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  1. Bigmal, no 69's came from the factory with Clevelands. Some of the early Cleveland blocks were produced in the fall of 69', but they were installed in 70' model year cars. I have a J code Cleveland block produced in Oct. 69' that originally went into a 70' mustang. Do you have headers?
  2. Thx Mike!! I'll check them out!!
  3. Does anyone have a 351C in their 69' with power steering & a 4 speed? If so, what headers did you use?
  4. Bob, I do not weld myself, but I have a friend who has a shop & he does weld. I am looking for weld in, as I've read they are better than bolt in. I see you have a vert....did you do any modification to the floor when you installed yours?
  5. Just curious who has installed subframe connectors on their convertible & what brand / style you went with? Maier? Tinman? TCP?
  6. Thx Jay! It was originally a 302 / 3 speed car.....but now it has a 351C with a top loader 4-speed......and a 9" Posi 3:55 to boot. It's a great street / cruiser!
  7. I just came across this post & thought I would share a pic of my red convertible with white 351 stripes.
  8. I had my whole car rewired this year by a local reputable shop & they used AAW. It was $200 cheaper too than the Painless kit I bought from CJ pony parts.
  9. Has anyone installed a Magnaflow exhaust with the " X " pipe? If so, how did you get it to fit?
  10. I'm curious to see if anyone else has researched previous owners with success? I know my Mustang was produced @ the Metuchen, NJ plant. I believe it was then delivered to a Ford dealership in the Phila. Area. I know there is a form that can be filled out & submitted to the DMV to research the Title history. Has anyone done this before? Is there any other way to find previous owners, without using the form?
  11. Good info....I'm curious to see how many were installed in Convertibles. Sometime soon I'll be sending for a complete Martin report.
  12. Does anyone else have a rectangular clock in their 69'? I see in 69' Mach 1 the clock is round, but I have a convertible, & so far I haven't seen another clock like this in another 69'. Just curious if it was a special option?
  13. Thx for the info!! I have a friend with a car lift & we'll be replacing the exhaust soon. I'll look for it then, since it should be easier to see from underneath the car.
  14. Can it be seen without moving the starter?
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