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  1. Ready do to same, you connected it how?? Also, I replaced the switch but found the bezel piece that screws into the switch from the face does not work, had to go back to original switch. Did you run into same? The bezal piece would only grab the last thread, tried two new ones, maybe the switch has a bad thread?
  2. http://www.dakotadigital.com/index.cfm/page/ptype=product/product_id=1105/category_id=646/mode=prod/prd1105.htm
  3. I got the same setup, Dakota digital has a harness that connects to the snipper, done. Unsure the part number as I'm on the road however you can search Google for same. Bought mine through either Jegs or Summit
  4. Found one at a local mustang graveyard
  5. Thank you, this is much appreciated. Way more detailed than the shop manual
  6. Putting together the lower dash and I only have the upper "horse collar" bracket. Believe there are a couple more brackets? And I can only find the upper bolt mount on each side, believe there should be attachment points on the bottom sides as well. Manuals are worthless as they only discuss dash pad. Any helpful info, pics would be appreciated.
  7. Anyone know where one can find a re manufactured plastic cover for the wiper motor? I have a crack in mine and would like to use a new one if possible.
  8. Fiberglass bumper from MTF, but I did have to modify it for a tight fit
  9. Got her home from paint, time to reassemble for good.
  10. As an FYI - I sent my wood grain 69 interior inserts (door panel, radio bezel, instrument cluster) to a hydrographics shop that sprayed the body color, applied a carbon fiber hydrographic followed by a clear. Will post pics once the items are received.
  11. what seats did you install?
  12. I installed an IDIDIT tilt column, moved my seat pans back 6" and installed MTF seats (2" lower than competitor seats). I am 6'7" and now fit. Additionally, the inner qtr panel interior pieces was sectioned by 2 inches and wrapped in leather to allow the seat to recline further (can recline all the way though it is not needed). The back seat is eliminated with a custom fold down that stays down at all times. When your 6'7" people can't sit behind you regardless of the car
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