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  1. Engine finished. Twin turbo small block 431CID.
  2. I have a Tremec 351 W bellhousing for sale. Has a small hairline crack started near the clutch fork. $30+shipping
  3. My daughters help too. I am making sure they are heart breakers and life takers! :yes:
  4. Oh, and what do people think about the road warrior paint job? LOL
  5. Well, this should drive purists nuts! Getting them symmetric is tricky, but they should get the heat out when they are done (vents behind to come).
  6. Very interesting. Well, I will leave as much as I can. Cutting the rail off in small sections, then welding the sheet metal together avoiding heat distortions. So far so good. Thanks!
  7. So, I am shaving my drip rails (they are totally rusted anyway) and ran into some Lead at the roof/A pillar joint. Is this factory? Should I leave it? Thanks,
  8. Starting with MBC. I am limiting the boost to 10PSI per channel (20PSI total) for now until I learn more.
  9. I have a lot to learn, but I am going to take it slow. What size were your turbos?
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