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Classic Cars Are Greener

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I've read the article and skimmed through the study and have a couple of critiques.

  1. "Well, how about that..." A car and motor magazine is highlighting a "study" about how electric veicles is dirtier than classics.That doesn't mean that what they are saying is wrong, just that it should be a warning sign, and that you should take what they write with a grain of salt.
  2. Who or what is Footman James? It's a "Classic Veicle Insurance Specialist". Hmmmm...... Bias anyone?
  3. The "study" is in no way a scientific study meant to be published in a scientific paper. There is no summary, no goal of the study and way to many subjective hearsay sprinkled throuhout the "study". It's an "Indicator report" as they say themself in the closing page, probably meant to get a grasp on their customers and possibly as a commersial.
  4. A classic car releases less CO2 per year than what it takes to produce a new electric veicle? Well, no shit! Apples to oranges. The biggest thing you could do when you buy a car if you are enviromental consious is to buy a used car. And if your wallet is a concern that car will most likely have a combustion engine. At least for now.
  5. The battery will need to be replaced within 46 years? There have been studies on Tesla batteries and that they retain 90% of their capacity after 200 000 miles. 46 years is a long time and I just have a hard time imagining most EV reaching classic status irregardless of the battery.
  6. Who in their right mind would replace a cool classic hobby car with an soulless EV?


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