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  1. Update: Good call barnett468. Replaced the shift shaft seal and a new pan gasket and the leak is gone. To verify the motor oil leak I changed the oil and filter and cleaned up the underside with brake cleaner. Through some reading I learned it may be possible that the PO used synthetic which may worsen a leak so I went with conventional oil. I am monitoring for a leak now.
  2. I had not throughT of that. Thanks. I hope it is not the top. I have read in several posts that some of the repo weather strips are problematic. Maybe I should try swapping my pillar strips?
  3. Here is a picture of the weather strips.
  4. Great work and I will be doing the same as I found my felt missing. Any idea on the thickness of Velcro you used?
  5. I have been trying to get the passenger door and window to fit better on my 'vert. I read through a lot of threads here and reviewed the shop manual thoroughly. I also watched the WCCC video. I tackled the door first. I purchased an obstruction wrench. I checked the hinges and there was no slop. So I worked with the door so it shuts very nicely and the gaps are good. The door is in the same plane as the fender and quarter panel. I also rolled up the window and it is centered. The body lines look good. Now for the window. I checked and the glue looks fine and the window is not loose. I pulled out the plastic guides and flipped them rather than replacing as recommended. I will say they are brittle and I lost a few pieces on two of them, but they pressed back in fine and held. The regulator seems to be fine. It is not bent anywhere and the window rolls up and down like it should.I moved the equalizer to level the window. I then loosened the bolts on the bottom of the door and with the window rolled down I shut the door from the inside and rolled up the window into the slot in the weather stripping. I then opened the door and tightened the bottom bolts. However, when doing this last step I noticed that the weather stripping on the top is inward of the door weather stripping at least 1/4". I thought maybe the top is out of alignment, but I checked the driver side the weather strips lines up pretty well. I took the first screw out of the pillar weather stripping thinking maybe somebody had moved it, but there is only one drilled hole. FYI, s far as I know I have original door, door glass, fender, quarter panel, weather stripping and top. I am stumped on how I am ever going to get the pillar and top weather stripping to align? Maybe I will have to move one of the weather strips? One other piece of information. The door glass does get tight of the bottom of the pillar first. I thought maybe I needed to move the door out, and I did a little, but it is aligned pretty well with the fender in and out. The door still shuts well and I think this is naturally the first place the window will hit the weather strip. So what have I overlooked? I think the issue at this point is the weather strips being out of alignment with each other. Thanks.
  6. I left a paper towel under the leak for a few days. I can not find my inspection mirror so I need to go buy one. My plan is to eliminate one leak at a time. I plan to start with the transmission as it is the larger leak. Thanks for all the help so far.
  7. I do think there is also a motor oil leak as well, so I think you may be right 1969_Mach1. So maybe the front seal on the tranny and the rear seal on the engine?
  8. I will also check the shift shaft seal as barnett468 suggested. I had the shifter out replacing the bushings that were totally gone. Can you see the top plate with the shifter out?
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. What is leaking has a red tint. I took a clean pair towel and wiped what had leaked since Saturday and took a picture of it. Does this change any opinions of the leak? I will get some foot powder soon. I will clean everything with brake cleaner first. I will also warm up the ca for 20 minutes and check the transmission for overfill.
  10. I have owned my Mustang for a month and have noticed some transmission oil on the garage floor. I took some pictures. Oil is dripping from the bell housing and looks like the pan may also be leaking. I was looking on the forum last night and read that there is a top cover I need to check? Any ideas would be appreciated. I should note that I am mechanically inclined and I do have the 1969 shop manuals. I have a stock 351w and FMX.
  11. I have all my insurance with State Farm and the agreed upon value for my ‘69 ‘vert for $32,000 is less than $200 per year.
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