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  1. Hi all, I just bought a new alternator for my 69 mach one. I bought a Powermaster Street Alternators 8-47101 with integrated regulator. Checked the wiring info available and here enclosed, but need some help, I'm not an electrical wiring system specalist In the document attached it seams there is not a lot of things to adapt, but I know that things are never so easy. Does someone has experienced and installed this alternator or a similar one with regulator integrated ? Thanks in adance for any advice Regards Chris
  2. Hi Midlife, Was my idea, do you know where I could find a voltmeter and connection diagram ? I would like to integer voltmeter in the center console
  3. Hi, my mach one broke down in the middle of nowhere after a regulator issue. Regulator sent 18v+ and the battery warmed up and i had to stop but could never start again. short circuit in the battery and electronic ignition out of order. It seems this is not unusual and I would like to avoid any new journey like this one. I could see some central console with gauges. Does anyone knows if this exist with a voltmeter to control the battery. Or any other food solution is welcome. Chris
  4. backup light switch has to be installed prior to new gerabox or can this be done afterwards?
  5. Thanks a lot for the answers. here as well, snow and ice, so no work on the pony. Will order backup light.
  6. Hi, Did you have to cut or rework your brake pedal, and was the clutch pedal included in the kit and was it easy to reconnect the rear gear tail light?
  7. Hi, Thanks, I could fin some advices on vintage-mustang.
  8. Not a lot of answers here :( Is this not something quite usual and aften done in the US?
  9. Thanks for reply. For sure TKX is the new trans from Tremec. Will check difference with T5 which is the "old" one, and cheaper I guess.
  10. Hi, I plan the same swap from fmx, but to a T5. Where could you find the pedals (clutch and brake)?
  11. Hi all, First of all I would like to wish to every one all the best for 2021, a new year without Covid and lot of time to enjoy riding our ponys. My 69 mach one has a FMX gearbox today but would like to go back to a manual one as originally sold, certainly Tremek T5 instead of toploader. All around gearbox is quite easy to find but not so easy for the pedals. I'm looking for advices, experiences, and good addresses :) My engine is stock and wil stay stock. Thanks in advance
  12. Hi, I just bought a scott drake steering box ref C8ZZ-3548-P for my mach one 69 to replace the original box. I heard it's a collaboration with flaming river and build in the US, is this right? Does anyone has already this box installed and what is the feeling and feedback? Chris
  13. Hi guys, Got an error message opening ridetech.com ?? maybe because I'm in France! Front Koni are worn out yes, and I decided to replace front and rear. I have stock springs, so I guess KYB should not destroy confort :), I hope so. I got the new shocks, install next week, I let you know
  14. Hi, I will replace my front and read shock absorbers. Actuallly, I have Koni front and rear, rear are not to be changed but front yes. Anyway I'm gonna replace both. I could see KYB Gas-a-just KG5517 and KG4517! doeas someone use or know this ones and can you tell me about? Thanks for reply. Chris
  15. Thank you for your reply. I could find someone who has the right tool to finalize the work. I will post some pics when the rear axle is reassembled.
  16. It is possible that with news clutch plates we go no clearance at all? Definitely not easy to unserstand how this works!
  17. Does someone is able to explain me what means the middle column "remove shims from nominal" on the attached pic?
  18. I have ordered Additif Red Line LSD Limited Slip Differential.
  19. OK, I understand, thanks. If it happens I will not be anxious :-)
  20. no one able to confirm the dimensions on the pic attached?
  21. Hi, Not epoxy primer. I used a first primer to avoid rust after having sanded/blasted carefully all the housings. Special primer coming from a french provider "restom" and then a special coating for the same vendor. For sure, I will add "friction modifier", but we have no Chevy dealer in France :-), unfortunately
  22. Hi, Thank you for this detailed information. I have the enclosed pic I took from my book which describes quite well how we have to reassemble each part. What do you mean with "a few pops"? I think I have a standard pack , not a performance one.
  23. For sure, but we miss the tool, the shim template to measure if the clearance is correct and which shim we have to use!! I could find on Internet this drawing, does someone knows it, is this accurate?
  24. Dear all, I have a 69 mach one, on which I have started a complete differential rebuild some weeks ago. New parts and CURRIE axles have been ordered and shipped, axle and carrier housing repeinted, ready to be reassembled. To finalize the operation around the clutch we need to measure the correct clearence for the shim and here we need a Ford Tool T68P-4946-A I guess as shown in the pic enclosed. But we don't have this tool!!!! Does someone knows if we can work without this tool is there a workaround? Thanks in advance for your help
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