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  1. ATK has a few short block options too. Same price for a slightly above stock build so not sure I've helped any. But they have a 331 and 347 option too. The kids might like a little more torque.
  2. There sure is a lot of Buzz around this event...
  3. I helps a little maybe when you are young and fit... but then it turns on you and attaches to your belly ruining your chances as you get older.
  4. Some of the new ones lift the back of the top while the front folds/rolls back creating a channel for the air to pass. I think the speed has to be < 5 -15 mph thought, depending on the model. That doesn't make it a good idea IMHO. Its still a distraction while driving, like texting, shaving, eating a big mac, or posting on best done while the car is not moving.
  5. Just passing along the add. If I had the money I'd go look at it myself. From the add it looks like a Mach1 with a 351 and factory air. Might be worth looking at.
  6. Oh I saw that a couple days ago... just makes me sad. I haven't seen any follow up.
  7. First 69 sighting for me today. I was driving along in my pick up and a Raven Black 69 Sports roof zoomed by me. It was a nice look ride that is for sure. I wanted to turn around an follow them for a bit, but I figured my disappearing wouldn't go over well on Mother's day! Also on Friday I saw a 65/66 Convertible taking the kid to Hockey, and yesterday I saw a 1968 Convertible in the Costco parking lot. Looks like they are coming out of winter slumber. I know there is a Blue 69 Sport roof in the area and yellow 70 Coupe close by too. I haven't seen any of them at a meetup or show though.
  8. Sorry updated the post, fat figure. Normal cruise the coolant temperature stayed right at 180 degrees. I think I've seen most cars overheat idling in traffic. What I find a little strange is that I idle cooler than I cruise. I just assume since the engine is under load it is creating more heat. But today it stayed in a good zone temp wise. I have 170 degree high flow in there. Not a name brand I recognize but it seems to be working. Anyway if it works this well when it gets 15 degrees hotter I'll be happy.
  9. Well I didn't read a whole lot into it, but the blurb said she bought it for him.
  10. Yeah it was done at an authorized dealer who is a specialist in drive-line up here. They do a number of them a year. I was really happy with their work. They had to lower the trans just a 1/4 inch or so I don't fully remember. Brand new custom drive shaft and all. There was 0 vibration today.
  11. Quick update for anyone who cares. Took the car out for over an hour today. I LOVE the gear vendor. At least with it matched to 3.55 True Track gears. They say the goal is to keep the car in the power band as long as possible and that is exactly what it does. In auto it shifts at 45. So if your into my car shifts at 20 into second then the GV at 45 and into third some where in the mid-high 60s. My RPMs stayed between 2300 - 3500 until I let off the gas then dropped at 65 to ~2600 RPMs. It was a blast. So I have to say another thing to consider when getting a GV over AOD or other trans is how/when it all shifts. This set up is so much fun. I came back in the house with the biggest grin on my face. I haven't played with the manual mode but you do have almost full control of kicking the GV on and off. It won't do it in 1st because you need to be over 35mph but you can cycle through 2 - 2l - 3 -3l. In auto mine skips 3 or 2l depending on how hard I'm pushing and I'm fine with that. Compared to cars I drove in the 80's with stock AOD this was way better. I'm sure if you put the money in to get a Sliver fox AOD or other performance built one it would be as good but then you wouldn't be saving any money. So my conclusion is this. If you want OD for mileage/limit wear tear on your car or for a little performance to offset a bigger set of gears get one from a yard and have it rebuilt. You can probably do it all for 1100-1400. If you have high horsepower needs or are going get a specialized AOD with updated shift pattern and all the trimmings the cost will be similar between the the GV/C4 and the modified AOD. I would recommend the GV. It does and amazing job, I've even read where they'll burn you controls specific to your requirements if you want. This is going to be a great summer!
  12. Put in the ACP Aluminum Radiator over the winter. Went for a long drive today. Air Temp is 80 degrees no humidity. Last year the car would run at about 190-193 with weather like this. Today it ran at 176-181. Cooler at a stop due to the contour fans going full blast (need to adjust the DCC a little the fans don't need to go that hard) and low engine speed. At cruise it stayed right around 180. When I changed the radiator out I captured the Evans and reused it. So if it runs like this all year I'm happy to keep the experiment going.
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