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  1. Finally got almost 53 years of greasy grimy gopher guts scraped off, new aprons on, prepped, primed and painted the engine bay. Now to get the Opentracker suspension and Chocko rebuilt steering back in.
  2. Thanks for all the responses. Figured I would clean and weld and see if I liked the results. Got some good penetration on tohe welds, tuff to get a couple of them cleaned up but should work for a driver.
  3. Very little original left on the car from the previous-PO. It's a restomod driver quality project that as usual with these things becomes more involved as you dig into them.
  4. Wasn't expecting this on the driver side. Pulled the suspension getting ready to replace the inner aprons and came across a "few" cracks. The car, '69 vert 351w, has the welded big block supports and the export brace bolts right up so I do think the towers are located correctly. I'm not sure if the shock tower is salvageable by stop drilling and welding or if I just need to replace it and add another set of big block braces. Any input from those with more experience would be helpful.
  5. Not a problem. He has a NOS carlight windshield and a frame from a donor car. I got lucky when I found this project the PO had started collecting all the parts! Between the windshield and the door glass we should be able to get it all squared up!
  6. Thanks tons for the info. I’m still a bit away from getting the top done. Just sent the car off to the local body wizard to work his magic on the windshield frame.
  7. The header that is part of the convertible frame. I think it's pot metal or maybe cast aluminum? I need to drill out all of the rivets holding in the tack strip I guess so i can refinish it? Trying to decide the best type of filler to use for the bit of pitting in it. Oh, I will be asking all kinds of questions over the next few years. Lots more to do to this car than originally planned.
  8. First I'ld like to commend you on your build. Much better skill set than I have! I would like to ask about the convertible frame header and what you used, if it was needed, to refurbish it. I have a '69 convertible and the frame is in descent shape but the header has some pitted areas I will need to address before painting. Thanks
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