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  1. Hi, it looks like I never responded to your questions about my Mach. I live in Modesto. A good friend of mine is building a car collection. So far he bought a 65 Mustang GT convertible, 71Pantera, and a 67 GT500. He got a line on this Mach and asked me to go with him to check it out. Turns out it was too much of a project for him, so I bought it instead. The prior owner had it for 17 yrs. When he lost interest, he parked it in his garage and it just sat. He had a rodent problem, so the interior was covered with mouse poop and urine. It was a mess. I towed it back to my house and got it running. Fortunately he gave me the Marti Elite report. Originally Yellow but was repainted white. The side stripes don't say Mach, but it is a real one. Of course not too many came with 390's b/c for a few extra $, more people got the CJ. Close ratio 4speed, 3.25 gears. It runs and drives but is rough. I plan to cruise it around town for a couple of years and begin the resto. Here are some before/after photos. I'm in Facebook as John Del and I have photos posted there. Cheers!







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      You lucky dog! She sure cleaned up nicely.

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