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  1. Thank you for the number and contact. Gave him a call this afternoon! thanks
  2. Looking for a pair of quarter panel extensions for a fastback. I have a repop right side and it’s doesn’t seem to be fitting correctly so I would like to purchase some originals. thank you, Andrew
  3. Thanks everyone for the comments, I believe that Ridge likes the Scott Drake floors. From what I have read, the floor needs to go through the windshield hole or rear glass
  4. I am looking to purchase the full floor for my 69 fastback, I have been searching the forum and see that the scott drake and dynacorn are the 2 main pieces. Does anyone have experience with either? Also the scott drake looks like it does not come with the seat risers but the dynacorn looks like it does. Can anyone comment on this? Thanks for the help -Drew
  5. Okay thanks for the information, I think that I will go ahead and purchase this one and fix the rust. Thank you to everyone that commented -Andrew
  6. Hey everyone, So I have finally found a "new" to me hood. It is a 69 hood with minimal rust. The question that I have is; there is some rust on under the support structure where I could not get to with a grinder. So, should I still purchase the hood? Would there be a way for me to have the hood dipped and eliminate the rust? The cost is $200 so I feel that it's a good price. I just want a piece of mind that I won't have to worry about rust coming through my hood after a couple of years. Thanks for the input! Andrew
  7. Great Thank you I think that I am going to try to make a list of the best sheet metal parts for our cars. Practically the whole outside of mine will be replaced, so this should be helpful to more people than just me. Thank you everyone for all the replies
  8. Who makes the best full floor? I am going to use dynacorn for the quarters and try to find doors or fix mine. Thanks
  9. Hi all, I am starting to get prices to start the resto-mod on my 1969 mach. I took my car to a body and frame shop last night to get the idea of how to start. As we were chatting he asked me what parts that I will be using (specifically quarters, doors, and floor). I said that I have heard a lot of good things about Dynacorn. He then went on to say that he has never had any luck with Dynacorn parts, but I also know that he mostly restores GM cars. Does this make a difference in dynacorn? I have tried to find the company that uses the ford tooling to buy those parts with no luck. I was wondering if anyone here knows who produces the parts with Ford tooling? If no one does, what is the next best option? The options that I know of: 1. Dynacorn 2. Junk yard parts (not really in favor of this option, as the car is not going to be numbers matching) 3. Ford Repo parts? 4. Chinese parts (not going to do this) Thanks for all the help in advance!! Drew
  10. Okay, so for the update on the vin. After the DOT checkout out the car, I decided to take the fenders off the can and take a look at the vins. On both sides, the vin matches! I'm very happy that it does. Like I said, the car was crashed on the drivers front, the first part of the inner finder was somewhat straightened and the radiator support has been changed out. The car does have "wraps" on both shock towers. They look to be factory as well.... so I'm not sure on that one. I have about a month until I get my bonded title and then I will be able to start on the car Thank you for all of the input, I am glad that the car is original and has matching vins. Andrew
  11. Very good, thank you for the information! Andrew
  12. The car is a Mach 1, I ended up getting a marti report for the car. Everything matches the car as it looks. The PO "built" the motor, it is a 351 windsor, 4 barrel. The code in the vin is H, he did the work to the motor.
  13. I want to know as well! haha With everything that has been said these last couple of days, I am ready to know the story on the car. Unfortunately the PO can't tell me anything more than I already know. With the 428 comment, are you saying that the vin under the fenders would tell me if it had a 428 in it?
  14. What is the wrap that everyone is taking about? I don't have a clue and can't seem to find anything online about it. Also, thanks for the heads up with the vents in the door jam!
  15. It is not a CJ car, it has a H code in the vin. 351
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