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  1. I am parting ways with a project car so no longer need my 428 Cobra Jet and Top Loader - Both Rebuilt. Block is date coded 8M and Heads are 8K and 8C. Intake is OC. engine is assembled. $6500. Toploader is real nice with date code K229. Have Bellhousing, flywheel and plate as well. $2500 for the assembly. I also have a nice AB Holley for $600. 772-214-2916
  2. Thanks for the heads up!. Saw those and they are different than the 69-70.. Cougars have the same ones as Mustangs I believe.
  3. There is one on ebay for a 67, but it has a different bezel and doesn't have the white lettering from what I saw. When lit up, you see the BELTS in red. The Turkey Rod run is coming up, so maybe I'll have luck there.
  4. I'm searching for a small round BELT light for my 70 dashboard (with Tach). Let me know if you know where I can find one please!
  5. I'm starting to restore my 70 R-Code Convertible I stumbled upon... I'm looking for some shaker scoop parts and prefer original (used is fine). It's for a 428 ram air shaker set-up so let me know what you have available and price please! jcjsbrady@att.net
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