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I barely found out yesterday, New TKX coming out!

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I'm looking forward to see what ppl have to say about them IF it really solved the high RPM Shift/Notch shift issue and hopefully no sluggish shifting as some parts are shared with the t56. if I dont see any feedback soon, ill be purchasing one in March as a bday gift for myself and be the guinea pig! I have yet to see any reviews or technical feedback since release, I have only seen 1 channel that did a TKX Break Down but no reviews as of yet.

TKO will be phased out as the TKX will be replacing it. I'm curious now if Tremec is doing the same with the T56 and making it slimmer to fit custom applications as well, but who knows.

Even though I have a tko600 with carbon lined blocker rings from MDL, I still get notchy/sluggish shifts even with their quick shifter installed. 2-3 shifts are good, but 1-2 shifts are a hit or miss for me.


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