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  1. You know that for the past week I have had an exhaust leak that gave the motor a throaty sound. It also gave me the feeling the timing was off. I just had the leak patched and the motor runs smoother. I visited the speed shop that did my machine work and they gave me the impression that my problem was the dizzy. The vacuum pot could be faulty or the mechanical advance bushings could be worn. I checked the dizzy and was able to jiggle the plate attached to the vacuum advance. I also noticed some back and forth play on the dizzy shaft. It moves back and forth a slight amount. Is this normal? I was going to go to a parts shop and see what a new one feels like compared to mine.
  2. i'll try this first before i pull the timing cover. thanks for the tip.
  3. Thanks for the info. The chain being off a tooth has always been somewhere in the back of my mind. I will be getting the tape and most likely check the chain. I'm getting good at taking it apart...should only take a couple of hours to pull it apart, correct it and put it all back. If it is a tooth off, should I be worried about some part in my valve train being damaged?
  4. Yes. It has a new balancer. I can't imagine it shifted because of how it mates to the crank. The numbers are engraved on the balancer. I didn't put a timing tape on it. When I have retard it towards 0 it is close to stalling around 3-4d. When I compared it to my old balancer the numbers lined up.
  5. Thanks guys for the response. To clarify, my dizzy is a new motorcraft that has the adjustable vacuum. I have gone in and out without any change. This was on the engine before I rebuilt it and it all worked fine. Idle was good, performance was good. I chose to rebuild the engine due to lost oil pressure. I tore it apart and saw all my bearings were shot and the crank had to be ground. So I assumed this dizzy would have been fine on the rebuilt block. What am I missing?
  6. It runs ok...misses occasionally. Ran better before the rebuild. Idle is good but above that it is not smooth. At 2700 rpm I am at 32 deg with out vacuum. With the vacuum I'm a t +45 I tried adjusting my vacuum advance but didn't get me any results. I was thinking my mechanical advance in the dizzy would be my next step. I wonder if I can reduce the advance there by rotating the limiter. Thoughts?
  7. Just rebuilt my 69 351 Windsor - it is all stock and mated to an FMX tranny. Completed the break in but I am having trouble getting the timing set. With my initial at 6d, vacuum line disconnected and plugged, I have full advance at 31d at 2,800 rpm. With initial at 6d and vacuum line connected I get + 45d advance at 2,800. Idle is ok but terrible as rpm increases. I have tried initial at 11d with the vacuum line plugged and get 36d full advance. Idle is good but sluggish throughout. I am planning on trying to connect to manifold but would like to hear from someone else about this before I try it. I haven't looked inside the distributor yet to see what the limiter is set to. Thank you guys in advance for any insight provided... Oh, I also apologize...I do not own a Mustang...I have a Fairlane 500 convertible. I hope that doesn't affect the responses. P
  8. My machine shop didn't toss mine.....I will admit that when I had the entire motor back together and after breaking it in...i realized I had ONE part left over...the heat shield that belongs under the intake manifold. I will be replacing it soon, probably this weekend, but wonder, does its absence impact performance?
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