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  1. What about speech that incites violence? E.g. "Bash the fash". Or flag burning?
  2. In curious, what's you take on the statistic that say that the US have by far the highest gun related deaths per capita among high income countries, and at the same time the most liberal (as in non-restictive) gun laws? Is that the balance between freedom and safety that the US has decided to settle for? And if so, why doesn't any other country do the same?
  3. No no, I'm not saying that Trump supporters are biased, at least not more than anyone else, because we're all biased in some way or another. What I'm saying is that a site that is "ProTrump" is per definition biased in favor of Trump, and therefore makes me personally a bit sceptical about their message if the message is in favor or Trump. It doesn't appear as objective as I would like. If they on the other hand specify how or where they have gotten that data so I can look into it myself I feel like they are more trustworthy. And if there is other sources with neutral or opposing political views claiming the same thing then that is yet another thing that would make me more likely to believe it. Regarding bias and corruption, I don't really see a connection there. I think power is a more likely factor in corruption. As the old saying goes; "Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely". Edit; Lol, just read your latest post. :D In a literal sense I guess every step to the left is a step closer towards extreme socialism, but I don't really think that every single socialistic ideas is neccesarily bad. I mean, you could say that the fire department and police (and I would argue healthcare) is some sort of socialistic ideas where everyone pays taxes to get help when needed regardless of social or economical status. Regarding the gun point (no pun intended) I think most contries weights the freedom vs safety in everyday life a little more in favor of safety than the US, even if that means more control to the goverment. In an ideal world I think the goverment should protect the interests of their people, and that includes external threats. If your goverment dissaperared I don't see anything that would stop another contry from invading and supressing the people. I don't think an anarcistic state would be able to organize enought to fend of an invasion. Sure, because of all the guns the US would probably be the hardest contry on earth to get full control over because of guerilla wars all around, but the freedoms would certainly be extremely reduced out of necessity. When you say "we" and "the left" are you refering to those who voted for the two different parties, or those in the conservative and socialist "ideologies"? Because I don't think those two are necessarily the same. Also, I don't know what you are refering to exactly about Austria.
  4. As someone far away from the US I don't really have a bone to pick with anyone, but I do like to discuss things far and wide, especially if I don't understand them fully. Politics is one thing that I can safely say that I far from understand. I have my views, ideas and ideals, but I don't know if they are best all the time, some of the time or even at all, but until proven wrong I'll stick with them, as with most people do I think. I'm always open for honest discussions. I have detested peer pressure for as long as I can remember so the political climate in the US is something that itch me the wrong way personally since I see so much of people that argues and tries to push "my way or the highway" on both sides and way too few that try to discuss issues between each other. I think that unless you discuss things with people of opposing views you can't A; understand them, B; find out what you agree on, and C; actually come up with a compromise that would make both side reasonably happy You can however never make everyone happy. The polarizing at the moment also makes it looks like there is only two stongly opposing sides, when in reality I think that is more an unfortunate consequence of having only two parties to vote for. Most people is probably closer to the middle than any of the far ends of the spectrum, but since you have to vote for something you take the lesser evil, even if there is only something small that prevent you from hopping over to the other side. I think the US would benefit to get a third party in the congress. Since I and also dislike being missrepresented and having things assumed about me I thought I would avoid doing that about you guys and ask some question about things that I don't really understand, or that I find unclear. As someone that is probably more to the left than most of you in this thread (consider myself pretty much in the center) and of the younger generation (born -90) this might be interesting for both of us. :) Don't take what I say as an attack. I just find it easier to get straigth to the point. Is every single step to the left, big or small, an invitation towards communism? If you move one step right and then one step back to the left does that mean you open the door to communism? I saw the video earlier but forgot to check up who the guy was. So, who was he? Also, what's the source on the phone prints screens earlier? With all the fake news all around I treat everything I read with a grain of salt, and with a big grain of salt if the information sound biased, which "ProTrump" does, no offence. Politics usually has the side effect of getting people heated, me included, and I don't want to miss the chance to discuss mustang stuff just because of that, so if I ever start to balance on a fine thread please say so beforehand.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the surface where the bolts for the control arms are should be in line with the frame rails if looking from above. On my car the passenger side have the rear hole pulled outwards ~1" and the front hole ~1/2". For me that is way too much twist to be shimmed so I'll have to replace the shock tower. If your tower is less twisted it might be possible to fix with shims.
