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  1. Can anyone identify these 3 wires coming off my main harness? I'm guessing one is for my AC compressor? Thanks, Matt
  2. Can you send me pics? Also, how much are you asking? Please e-mail or text to the above. Thanks! Matt
  3. I'm looking for a really nice original passenger side fender. Please e-mail me direct at machm1970@yahoo.com or text me at 319-721-8469. Thanks, Matt
  4. I went to purchase an oil dipstick tube for my '70 302 only to find ut they're no longer reproduced, but they do make them for '69, any idea what the difference is? Hoping i can use a '69. Thanks, Matt
  5. I spoke with NPD, they said they're having alot of issues with their vendor; wired wrong, labeled wrong, etc. They're sending me a replacement set. In the meantime I rewired these with weatherpak butt connectors and they work now, I also made my own plug and play harness for the turn signal indicators on the hood. Matt
  6. That makes alot of sense. Thanks for helping me figure this out, i will be calling NPD today. Matt
  7. Not all '70's came with the plug, mine doesn't have it, wish it did.
  8. That makes sense now. Funny thing, I probably wouldn't have noticed it, but I installed a turn signal style hood scoop and the wiring harness for it listed as "69-70" when I went to plug it in the plugs wouldn't fit. Turns out they're 69 only. I was in the process of making my own plug and play harness when I discovered it. Matt
  9. My front marker lights have dual filament bulbs, there's 3 wires for each side from the wiring harness going to a 2 prong plug. I'm not good with electrical, I unplugged them and ran jumper wires criss crossed across the plugs and they worked.
  10. Solved! I bought new marker lights from NPD a few months ago, they wired the plugs backwards! I ran a jumper wire between the plugs reversing the wiring and they work! Guess i will be calling NPD. Thanks for all your replies. Matt
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