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  1. MN69Grande

    Grandpa's Mustang

    Not that I know of, but there are a couple NOS out there. For my grande we got a partial one cheap and used it as a template to paint the stripe on, but you could probably take an old one to a sign shop an have it recreated. Make sure to get photos before you buy though. I've ordered things that didn't look anything like what I expected when they arrived. http://www.rearcounter.com/C9ZZ-6520000-W-parts57955.html
  2. MN69Grande

    Grandpa's Mustang

    I've seen part numbers for stripe kits like that but I've never seen an actual car with them. When I was trying to get Grande stripes I bought a NOS kit with lines similar (different colors) to that. I wonder if anyone still has a car with stripes like that showing. Update: Found the part number not that it matters C9ZZ6520000X White/Gold. I think the one on your car would have been C9ZZ6520000W
  3. MN69Grande

    Rising temps

    These reading seem like what I used to get with my stock gauge. My old engine ran pretty cool at around 165 when cruising in the Spring and was at the 1/2 way point on the gauge, I found 3/4 was about 180, and into the H section was 200. But I hear people get readings all over the place. I switch to a digital gauge so I know the exact number. Put it in a knock off Shelby pod in the center console along with a digital Oil Pressure Gauge.
  4. MN69Grande

    Next Generation Mustang Lovers

    There is some hope. There are lot younger people in Minnesota getting into rally's of all sorts. https://www.kannonballfun.com/ Looks like fun. The cars may not be classics but at least their motor heads. Also I came across the video recently which is the second I've seen by millennials working on 69s. Also a couple years ago I sold an old Eddie Carb and the guy was putting it on an early 80s Buick Regal. Not my favorite model of car, but it is a cheap, rear wheel drive, and has a V8. The kids were stoked to be working on it.
  5. MN69Grande

    Meet Virginia

    Ok the hose kit is correct. I'm pretty much the first person to buy the small block with PS and factory air kit. So the instructions were wrong. So that is good we can do something. However still missing the bushing and clamp. After a call to Unisteer and 3 calls to Mustangs Unlimited I got a call back from Unisteer and they are sending the missing parts. I don't think we need a clamp kit honestly because my car already had a collar to keep the steering shaft from moving (is this common on 69s but not 67/68s?) Anyway can't finish until they send the bushing. Man I'm excited to get this thing back on the road.
  6. MN69Grande

    Power vent instalation

    They have repops. I got one. It didn't line up with the holes on the inner fender. NPD wouldn't do anything about it. All I wanted was to try swapping it for another I'd even pay shipping. Whatever. I could get it installed and it works. Seen them other places too. The assembly manual has those diagrams. I can look at scanning the one for your car this weekend (out of town right now). What are the detail's of your car? There are also vacuum hose kits and those normally come with a diagram if you go that way.
  7. MN69Grande

    Next Generation Mustang Lovers

    I've been making a solid attempt to get my girls interested in the hobby. I haven't been able to get them to pick up an actual wrench yet, they play with toy tools all the time, and seem to be willing to do wood working. I think they are afraid of oil. Anyway I drag them to shows many times a year. My oldest goes happily the youngest requires the promise of Ice Cream. So two weeks ago we went to the all Ford show in at Apple Ford in Shakopee, MN and for the first time I heard my oldest exclaim 'COOOOL' when a car pulled in. This made me happy that there was finally a classic car that tickled her fancy. And it was a Mustang, just a 72. Not my favorite year, but hey at least she likes a classic and it wasn't a Mustang II (I kid I kid). Last year at State Fair Grounds in St. Paul I took them to the Street Machine Nationals, and too my surprise could not get enough auto cross. I thought we would watch for 1/2 hour and spent 2 and 1/2 watching instead. Also they love the original Herbie movies and Pixar Cars. So I have hope I might create a couple of enthusiasts. Any idea's for good ways to get kids involved and I'm all ears? Any surprising cars anyone's kids/grand kids found exciting? I would never have guessed my kid would like a 72 Mustang she used to love any convertible when she was like 3.
  8. MN69Grande

    Meet Virginia

    Got started on putting in the Unisteer R&P. Pump is in. Old parts are out. Found the engine mounts looked bad so we swapped those out. Going to have to put a new drain plug in the Oil pan, enlarge the holes for the Camber Adjustment, and grind some metal to get the bracket in. The biggest pain is they sent hoses for a Chevy II and left 2 key parts out of the kit. So tomorrow I get to call them up and see what can be done. Moral of the story. Check the parts when they come in not 9 months later.
  9. MN69Grande

    What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Working on putting a Unisteer R&P in. Unfortunately the box is missing some parts and has some of the wrong parts. So I get to call them tomorrow and see what can be done. Also replaced the motor mounts because they looked suspect.
  10. MN69Grande

    Suspension for the every day driver

    Not saying that stock bushing freeze up, lock, or don't allow any movement. Just that the freedom of movement between a rubber bushing and roller bearing is quite noticeable. I've never seen a posting anywhere that the user said they wish they hadn't done it or didn't notice improvement. It is a couple hundred bucks that could be spent elsewhere so decisions for each owner to make.
  11. MN69Grande

    Suspension for the every day driver

    You mentioned the 69 had a rebuilt suspension but you might want to look at roller spring perches and adjustable strut rods. These replace the rubber bushings that can bind up and keep the suspension from moving properly. These are available for the 64.5 as well. If you take the 'while I'm at it approach' there are also roller lower control arms that replace another bushing. These won't make the suspension softer, but handling is more sure footed and smooth. www.opentrackerracing.com or http://www.rosehillperformanceparts.com/ Are a couple of options. But the ride softness is really going to be affected by the low profiles tires required to run 18s.
  12. MN69Grande

    Meet Virginia

    Today I got the strut rod and lower control arm replaced on the drivers side. Tomorrow bleed the brake, change the oil, change the thermostat housing gasket, and maybe start her up. May have this thing back on the road sooner than later.... can hope. Funny though. Pretty sure the strut rod needed replaced. Look how bent out of shape that guy is.
  13. MN69Grande

    Meet Virginia

    I will need to get it to an alignment shop. The tires are old so I'm not too worries about wear. So my theory was to measure from the bracket that anchors the Strut rod to the first bolt that holds it in place. So when I put the new ones in I adjusted them to the same location. On the lower control arm I used a wax pencil to mark 4 locations of where the ellipse was positioned. When I put the new one in I made them all line up again. I think this will be close. Then I'll drive 30 mph or less to the shop to get a real alignment.
  14. MN69Grande

    Meet Virginia

    Finally got a little time in on the car the last few weekends. Installed new roller spring perches. Which I think are going to make a huge difference. I also got the adjustable strut rod and roller lower control arm in on the passenger side. Can't wait to get this car on the road and see how well she does.
  15. MN69Grande

    347 stroker motor

    +1 Though honestly between my 306 and 347 I get similar mileage if I cruise. If I race light to light then yeah...