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Thin Lizzy

Mach 1 decals. Any other options?

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Hi All,

Would be grateful for your help please.  I've been looking around for 69 Mach 1 stripes and most companies seem to be the same 3 that left the factory.  As below.

Has anyone seen any other color options at all?   I'd love an Argent Silver / Black decal if that's possible.


Was hoping to get something like this:



Thanks for any help you can give.

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Might pay to get in contact with a graphics company. They may be able to make you some custom ones using the 3m vinyl. The vinyl has glass impregnated into it so you get that reflection at night.  Ive seen guys paint the stripes on also but you won't get that reflection at night like the vinyl stripes.

Give Graphics Express a call. They were awesome to deal with when i had some stripe issues. 

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