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  1. I have a rebuilt Tremec W/C transmission $1000. This trans. would make a nice transplant to any V-8 pony. The output will fit the original mustang yoke, it can be matched up to a 289, 302 or 351 with parts available from Modern Driveline or other suppliers. It has mechanical speedometer gear and comes with a short throw shifter and lever (the $50 one like on eBay). I will include pics of me opening the box. I can repack for shipping if buyer isn't going to "pick-up" here in PA. shipping to business address will be a little over $100.
  2. My car wouldn't be for you. It's original 302 has been enhanced by Edelbrock and I to about 320 HP. And T-5 trans. replaced the fact. 3 speed. Rubie red paint and drivability upgrades put it firmly in the "Mod" category. Good luck in the search. There are still a fair no. of unmolested 'original' cars rolling around out there. My car was base in Wimbeldon white, and as such was not highly sought after. I decided it was a good canvas to build the car I wished Ford had made. I would never have done this to a Boss, Bullitt, or Shelby. Then again I couldn't justify driving one of those to the golf course, Tasty Freeze, or local cruse-in. I enjoyed building it nearly as much as I enjoy driving it and the journey, is the destination.
  3. Are you looking for a project, finished, original, or resto/mod? I am considering putting mine up.
  4. The stock pump is used on sooo many applications you can probably get it over the counter today in most auto parts stors.
  5. you can get 'Mechanical Fuel Pump Chrome 80GPH' from CJ pony for about $40
  6. What TMI seats do you have? I have a set of Mach 1 seats that have been reupholstered with TMI 'sport' foam with the extra bolstering. I would prefer a lower back for my convertible.
  7. I did replace the unit with a Custom Autosound radio that has a ISO plug, so it basically just plugged in with no rewiring. I got the model that doesn't have bluetooth but it has an aux cord witch I ran into the glove box so I can plug in my phone and leave it in there when I play Pandora. I can live without taking calls in the car. If I needed that option I would have payed another $100 and got the upgrade. It looks as close to stock as the retrosound and at this point I'm not going for 'original' look anyway. It's funny how your goals change as your project progresses.
  8. How can I get a look at your Flicker? I'd like to see more of your version of 69 convert.
  9. That's ruby red, a newer Ford color. It's a try coat, I love the way it reflects light in different conditions.
  10. I put a Dynacorn spoiler on my 69 convert and have 6.5 in. of clearance at the center/low point. This is stock springs 302. The valance of the 69 and 70 are listed as different parts so the spoiler may not bolt right-up from one to the other.
  11. My order through a vender on eBay was canceled and I can't get an explanation. Now the item is no longer listed. It must have been a mistake on the listing. So I'm reweighing my options.
  12. I have found a replacement "body" for the Retrosound. It turns out you can buy the radio without the display, bezel, and install kit for about half the cost that I payed for the whole thing originally. Just under $150 with shipping. I'll be able to simply plug in the new one and go. I'll let you all know how this works out when it comes.
  13. I believe he's referring to part #4 Part of it shows through the slotted bolt holes in the door.
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