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  1. The car has driven well I'm feeling the car react less dramatically to the changes in road condition (patches, seams, sunken/settled road edges) I like to drive side roads with less traffic. I think the lighter weight of the smaller tires may be part of this effect. I'm going to try the UCA lowering and roller spring perch option (relatively cheap and easy) as both are said to maintain a more consistent contact patch. I think this should reduce dissimilar steering force between the front wheels. Then I'll realign to the specs that Daze gives on there web site. Easy enough to get done this coming week, I think.
  2. This evening I replaced the 235/60/15 front tires on my car with the original 205/70/14 tires. I found the handling and driving characteristics much improved. I am still weighing the suspension upgrade options. The UCA drop is a necessary step in any upgrade to the front suspension so I think I will start with that, along with the roller spring perch. I could do that on Saturday.
  3. Stangman, boost the brakes. You wont regret it. Let me know when you get some drive time on your new suspension. I built the car to drive not race. I refurbished the original 302 and other than EFI, headers, and duel exhaust, it is stock. I drive it to the golf course and cruse ins. I honestly just want to drive it and enjoy it. My car requires too much steering effort on changing road surfaces. I have resisted power steering to this point, but I'm not totally against it. The Opentracker street kit (front only $2500) is not unreasonable, if it is all it is hyped up to be. If this kit would make my car drive like a modern production vehicle, I would pull the trigger today. I don't trust the "testimonials" I read on any website. Who, like myself, had a car that disappointed but was 'transformed ' by this install?
  4. Having never driven it, I put my 69 convert together with all "new" original style front suspension parts ( UCA, LCA, bushings ball joints) Had poor handling, alignment, talked into bump steer correction kit, another alignment, two different shops. I'm disappointed with the ride on anything less than prefect road surfaces. Far too much wandering and correction on the secondary roads that offer the best fall viewing. I do all of my own wrench turning, but I'm ready to turn this over to a pro. What am I missing? How much would a roller perch eliminate wander from disparate road surfaces? How dose lowering UCA change handling? And who can I get to drive this thing and diagnose the problem for me here in N.E. PA?
  5. I would look at some pics and perhaps consider
  6. "on the cheap" is a relative term. But keep in mind it's cheaper too do it right the first time than too go back and do it over later. I rebuilt the original engine and C4 trans and now wish I had dropped a crate and a 4R70W in the car from the start. I don't know that will ever happen now. Instead I have done a couple engine upgrades and rear gears. Even that would have been cheaper and easier if I had done it from the beginning. Sa la vie.
  7. The car sounds good. almost wish I had dropped a modern 5.0, I'm running carb. I used large peace's of cardboard too locate the leaks. If you mark where they touch the tires you can measure to the exact spot. Are you keeping a running tally of cost? I know I spent faster than planned. I'm in at just under $20k
  8. Where can we find a list of future Mustang events? Am I missing it? We live in north western PA and the show and cruse season will start soon but I would consider trailering south for a early, long weekend getaway.
  9. I just joined to comment on your project. "Looking Good" It looks very much like the 69 base vert I started in 2016. Was driving it last summer. When I was working on it in my personal garage. I had to clean up every night to get the daily driver in. I saved a bucket of lose rust I swept from the floor, and was actually going to call the car Rusty. Then I chose paint "RR" and I changed it to Ruby.
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