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  1. Acapulco blue with blackout hood treatment.
  2. Direct fit? Did you install new exhaust as well? If so, what kind?
  3. rmarks

    1969 Mustang E'

    Living up to the "E" with 27 MPG. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Certainly appears to be a Mexico car from the door panels. Too bad about no bill of sale.
  5. Hencho en Mexico ... built in Mexico. Interesting find. When you get more details and pics please share. I'd be interested in it too.
  6. One option I have seen folks use if Pontiac Fiero seats. Do a search for additional info.
  7. Here. Was wondering the same.
  8. Very nice. The blue is a reflection on the chrome.
  9. Dream car, I can't make out the part number on the driver's manifold, but the passenger side is D30E, which is for a 1973.
  10. Thanks for the info 1969_Mach 1. I do have power steering.
  11. I don't think so ;). Thanks for the replies. I guess I need to search for some new manifolds, or headers.
  12. I have a clearance issue with my driver's side exhaust manifold (351W 4V engine) hitting the steering box (see pics) causing some vibration at times through my steering wheel. I changed the motor mounts and still have the issue. The steering box was changed awhile back with a rebuilt unit. Any thoughts or suggestions on what to do to about it?
  13. Mach 1 Driver, In your video your rear side marker lights look bright as well. Do you have LEDs for them too?
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