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  1. It's been a long time since I have update. Stang still running good but been working on the cuda once I'm done with the cuda I'm going to finish the rest of the body work on the rear the stang. I'm probably going to install a coyote also but I'm just going to notch the shock tower since I found an article on how to do which will save me 2500 bucks.
  2. Me to the square light just don't look rite to now on these cars. I was planning on putting a 71 cuda grill but 1k for the whole grill plus I would have to get the 71 cuda fenders. The 74 cuda grill I'm strating to like but maybe down the road I will change it. I'm new to mopar so I got alot to learn which will be fun.
  3. They guy I bought it from had a 440 from a motorhome for it plus 2 extra for 7k but I just wanted the body and got it for 5k as is with 3.55 suregrip rear end. I want to put a later model fuel injector hemi. The only down side is that there is not alot of info on this type of swap.
  4. Really haven't done much to the 69 except drive it. Just got finish up the body work. I'm taking a break from it and bought a 74 cuda. I have been looking for 1 for some years now but one I could afford. Needs some body work like quarters, drive side floor pan and trunk floor pan but frame is solid.
  5. Quick question has anybody on here has just replaced the bottom half of the quarter and if you have any tips on doing it??. Here are some pics of mines
  6. I got the stang running and driving now and it feels good. Got to clean up the wiring and back to do some more bodywork on both quarters and taillight panel.
  7. Wow not only does it look good but sounds good also. Good job guys
  8. I swear I didn't think ur coupe was that rusty.
  9. Nice. Later down the road I'll probably go with a coyote swap. I would just need someone to install the front end clip for and I'll do the rest.
  10. Here is a update the project. I have done the lokart e-brake mod on the tranny tunnel since I never did like the foot ebrake. I need to finish up a little bit more of the wiring and plumb my fuel lines. I used the 89 mustang fuel filter bracket to hold the filter up i probably won't do the seats and last bit of body work til fall/winter I want to drive the car this summer.
  11. Testing fitting the 89 mustang seat to see where I would mount the e-brake plus putting the engine back together
  12. Well I got the motor and tranny in. What a pain it was since the drive side motor mount wasn't any good so I just used my original 1. Im going to install the lokar handbrake since I don't like the original foot brake,Ac delete and a new powermaster 100 amp 1 wire alternator, and I finish installing the hydraulic clutch.
  13. Got the motor back together. Now I have to order a new clutch,finish installing the hydraulic clutch and find a nice place to mount the computer.
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