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  1. Thanks a lot for your answers. I will try to remove the frame bushings and install correctly the end links and then try to fix the frame bushings again. Chris
  2. Hi, I replaced the 2 rubbers and the end links of my standard swaybar (mach one 69). No issue to remove every thing but not so easy to install the new end links. I replaced the old rubbers with polyurethane ones. First of all I fixed the front rubbers and the first end link, not easy to align but it's done. Not the same story for the second one, it was not possible to align correctly the end of the swaybar with the hole in the suspension arm. I could finally fix the second end link and tighten the bolt. But the end link rubbers seems not very well positioned! How can I be sure that the installation is correct? 2/5000
  3. I got today the answer from Pertronix, Coil with 3 ohms resistance is not made for 8cyl, the coil can run out of power over 4000rpm. I will return this one and I found a 1,5ohm fortunately. I replaced the switch ignition and ignition lock, now the engine start and stops well. How can I control that contact is really switched off when I turn the key back? Hope I can drive my pont this weekend.
  4. H​i, I'm back after some vacations and bad surprises around my rebuild adventure . We faced a lot of bad experiences I will post shortly here. The engine was totally finished and ready to be back under the hood. The gearbox was ready as well Every thing was finished and the car was ready for a first test drive. After some few miles smoke came out from the gearbox!!! A needle bearing in the gearbox was completely damaged and we had to start again with the gearbox. It was some weeks ago and the holyday period was close. We could not achieve the car before the vacations. We ordered the new parts and every one was aware about what he had to do and when. Planed was that the car should be finished when I'm back from my vacations. Things do not always go as planned... I stayed in contact with the mechanics during my vacations and every thing seems going well. ​When I came back I decided to go immediately to the garage. ​On the way, I got a call from the mechanics, 'the car doesn't start...' The Pertronix ignition melted and I had to find one quicly. Fortunately, I could find one and we could replace the Pertronix. But the car still doesn't want start! We saw that the coil had exploded, pic here under I could borrow an other coil and return back home with the car. At home I could never restart the car. Diagnose was an ignition issue and I ordered a new at Summit and a new coil to replace the old one. I could only find a coil with 3 ohms resistance instead of 1.5. Pertronix document mentions 1.5 Ohms at least, this should be OK. I got Coil and ignition today, tomorrow I will be on the work. Hoping this is the last thing I have to do in order to drive my car again. By the way if someone can tell me how I can control that when I switch off the ignition it's really switched off.
  5. One step ahead. Hope everything is finished for next week. Engine should be in place this week.
  6. Thanks Transmission kit is installed and every thing is OK Water pump is installed When installing the damper we faced a new strange issue The damper was touching the pump, we had to plane a little bit the pump. It seems that the new damper was bigger than the old one. After some hours, pump and damper are installed. Oil pan installed as well, more and more the engine looks very nice, I'm very excited to hear the sound and drive the car. Thanks to Guillaume, well known here as Guillaume69, I know now that my mustang is matching number. We found the VIN engraved on the engine :-) Next steps for next week, intake manifold, carburators, engine back under the hood and .... Hope now we will not face new surprises.
  7. The story continues. Dowel is still at the same place but we could rework a little bit the sprocket in order to make it thinner. And it works, the eccentric is now in place and fit to the dowel. And the engine is looking really nice Before : After : Shift kit has been delivered, the gearbox will be ready to be installed next week I hope.
  8. Hi Guillaume For sure I will be there saturday morning Glad to see you, you're welcome
  9. Thx for the advice. With the new cam sprocket the eccentric is to far from the dowel. We tried everything to remove this bloody dowel 😈 The sprocket is now in the hand of a specialist and he will rework the sprocket in order to made it a little bit thinner. This is the only solution we see.
  10. Here is pic Dowel seems to short for the eccentric. And the old sprocket has certainly be modified by the former owner. I think we will have to do the same.😒
  11. Hi Barnett, Chain was not tight enough. Rsmach1 I understand. The thing is that the dowel seems blocked we cannot remove the old one when heating the dowel. Really strange. I will try to get a picture.
  12. we took nothing out, it seems like the former owner has modified something?? In case of a mechanical fuel pump, does the dowel goes though the timing chain sprocket to the eccentric or are there two dowels, one for sprocket and one for eccentric? we don't have new dowels, the timing chain is https://www.summitracing.com/int/parts/cca-2135/overview/ And no new eccentric, we thought we can reuse the old one and same for the dowel. I checked the Summit website, but could not find the dowel, even not with a new eccentric. What I don't understand is how this dowel can stay in place when the engine is running? I have repair manual and Haynes but this is not really nice explained.
  13. Engine is ready for repeint, but we are facing a small issue when remounting the new timing chain set. On the camshaft sprocket we have to remount the fuel pump eccentric. This eccentric is normally aligned on a cam dowel pin, but the dowel pin seems to short. Does someone can help me?
  14. Yes sorry, we already discussed this shift kit story. I just ordered this kit on the summit website. I cannot wait to try it. Should be delivered mid of next week, so my car should be fully completed for the week after. Hopefully the weather will be nice
  15. I'm really not decided about the shift kit, can you tell me which one I should buy, knowing that I drive the car pretty cool but I like the feeling when I press the right pedal :-)
  16. French guys have nice one too. Here's mine.
  17. Nice tips. RPM, good idea I will follow your instructions, thanks. I don't know if I can find Permatex in France, but we will certainly find Something similar. LindenBruce, We know when it starts but never when it will end, that's every time the story when you decide to go a little bit deep in a rebuild phase. But I'm really happy, I learn a lot about my car, and the weather is so bad that I don't miss anything. Mwye, I thought about a shift kit but decided not to install one. I got some return of experience from forum members warning me about the change of behavior of the car. You know once installed you will not remove it and have to live with. Risk was too big for me. Do you have the shift kit on your drag race car only or on your normal car as well. What is really the benefit or what are the changes? It becomes my illness too, but I love it.
  18. In addition to the gearbox rebuild the initial goal was to seal some leaks around intake manifold and replace the damper. After some hours of work we saw that we were close to be able to get the engine out. We decided to remove the engine in order to work more easely and to cleanup and repeint the engine. This will be the next step. With engine W/o engine
  19. Correct it's an FMX. Not easy to fins the right tires at a correct price so I'm not really a burn fan :-) The black central part of the trans will be painted in blue.
  20. I'm back. Work has started. transmission is out of the car and loaded into my pickup. and I will peint the exhaust intakes. Other pics will come soon By the way I changed the spark plugs wires
  21. Very nice car a beautiful color. Is he not sitting a little bit high?
  22. Hi Mach one, Very nice steering wheel and your engine... wouahhh
  23. Hi, I will check the shift kit and certainly order, thx for the advice. 1969_Mach1 I have already an external cooling system for the trans and happy with :-) Rebuild will certainly be postponed to May because we have in France a nice meeting in April with the 'mustang club France'. And this will take place at the race track 'Le Mans' you obviously know. I cannot miss this meeting because my car will not be ready, so I decided to postpone a little bit.
  24. Hi Lindenbruce, For sure I will use good quality stuff, I'm not an expert but the guy who buy the rebuild kit is. What do you mean with a shift kit? I this an internal part of the gearbox?
  25. yes it's from Summit. Rebuild kit could be found on this website http://transpartsonline.com/ I think master overhaul kit but I will know more when we'll start working on it.
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