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  1. @Jesse 69 Fastback I just converted to power disc brakes and may have my manual brake pedal laying around if your interested in it.
  2. I hear that, no rush on my end. If anything changes let me know.
  3. @Ridge Runner, how much would you charge for the set? assuming you had time/inventory to make them?
  4. dang, thats one hell of a drive. how much would you charge for a set?
  5. @Ridge Runner, i understand, I bought a hood online and was floored by the freight charges. dont need to know where you are living but is it a semi close drive from Redding California?
  6. @Ridge Runner I had a feeling you were going to say that after I saw your post about making a hood. Figure it wont hurt to ask but do you have a set for sale?
  7. @Ridge Runner Thanks for the photos, I think it may be easier for me to get the tail light panel for a gt350 and cut mine out like the photos you provided. Where did you get the trunk lid, end caps and tail light panel?
  8. Also I stumbled across this https://fiberglassspecialtiesnv.com/m-218dl-kit-1969-mustang-coupe-fiberglass-decklid-and-pair-of-extensions/ but I have not seen any finished results from anyone. not sure if this is a good quality product. Anyone have any experience with fiberglassspecialties?
  9. @Ridge Runner Does the over lay tail panel replace the stock tail panel? or does it mount over it? im not too sure how that works. Im not opposed to switching from a stock 1969 tail panel.
  10. Thanks 69nc. I would love any photos you have, it would be extremely helpful
  11. Hey Ridge, I was talking about the fiberglass shelby 350 deck and fender extensions. I kind of want to go for the mexican 350gt look.
  12. Thanks for the introduction RPM. I live in Redding Ca. I have a 1969 mustang coupe, 351w 4v. fmx automatic with factory air, power steering, power brakes. ive had the car for about 15 years (im 30). Im looking into making it into a gt350/traditional front of a 69.
  13. Thanks for the speedy response Ridge Runner. looks like im in the market for a new deck and some flares. I appreciate it.
  14. Hey everyone I have a 1969 Mustang Coupe that I am wanting to do some modifications to. I really like the trunk deck and fender extensions on the 1969 gt350 convertibles. Would a trunk deck from a 1969 gt convertible bolt up to a 1969 coupe or would it take extensive surgery? thanks for any help.
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