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  1. Could possibly be the headlight switch itself.
  2. Just checked on my 69 GT convert and it was built on June 6th, but it wasn't released until June 11th, 51 years ago today. Cool.
  3. What would "trim variation" indicate on the Marti report? Would that be for the interior or exterior?
  4. Can someone post a picture of the correct set up for a 351W manual trans power disc brake vacuum line setup -- booster to intake manifold. I have seen both hard line and rubber hoses in the parts catalog and want to make sure I order the correct one and install it properly. Thanks.
  5. rmarks

    Mach 1 video.

    Nice one ... video and country song. Would have been even sweeter had they used a restored white Mach 1 like the rusty one featured.
  6. I had my AM/8-track converted to AM/FM stereo/8-track.
  7. Here are a couple of options: https://www.cjponyparts.com/custom-autosound-dash-speaker-dual-voice-coil-1967-1973/p/SPK37/ https://www.cjponyparts.com/ken-harrison-radio-speaker-in-dash-1967-1973/p/SPK05/ I have the second one and it's decent. I've contemplated using the surround since it's a direct fit and replacing/upgrading the dual coil speakers with Infinity or? Note that they are designed to work with newer radios with L & R speaker outputs.
  8. Under back seat floorboard for dual exhaust hangar?
  9. Nice. What is attached to the wood panel in the trunk?
  10. Nice picture with two very nice blue convertibles. :)
  11. I have purchased a sheet of felt from Michael's and cut a piece to size.
  12. Was going through some boxes of my mustang stuff and came across an Owner Card - Warranty Identification Card for VIN 9H31F203413. Anyone on here have that car?
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