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  1. I put mine in my car, I used ultra stangs install kit, which if I remember right cost me 150 bucks, I scavenged the disc brakes off an 85 Lincoln mkVII for like 50 bucks, and rebuilt my calipers for like 40 bucks, then ordered cross drilled and slotted rotors for like 80 bucks. This setup allows me to use factory park brake also
  2. I have a unisteer rack in mine unfortunately it is a manual rack, I am building my motor and I think I may have problems with the headers, won't know till later.
  3. Video of reverse lights and Taillights. trim.28BC71A1-5161-4603-8748-8F95AC39F8F5.MOV trim.884E0ACE-9B62-4F4E-9C21-9C4D86B396AC.MOV
  4. Got mine today thanks Gary, look real good and didn't brighten the lenses up that much. First pick front turn. Second front park. Reverse light. Tail lights then brake lights and rears with and without flash.
  5. I posted on here several years ago when I had made them, I still have my mold blocks when I made them, email me at als69mach1@yahoo.com. I will dig thru my archives or go into my gallery under profile and see how I did them
  6. As you can see this is why I wanted to darken the boards some how as the lenses are going to be a lot closer to the boards and would really show thru
  7. Gary email me at als69mach1@yahoo.com Would like to know what kinda dealing you would do with a complete kit fronts and backups with taillight so and flashers included to. 1969
  8. wish I would have seen post earlier when sale was going on
  9. Could they possible be hazed with a red paint
  10. The reason I am looking for red boarding is because I made custom lights, and the white would show thru,
  11. I like wish it was on a red board like the digitalis, plus what is the price for these compared to the digitalis, plus price of other bulbs
  12. I can't seem to find video of Gary's lights, like to see, very interested if I can see them in person, also interested in reverse lights, and front park/turns. And price please
  13. Wasn't hijacking, just putting my name into the hat if it didn't work out, sorry for upsetting anyone
  14. Congrats to you, I am hoping to have mine done by Labor Day weekend this year but don't know if that will be done, my car was built in March of 69, February 15 of 2001 is when I purchased it, this is how far I am so far, but it has come along way since I first got it, no motor or trans in it, interior was pretty much gutted, so I guess 16 years isn't so bad when you are trying to make something to your specifications and on a budget while working a full time job.
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