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  1. I would look at some pics and perhaps consider
  2. "on the cheap" is a relative term. But keep in mind it's cheaper too do it right the first time than too go back and do it over later. I rebuilt the original engine and C4 trans and now wish I had dropped a crate and a 4R70W in the car from the start. I don't know that will ever happen now. Instead I have done a couple engine upgrades and rear gears. Even that would have been cheaper and easier if I had done it from the beginning. Sa la vie.
  3. The car sounds good. almost wish I had dropped a modern 5.0, I'm running carb. I used large peace's of cardboard too locate the leaks. If you mark where they touch the tires you can measure to the exact spot. Are you keeping a running tally of cost? I know I spent faster than planned. I'm in at just under $20k
  4. Where can we find a list of future Mustang events? Am I missing it? We live in north western PA and the show and cruse season will start soon but I would consider trailering south for a early, long weekend getaway.
  5. I just joined to comment on your project. "Looking Good" It looks very much like the 69 base vert I started in 2016. Was driving it last summer. When I was working on it in my personal garage. I had to clean up every night to get the daily driver in. I saved a bucket of lose rust I swept from the floor, and was actually going to call the car Rusty. Then I chose paint "RR" and I changed it to Ruby.
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