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  1. What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Went for a drive with a mate who owns a 67 notchback, followed by a few pints at out local. he's put a 302 in it, with an Edelbrock Performer, and he's tuned it to an inch of it's life. It gave my car a run for it money.
  2. Which radio do i get

    The old speak support plate was removed and a new plate with a smaller speaker apperture was fitted in it's place. The windows roll down to the bottom fine.
  3. Which radio do i get

    They're Hertz DCX 460.3. You'll need more powerful rear speakers as they're not loud but good but for mid / treble.
  4. Which radio do i get

    Here are some photos of the 6X4's. Hope this helps.
  5. Which radio do i get

    Yes. Made new openings for the 6x4s so they were flush and original speaker grilles fitted over. I'll dig out some photos.
  6. Which radio do i get

    Got the Retrosound fitted today. Had it fitted with Alpines R-S69s rear and Hertz 6x4s in the doors. It does sound good.
  7. RoadKill Mach1 Junkyard Rescue

    Just stumbled on that video on Youtube. Good they got it going but hope they restore it and don't let it rot again.
  8. Which radio do i get

    Just bought a Retrosound on the recommendations of this thread. I couldn't buy a Malibu and they don't sell them anymore, so I bought the next best thing, a Hermosa. Cost me $330 but it's going to be worth it. Thanks for everyone's helpful suggestions.
  9. Here are a few pics from Brooklands American Day yesterday. Brooklands was the first racing circuit, created in 1907. Lots of American cars there and a few 69 Mustangs:
  10. Summer (of 69) Project

    Great job so far, stance looks good and love the colour. But that car needs some 15" Magnums or Cragars IMO, would look amazing!
  11. What did you do to/for your Mustang today?

    Wow, that car looks unbelievable!
  12. FMX slipping

    Thanks for your reply. I'm not planning on racing it so I'll get it rebuilt. Thanks for the info about the wide band etc.
  13. FMX slipping

    Hi All, I've found out my FMX trans is slipping on my 69 351w. Would explain the increased fuel consumption. It still drives ok but the engine is working harder under revs. Is it worth rebuilding the FMX or buying a better none standard C4? Thanks for any help you can give. Mark http://www.fordmustangmach1.com
  14. 6mpg. Is that normal?

    I've been driving the car around for a few days and it's better, guess I'm getting around 10-12 now. At least I'm not seeing the needle move when I put my foot down.
  15. 6mpg. Is that normal?

    Turns out the vacuum advance was disconnected. Thanks very much for all your help.