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  1. Danno, What Halogen lights and relays are you using? I have Sylvania Halogens, but no relays and they are not that bright.
  2. Nice work and adaptation of new technology. Looks like a clean installation.
  3. The 1969 Autolite 4300 carb had the fuel filter screwed into the carb itself. See pic:
  4. West Coast Classic Cougar is a good source. They have one for $1649.85: https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/store/p/16402-Convertible-Top-Frame-Complete-Used-1971-1973-Mercury-Cougar-/-1971-1973-Ford-Mustang-clone.html?sessionthemeid=26
  5. PB = Power Disc Brakes
  6. G-Dub, Here's what I can make out on the Buck Tag: 9 = Year (1969) T = Plant (Metuchen, NJ) F = Engine (302 2v V8) 147946 = Unit 566 = Rotation number-body and paint 05M = Buck completed date (5 December 1968) 76A = Body and trim (Convertible Standard Interior Bucket Seats) 2A = Trim code (Black Vinyl) Maroon = Paint code (Code B) PS = Power steering Looks like it says TOP as well but can't make it out. Assuming it would indicate black power top but can't be sure. Regarding the EX S Vietnam, it may actually have been shipped to S Vietnam directly from Ford. The Marti Report would be more definitive. Check out this thread on Vintage Mustang Forum (VMF) about a 1967 T5 fastback shipped to Vietnam: https://www.vintage-mustang.com/threads/need-help-with-a-t5-buck-tag-decode-please-67-fastback.1149252/. Suggest you contact the owner Mike as he may have further info on the Vietnam Mustangs. Here's a note from Kevin Marti on it:
  7. Welcome from a fellow convertible owner. What is the interior code? Perhaps the misperception of a Grande (there were no convertible Grande's) is that it has Deluxe interior. Here are the data (warranty) plate codes for Deluxe interior: Blue, convertible, deluxe 7B Red, convertible, deluxe 7D Ivy Gold, convertible, deluxe 7G White, convertible, deluxe 7W Nugget Gold, convertible, deluxe 7Y Visit this site to decode the warranty plate: http://www.mustangdecoder.com/ Regarding the export to Vietnam, that is also not the case. It was likely ordered from a military member while in Vietnam through the Army Air Force Exchange Service overseas sales for pick up in the states. I have done the same while stationed overseas. Also, pictures please.
  8. Could possibly be the headlight switch itself.
  9. Just checked on my 69 GT convert and it was built on June 6th, but it wasn't released until June 11th, 51 years ago today. Cool.
  10. What would "trim variation" indicate on the Marti report? Would that be for the interior or exterior?
  11. Can someone post a picture of the correct set up for a 351W manual trans power disc brake vacuum line setup -- booster to intake manifold. I have seen both hard line and rubber hoses in the parts catalog and want to make sure I order the correct one and install it properly. Thanks.
  12. rmarks

    Mach 1 video.

    Nice one ... video and country song. Would have been even sweeter had they used a restored white Mach 1 like the rusty one featured.
  13. I had my AM/8-track converted to AM/FM stereo/8-track.
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