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  1. Hey, everyone! So I'm getting tired of messing with the fuel sender and it's poor gauge reading. Has anyone tried a MeterMatch? I've heard good things about it on VMF, but that was with a 65. Has anyone connected one to a 69, and if so, how/where did you splice it into the wiring? https://www.npdlink.com/product/metermatch-fuel-tank-sender-calibrator-and-interface-module/216214?backurl=search%2Fproducts%3Fsearch_terms%3Dfuel%2Bsender%26top_parent%3D200001%26year%3D1969&year=1969
  2. I did this to my convertible. It cools great, and is perfect for parades, where you have lost of low-speed driving and sitting still.
  3. Thanks! The ignition switch is on the dash. This is the switch I replaced: https://www.cjponyparts.com/cj-classics-turn-signal-switch-wiring-fixed-column-1969/p/TSW23/
  4. Thanks for the response! No, I have a 69 convertible. I replaced the turn signal wiring in the steering column at the same time I put in the sequentials. My front signals are bulbs (and blink slowly). I have LEDs coming for those, along with an electronic hazard flasher relay. Dash lights are all LEDs, and all work except for the turn indicators. All exterior lights are bulbs EXCEPT rear sequential tails, and reverse lights. All lights function normally. No, I do not have hood turn signals.
  5. Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm having the same issue!
  6. Background: New circuit panel installed 2 years ago, LEDs installed in dash and tested with meter. Rear LED sequential turn signal lights installed with electronic flasher at the same time. High beam, instrument, brake lights all work perfectly. New turn signal switch in steering column. Exterior turn signals work well (front lights are slow to blink, though). Hazards work (original relay is there) The turn signal indicator lights in the dash will not light up. I have noticed that when starting the car, the Brake Warning light comes on (normal) and the green turn signal lights will light briefly. My question is why the interior turn signal lights are not coming on at all when I indicate a turn? Would the emergency flasher relay need to be replaced with a newer electronic one?
  7. After changing the water pump, I no longer had coolant pooling on top of the timing cover behind the pump, but now I have oil pooling! Got everything cleaned off, then started the car and watched. Started seeing oil begin weeping through a tiny hairline crack on top of the timing cover and running to the area where the pooling was located. Stopped the engine, cleaned everything off, sprayed some carb cleaner just to wipe it down, and then applied a small thin bit of Quick Steel high heat putty to the crack and smoothed it like drywall mud. I let it sit for two hours (package said one), and then fired it back up. Voila! No more oil pooling! I feel good about my fix, as the timing chain cover does not have a lot of pressure to it, and it was just a tiny crack. That was 4 days ago. I've driven it every day, and have been checking. Still no leak! Hooray! The picture show the pooling, although there was usually much more than this! The crack was up at the top of the cover, near the bolt.
  8. Yes it is, and yes it is! Even more exciting, my car was chosen to be in the Mustang Featured Area at the May 2 Caffeine & Octane! Gulp! Time to get to cleaning!!
  9. Not today, but over the weekend: Just got the car back from the shop after the accident. Installed a new FlowKooler aluminum water pump, and took her for a spin!
  10. Thanks for the pics! My shop guy said the top guy wasn’t finished yet, so I sent him your pics to show the guy as he finishes.
  11. Good evening! Starting to get the car back from the shop after the big accident this summer. The shop guy put a new top on, and I have a question: in the attached picture, you can see that the foam is visible on the end of the windlace. Is this normal? Should it be sealed somehow? If so, is it something I can do once I get the car back so I can get it sooner, or do I need to have the top guy come back out to the shop. Thanks!
  12. Thanks, everyone! That stinks that they aren’t reproduced!
  13. Hey, everyone! I had my convertible top frame crunched in an accident. Insurance is covering all repairs, but we are having trouble tracking down a replacement top frame. The usual sources have 68s, but no 69s. Anyone have a source? thanks!
  14. Thanks! By the way, my vacuum problem wasn’t a vacuum problem. Pretty sure I had water in the gas! It’s purring after filling up again, using a water treatment, and putting in a new filter.
  15. What is this black canister/valve that is connected to a line going into the firewall as well as to the heater hose that is going into the heater core?
  16. Yes, it’s from the manifold. I’m just curious as to HOW it works, from an academic standpoint. BTW, I’m pulling good vacuum (17-19” at idle), and I can’t replicate what happened yesterday (of course).
  17. So I’m going to be tracking down some vacuum leak today. I know what to check, but I have a question for the knowledgeable folks here that have helped me in the past! When driving yesterday, the engine would sputter and want to die when I stepped on the brakes at a stoplight. I’m going to check the booster and check valve, and I admit I’m not fully versed on how power brake systems work, so what is happening with the power brakes that would cause engine sputtering?
  18. Got the car back from the transmission shop yesterday. Rebuilt C4, after losing all forward gears. Wow, it has more power now than in the previous 8 years I've driven it! My 17 year old griped at me for smoking the tires as I pulled out of his work when I stopped to show him that it was working! :) Installed new front parking brake cable, now does anyone have any idea why the foot pedal doesn't seem to be catching when I push it to the floor?
  19. CRAP! Power top convertible. I was putting the top down yesterday, and there was a weird sound, and the top had trouble dropping the rest of the way. It finally went down. Today I went to raise it, and the passenger side wouldn't raise. I manually raised it, and noticed that the bracket connected to the lift cylinder had broken! Does anyone know if I can just get a new pillar and replace it, or do I need to replace the entire frame (please don't let it be the entire frame).
  20. A black wire leading from the harness into the solenoid. I thought it was a feed from the alternator, so had removed it. Apparently not!
  21. SOLVED! Because I may or may not be ignorant.... There was a wire that was in the harness that I assumed was from the old alternator to the solenoid, so I had disconnected it. I saw it there looking at me as I was swearing at everything else and thought "What the heck. Let's plug it in and see what happens." And the rest is history. Now I am less ignorant.
  22. Thanks, but I don’t have the 3G. I have the Powermaster 100 amp 1-wire.
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