next week.
  5. MN69Grande


    I haven't done an AOD, but looked in too if for a while before going with a gear vendors unit. But I looked at the kit and the only thing I would suggest is make sure you want a torque converter in that range, it's a little high for a stock engine, you will most likely need a new starter (different starters for different # of teeth on the flexplate), and verify the flexplate is balanced for your application. Also I'd ask them who rebuilt the AOD it doesn't say, there are a lot more affordable AODs out there. Personally I would buy the transmission, mounting kit, converter, and flex plate individually and make sure they all match you application. https://www.cjponyparts.com/aod-conversion-kit-1967-1973/p/AODCK2/ I've seen a lot of good reviews of these rebuilt transmissions. They can also match a torque converter to your application. http://www.silverfoxtrans.com/silverfoxtrans.com/Home.html Anyway my 2 cents
  6. MN69Grande

    Anyone used this radiator?

    I know you said you are going with the ebay one and I'm not second guessing. But I've been running this one since last spring and it has worked really well for me. I am also running the contour fan mod. Plus you might be able to drive over and get it. https://www.dallasmustang.com/parts/cooling-heating/radiators-accessories/24-maxcore-aluminum-radiator-1968-1969-v8-2-row.html
  7. MN69Grande

    Street Machine Nationals

    I'm looking at going to the one in St. Paul this weekend, which were you talking about I think there is also on in Il. Anyone else from MN or Western Wi going this weekend?
  8. MN69Grande

    High Fuel Pressure

    The other option would be to run a return line to gas tank. Then the extra pressure would be released out of the system. But i'd still worry about that fuel pump going crazy.
  9. MN69Grande

    High Fuel Pressure

    I would double check the specs on the fuel pump. Some pumps are adjustable and there may be a way of changing it's output. Otherwise if it is that far off spec switch it out. I run a Holley fuel regulator with a Holley 7-11 pump. The regulator keeps at 8. Smaller Holley carbs supposedly can handle 9 over that it will over flow one way or another. Also the regulator will fix your problem I think but if your pump is pushing higher pressure, deadheading it may create a failure waiting to happen with the pump. Just my 2 cents.
  10. MN69Grande

    It's Back! So WTF Happened?

    Glad the site is back up. Weird that they didn't give you notice. Thanks for the working to get us back. This is one of the best communities out there.
  11. MN69Grande

    Next Generation Mustang Lovers

    +1 one on the pic. Looks like a happy kid and great looking car. I would love to take my kids to Woodward they need to get a little older. Also hope to do a Route 66 cruise, not sure if we would do it on our own or one of the organized ones.
  12. MN69Grande

    coil spring saddle comparison

    The cheaper one has stockish replacement rubber bushings, while the more expensive ones have 'synthetic elastomer bushings' , has grease fittings, and also from the photo it looks like the more expensive one has nicer hardware. I would assume the upgraded bushing would give better range of motion. This is a step toward Rollerized perches which I agree with Mike65 is the way to go, but the more expensive ones here should be an improvement over stock.
  13. MN69Grande

    Meet Virginia

    Just got back from test driving the car with the new roller spring perches, roller lower control arms, adjustable strut rods, and Unisteer R&P. WOW. Amazing. The car tracks so nicely, the feel is amazing. I only did 10 miles, but I can't wait clean ''er, gas 'er, and take a nice long cruise. Totally different car now. The steering has a nice heavy feeling now compared to the over assist of the stock PS. It's precise, good return to center, fast ratio (they say 2.5 - 2.75 lock to lock), and quiet. So in the debate of keeping a steering box or going R&P. With the modern R&P systems my vote is definitely R&P.
  14. So another option out there is something like this: https://www.dallasmustang.com/parts/cooling-heating/radiators-accessories/24-maxcore-aluminum-radiator-1968-1969-v8-2-row.html I've had this Radiator for a couple seasons now and it's works great and is a direct fit. I even used the stock shroud with it until I upgraded to electric fans. Even close to 100 degrees I was keeping engine in the 180's. Now I'm running a 347 so might make a difference, but it was running hot with a copper 3 core. Just Another option.