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Found 7 results

  1. MSD Pro Billet “Black” Ready-To-Run Distributor 83523 – NEW $375. Brand new in original box, and never installed! Fits Ford/Mercury “short-deck” Windsor engines (302/5.0, 289/4.7, from 1963-2001). This distributor is fully electronic with a magnetic pickup, mechanical and vacuum advance and an integrated ignition system that requires NO external box to work. 3 wires and a coil connection and it’s ready to work. This distributor comes with an iron gear fitted from MSD. If a steel, poly or bronze gear is required, MSD can upgrade this distributor accordingly for a fee. I accept PayPal & Venmo. The price is $375.00 price and buyer pays the ride to your location within the States. I will NOT ship internationally. Thanks! Sven Pruett Lake Orion, MI
  2. Hi. I was having some weird timing issues with my 351w with a b303 cam in it. I pulled the cap off the distributor and there was a big chunk of magnet flying around, the rotor wiggles, and the vacuum advance doesn't do anything. The trouble is as it is a roller cam it needs a steel gear (I think .531?), however off the shelf distributors for 351s use cast-iron gears. The question is, what distributor would yall recommend? Or should I find a used one / get a rebuild kit and just fix the broken parts leaving my working steel gear and shaft intact? Thank you!
  3. The title pretty much says it all! I have a 302 with the Autolite distributor. Got some fancy new plug wires to spruce up the engine a bit. I bought them at Summit here in Atlanta. The problem is the plug wires are for a male post-type distributor. I did not realize this until I got home. There is no. way. I am going to drive back through the city to return them! Traffic is a nightmare! So is there a replacement cap I can order with possibly an adapter to convert my female cap to a male cap? I do not have the money to straight out purchase a new distributor. Anyone done this? Thanks!
  4. I installed a new MSD ready to run distributor, Blaster 2 coil and plug wires this weekend and am having problems getting the car to run. 351 Windsor For the dizzy,HB on TDC of the compression stroke using the thumb over the cylinder 1 sparkplug hole, then installed the dizzy with the rotor lined up directly underneath the number 1 spark plug wire. The firing order looks good, the coil is firing to all plug on the dizzy, but I can only get the car to idle extremely roughly. It sounds and looks like it is only running on 3-5 cylinders with heavy vibration and throttle will struggle revving through 1000rpm - 2000rpm, but after that it runs smoother, but still not perfect. In theory, it should be running, but its not. Looking for sugestions....
  5. Title basically says it all. I have a stock 302 C-4 combo. When I first start the car up everything is smooth and runs great but after it gets up to running temperature it sounds like one cylinder begins to miss. I checked the spark plugs yesterday and they look good. I checked the points gap and that looked ok too. The rotor cap looked like it was only hitting the front edge, which would indicate timing? I played with that a bit adjusting it a few degrees up and down (missing my timing indicator) and that didn't help. I'm thinking at this point it may be bad points? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! -Thomas
  6. Just rebuilt my 69 351 Windsor - it is all stock and mated to an FMX tranny. Completed the break in but I am having trouble getting the timing set. With my initial at 6d, vacuum line disconnected and plugged, I have full advance at 31d at 2,800 rpm. With initial at 6d and vacuum line connected I get + 45d advance at 2,800. Idle is ok but terrible as rpm increases. I have tried initial at 11d with the vacuum line plugged and get 36d full advance. Idle is good but sluggish throughout. I am planning on trying to connect to manifold but would like to hear from someone else about this before I try it. I haven't looked inside the distributor yet to see what the limiter is set to. Thank you guys in advance for any insight provided... Oh, I also apologize...I do not own a Mustang...I have a Fairlane 500 convertible. I hope that doesn't affect the responses. P
  7. Hi from India, I am restoring a 351W Mach1 here (AFAIK the only one), this is my 3rd 69 after a convertible and a coupe. The car was in a bad shape (eaten by sea air and rain for years + a blotched restoration attempt), and we have managed to do all the bodywork without any replacement panels. Reassembling the car now, and working on the engine. I have question regarding the distributor. I picked up a MSD 8582 Pro-Billet (with 6A box) from a guy here in India. Its meant for a 302 (I got it almost free). I have a 351W in my Mach1. I know that the distributor are different for the engines, but is there anyway I can modify/adapt it to fit my engine? Adapt the shaft to fit the 351, Can the shaft be dismantled? Thanks
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