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Found 6 results

  1. Hello all, While parking my car I was met with wafting smoke from the engine compartment. I popped the hood to discover a significant amount of fluid coming from what I believe is the high pressure hose of the power steering pump - specifically the flared coupling that connects the metal tubing to the rubber. It squirts out quite a bit of fluid as I turn the wheel (engine on). The leak appears to be from the rubber side of the connection. I am hoping to get some help identifying exactly which part I will need to replace. There seems to be some variety in these hoses for each model year. I think the part begins with 3A719, however, there seems to be several subtypes indicated by a letter. One forum suggested the VIN would tell me, which might make my car the "F" subtype? For context, the pump is original and was attached to a 5L 302 with a 4 barrel, however, I rebuilt a 5.8L 351W, which I have been driving everyday, without incident, for the past 8 months or so. At this point, I know nothing of why this happened, and I understand it can be a variety of things ranging from a bad hose or clog or bad everything. For now, my main goal is to track down some kind of part number I can use to order a replacement for this section of the hose assembly. Appreciate any help in advance. The photos below show a driver side/top side view of the PS pump and the hose. After running the car a second time to confirm the location of the leak, the leaking fluid came out much more frothy and pink. Some of the other fluid in the picture is transmission fluid, which is from an old leak I am already aware of. I also included a picture of the underside to help identify the general shape of the tubing. Hope it helps. Thanks.
  2. Hey guys, I want better handling in my car. I want it to handle like a newer car (some say you can't do it, others say you can get it better than a newer car). I started out with 5k in mind, but I just got a quote from TCP for $10,500. Now that's a complete suspension (Rack, Upper and lower, coilover, strut rods, antiroll, pumps, hoses etc for front, Subframe Connectors and G-bar coilover setup with antiroll in the rear). I definitely want the internals of my car to be brand new since I'm slowly transforming this car into a daily driver for decades to come. I'm just double checking my work to make sure this is the route I should go or are there components I should switch out from TCP to another brand? Also, I would love to have a lower cost, but I've heard that Unisteer is a cheap rack from a few different shops. I've also heard cons about Flaming River. Who has switched to a Rack? How do you feel about it? As of now I have a pretty stock car with a fairly new manual steering box, Willwood disks all around, 18" wheels and it's fun to drive. I'm just getting sick of manual and I'd like it to handle better around corners and be easier to drive.
  3. Good afternoon, I just re-built my pump, getting things back on the car, and I noticed that the pump belt that I have (I doubt it's correct) doesn't allow for very much adjustment of the pump. Basically, I tighten the belt very close the to the "loosest" setting on the adjustment bracket. I even have to put the belt on the pulley as I am mounting the pump, or it won't clear the pulley. I've always had clearance issues with the pump and the oil pressure gauge, and I (just noticed that the pump isn't quite straight up. (the filler neck is tilted toward the driver side, not straight up) Can anyone confirm whether the proper position of the power steering pump filler neck is supposed to be straight up? (as viewed from the front) I suspect this belt is just a bit too small. Anyone have a size/length or part number of the correct belt? The markings on the belt I have are "YCO 15470 Made in USA". It's a ribbed belt. Thanks in advance, -Tom
  4. I am looking to upgrade my manual steering to the borgeson power steering. Problem is their kit doesnt have any provision for the 4 speed z bar clutch linkage. best answer I can get is to fabricate one. Does anyone know if there is an aftermarket one for sale? Im sure someone has solved this problem before, looking for some suggestions, any help would be greatly appreciated, Chris
  5. OK, I was tired of a leaky power steering pump, (seemed to leak from every possible location) so I bought a remanufactured pump and installed. I tightened the high pressure hose with a standard open ended wrench, bled the system, and it leaked like crazy. I bought a new high pressure, hose, figuring that the compession fitting was just shot. New hose installed - leaked like crazy. I started tightening the compression fitting - grabbed a longer wrench, and tightened about 1/16 of a turn, checked, tightenened another 1/16, etc. Finally, leaking stopped. Is this normal? I feel like I had to tighten the $#it out of that compression fitting to stop it from leaking. It's been 15+ years since I re-built the PS system (should have done the pump at that time....but it wasn't leaking then). Anyone do this recently? Do the current replacement pressure hoses just need to be torqued hard? Thanks, -tjh
  6. The title says it all. When I turn the wheels all the way, the engine bogs down and sounds like it's gonna die. Levels are good. Any ideas?
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