  6. If you mean on the car in the video in question, then yes. Just cut a small hole around the drain plug and the problem is solved. I realise that I may have created a somewhat vague topic, so I will try to make it more focused on what I'm acually interested in, namely how a undertray apparently can increase downforce and reduce drag, and thus increasing the performance of the car. I can understand those arguments, especially the rumbling exhaust, and the performance aspect isn't necessarily relevant if someone mostly use the car for the street. On the track however I don't really see any big reasons why this isn't something you could try (except rules of course). More downforce can't be a bad thing, especially since these cars have a tendency to get light in the front at higher speeds. The engine overheating might be the biggest problem, but you won't know unless you try. A smoother underside should make the air flow faster and at a lower pressure, so the suction effect might compensate for the reduction in engine bay exits. Personally I'm contemplating some hood vents similair to the -67 and -68 Shelby cars since I have to cut and repair my current hood anyway. Some more videos that triggered my initial interest. Notice how the undertray in the first video is pretty short, but apparently made an improvement anyway.
  7. Just found this guy and thought it would be an interesting topic to discuss since it seems to be a reasonable easy thing to construct with apparently many benefits. He have more videos discussing undertrays in detail, among other interesting topics.
  8. Wow, repair it is I guess. Most time consuming think would probably be around the A-pillar since there are so many creases in different directions. The passenger side is slightly better than the driver side that you see in the picture. And don't worry ,the windscreen is removed, though it cracked during removal so I have to replace it anway. :( Do you have an example on what to search for if I decide to go this route? Chemical metal?
  9. Whats the verdict for a newbie restorer like myself, repair or replace? The cowl didn't leak until I started removing rust. A new cowl assembly cost 535 USD if I buy from a Swedish supplier. I will buy a batch of stuff from the US soon, so I might get away a little cheaper if I also buy the cowl from overseas and ship everything together. Sorry for the crappy pictures, I need a new phone.
  10. I have watched a couple of their videos and found them interesting. Just be aware that there is some strong indications of scam going on too, which, at least for me, undermines the credability of his platform. One example; charging $3 000 for courses on how to build a profitable business when his one and only company has been in the red from the start, and at the same time asking $250 000/month to keep it running. Edit; I haven't watched the documentary though, so can't comment on that.
  11. I'm also very close to order suspension for both the front and back. I can share my experience. The main benefit for removing the shock towers is more room in the engine bay (duh) which would make you possible engine list longer, and easier if you want to build a turbo engine. Other than that there isn't really much difference in performance between a Mustang II-ish suspension setup and one that uses the stock pickup points, though everything is supposedly better than the stock suspension. That is if you want to trust the internet because I don't have any actual experience. Regarding the rear, the difference between a 4 link or a 3 link/torque arm as I understand it is that the 4 link is better in straight lines and worse in curves and the 3 link/torque arm is the opposite. Not to say that both can work decent in both areas. Here is some pretty good summaries of some regular types of suspensions for solid axles. Here in Sweden if I want to have the car road legal with suspension othern than the original setup I have to get it inspected during and after the actual build before I can get it approved and registered with the new suspension. The inspector that I've been talking to didn't really like my first suggestion of a 4 link because he said that the arms usually bind at the extremes where as a 3 link or torque arm is virtually bind free. He aslo said that a 4 link will want to steer the rear axle when the car goes through corners. If you turn to the left the rear axle also turns a slight to moderate amount to the left (or right, can't remember), which can make the car harder to handle. His suggestions was to try and keep the self steering in the rear to a minimum and to try and reduce scrub radius as much as possible in the front (that's another story). He has been working as an inspector for modified veicles since at least 2002.
  12. From what I've read the TKO 500/600 usually fit with little to no modification to the tunnel. If you step up to the 6 speed T56 you almost always need to modify the tunnel unless you drop the engine 0.5-1.0" with special engine mounts. That might add some other clearance problems though with headers among other things. I might add that I don't have any actual experience, just internet surfin'. Nice looking car btw. What steering wheel is that?
  13. From googling (since I don't have my originals close by) it apperas to be of 194 style bulbs. I'm way too far away from needing to install lights at the moment, but when I get closer I'll be sure to contact you, if not for the side markers then for everything else. I really like the reverse/turn light combo. Since every car from -76 onwards are required to have amber turn signals here in Sweden-land the Mustang is exempt from it, but because of that most people have a harder time reacting to red turn signals, myself included, so the amber ones seems really atractive.
  14. Any plans on making side markers lights for the -69 too? Or are they perhaps interchangable?
  15. I don't know what they are for, but I don't have them in mine at least
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