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  1. Yup, got it. Thanks anyway. 4 years, wow!
  2. Driving, I would never race without gas. Hard acceleration, not even turning.
  3. Of course I'm having problems with my tank, it didn't just go from 16 gallons to 20 gallons and quit starving for fuel on it's own. I would love to get it exchanged, please let me know what I have to do.
  4. Actually, you have had a complaint! I called and talked to you and someone else about it. I was told that changes were made, no one checked to make sure it was still 20 gallons and too bad for me! I also told you that it starves for fuel way too soon but that was my issue too. If you never had a complaint, why did you change them?
  5. I installed the Whipple last winter, what a fine kick in the pants! Absolutely worth it. What a fun car. Ran a couple road courses last summer and it handled great and surprised the Vette and Hellkitty guys!
  6. For sale ABS Electric Power Brakes. Installed with Coyote swap, 5000 miles on swap. I am going a different direction with the brakes. Everything needed. $1400 new, asking $600 Info@turtleracingproducts.com
  7. Mustangs to Fear Coyote Air Box, comes with everything in pic except MAF. Installed this when I did my Coyote Swap, now I have a Whipple so this has to go. I have 5000 miles on Coyote Swap. Asking $150 http://www.mustangstofear.com/page.php?page=parts_catalog&yr=69-70&cat=coyote_engine_swap_parts&prod=cold_air_box info@turtleracingproducts.com
  8. For sale Mustangs to Fear tank, rear fill, sending unit and pump. It has 5000 miles of use, everything works. Drop in. I also made some angle aluminum for underneath to sandwich the flange, they are tapped so you screw right into them, I will include them. I purchased this tank when I did my Coyote swap, now I am adding a Whipple and this will not feed it. Take a look on their site, this is the 3 link config. http://www.mustangstofear.com/page.php?page=parts_catalog&yr=69-70&cat=fuel_system&scat=gas_tanks&prod=standard_fill_gas_tank Asking $450 You can email me, info@turtleracingproducts.com
  9. I am looking for a manual Brake, manual trans pedal for my 70 mustang. Contact me at info@turtleracingproducts.com Thanks, Dave
  10. I would think the Ranger MC would work best. From what I'm reading, the 1" bore works for power and manual. Seems you would want smaller bore for manual.
  11. Yeah, I read the whole article looking for it. They don't usually get that detailed. It sucks I will have to purchase 2 master cylinders but oh well. Doesn't look like they sell just the res.. Anything to get me away from the electric power brakes is worth it!
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