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  1. Gulfstream Aqua Mach1 Build

    I had to replace the floor pan, drivers torque box and rear frame rails. I added global west sub frame connectors to strengthen the chassis. I replaced the doors and installed 1970 bolt in glass. All of the interior was replaced with either new or used parts, what is in the pictures is what I received the day I bought her.
  2. Gulfstream Aqua Mach1 Build

    I never liked the red inserts or the red stripe on the seats...here are a few shots of the car the day I bought it.
  3. Gulfstream Aqua Mach1 Build

    Installed the center console and drivers seat. I am running regular incandescent bulbs in the instrument cluster the clock has LED bulbs, I like the regular bulbs...
  4. Gulfstream Aqua Mach1 Build

    I ran into clearance issues with my shaker assembly, I came up with this as a fix.. It is a K&N filter top with an offset base to clear the distributor and a 1/4 inch spacer below the base. I think it looks better than the original shaker set-up, what do you think?
  5. Gulfstream Aqua Mach1 Build

    Getting closer. I think I finally have the timing right, had a problem with backfiring through the carb. It turns out that the MSD ready to run distributors vacuum advance was causing too much advance, so I capped it off. It is now set at 11 degrees initial and 21 degrees mechanical, all in at 3000rpm. I may bump the initial timing up a degree or two... 20170406_194444.mp4
  6. Gulfstream Aqua Mach1 Build

    Making more progress, this is the first time these lights have been on in twenty years. It's coming to life.
  7. leaf springs

    Check out Opentracker Racing, I went with the Mid-eye setup.
  8. Gulfstream Aqua Mach1 Build

    Machspeed, the valve covers were produced by Ford Racing, check on Ebay. The AAW kit is their Classic Update series, the crimpers are available to rent from AAW, I ended up buying them'
  9. Gulfstream Aqua Mach1 Build

    Making progress, I am fitting the front end. What should the gaps between the panels be? I am trying to figure out what the gap between the fenders and cowl should be.
  10. Gulfstream Aqua Mach1 Build

    Could be a dealer installed parking brake light.
  11. Looking good Fantastic! What intake are you using and are you using a spacer under the carb?
  12. Gulfstream Aqua Mach1 Build

    Engine is finally in, all down hill from here...
  13. Gulfstream Aqua Mach1 Build

    Tgriffin91 The power steering pump came with my Randall's rack & Pinion steering kit. Getting all of the pulleys to line up has been a challenge.