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  1. Looking at converting to power windows, heard about the glue in versus bolt in glass options. I need to get new glass all the way around so now is the time. What product did ya'll use for the power unit?
  2. I went with the Holley Sniper with Holley EFI fuel tank and the Holley Dual-Sync Distributor, all is controlled via the integrated ECU and touch screen. I have it connected to a performance built 4R70W AOD trans, which sync's to the ECU as well as the trans ECU (adjustable shift points). Engine is a 408 Stroker Windsor.
  3. Yes, he says it makes the c!ear much smoother and if any trash is in the first layers it comes out. His paint jobs are amazing so no questions here.
  4. I have a similar set-up, went with a Wilwood manual booster as the vacuum was insufficient for a stroked 408. Removing the booster also provided more clearance
  5. In the paint booth. House of Color Candy Brandy Wine over base coat black. Looking forward to the end of the week!!
  6. MTF - Are those the same seats you sell on your website?
  7. My pics all went bye-bye awhile ago, unsure if I'll keep dropping pics, but this the latest. Final stages prior to paint. Shaved the rear bumper and tightened up the body gaps. Hopefully paint in a month or so, waiting on Mustang To Fear seats. Removed the seat pans, moved back 4" (I'm 6'7"), need the seats prior to burning in the risers in new location.
  8. B&M. Moved AC to pass side to clean up AC lines which run between the fender and engine bay
  9. Regarding your hood hinges, how much travel remains compared to stock hinges? I purchased and am returning Ring Brothers as my hood lifted half way with their set up.

  10. CG in Texas, do you have pics of the reinforcement plates you used? I am 6'8" and needing lower seats. Was on the impression the seat platforms are vital to the structural integrity of the car.
  11. Not a big fan of the bulky, protruding tail lights on the 69. Does anyone know if the curvature of the panel matches between 67/8 and 9? My thought was to get a 67/8 tail panel, cut out the light area and weld it place of the 69 tail light area. Then I purchase the items necessary for a 67/8 and I have flush mounted tail lights....thoughts?
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