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  1. Merry Christmas! Hope your bellys haven't bursted from all the christmas food. :)
  2. That's actually a good idea too. My current tank (and car) has been sitting in a garage for 15+ years, but I don't actually know if the tank is solid or just dirty. Lot of gunk in there at least. If I clean it and it's ok the Holley alternative is cheaper both in initial cost and in shipping since it's a much smaller piece. And free choise of tanks in case I have to replace it, which I can buy over here with not too much of a price difference. What do you think of the HydraMat? Is the mat placed across the bottom?
  3. I have a hard time justifying a tank that cost double of what the Tanks Inc cost, especially since I'll have to have it shipped over to Europe too. Though good to hear that the lines fit even with floor on top. I've read some threads that are not very positive about Spectra tanks. Gunk that clogged the filter in just a few hours, etc. Though that might have changed, I don't know. Thanks for the info. Aeromotive does sound most interesting so far. 2 gallon less isn't that big of a deal. Or I could just buy the tank and pump separate. Doesn't seem to be that much of a price difference.
  4. Yeah, I know. Its an awesome car! What I meant was that I'd personally prefer a hybrid that I could drive to the next city without having to recharge.
  5. Going to have to replace my current tank sooner or later and I was wondering if anyone have any experiences with eighter one of these? Aeromotive Tanks Inc Both tanks suppport my hp goal (4-500hp), and both have some sort of baffles. The Aeromotive have the line exits at the stock position, but can only be had in -69 size (20 gal) and not in -70 size (22 gal). The Tanks Inc is ~100$ cheaper. I'm planning on putting some sort of flat floor in the trunk. Will the inlet/outlet on the Tanks Inc interfere with that if you assume the bottom of the floor is on the top of the frame rails? Is any of the baffles better? Any input is appreciated.
  6. I'm just waiting for the new ZF 8 speed automatic to start appearing in junkyards so I can make a hybrid with 200 electric horses! :) https://www.zf.com/products/en/cars/products_55041.html Production starts in 2022 though. :(
  7. The sad part is that even if one party is to split right now I don't think its possible to change much until after at least another 2 elections. In my view splitting the Republican Party would be a disadvantage for them in the short run, but keeping it together would be a gamble. The same can be said for the Democratic Party too, except it would be an even bigger disadvantage for them to split right now. In the long run, however, I think it would be a win for everyone if any, or both parties would split. Kinda like the free market where you need to compete to stay relevant. Its easy to stay in power if you only have to push in one direction, and only having two options to vote for is only slightly better than what the worlds 3:nd largest economy have.
  8. Casgar

    Skynet's coming.

    Based on events and inventions throughout all of human history, the anser is never! If by "true AI" you mean something like in "2001: A Space Odyssey" then yes, that would be bad. I don't really see how we can avoid creating something like an AI eventually though, especially since the advancements in computer power increase the rate of progress in all scientific fields at an exponentially rate far greater than anything before. Humans are not very good at working all together for a common goal, so even if we can see something bad coming (which I think is especially hard when everything is going so fast) I'm not sure we can prevent it. And I don't neccesarily mean AI Overlords kind of bad. The video had me fascinated and smiling though. :)
  9. I don't have anything as good as the "Merry Christmas"-thread to share, but here's to a better year than the last one!
  10. I don't know what type of vaccine is going to be distributet in the US, but here's a short description of how the current vaccine candidates in Sweden (and EU in large) work: I share your concern, especially since I heard in the beginning of the year that an optimistic timeline for a new vaccine was 18 months at best, but from what I understand that timeline was with a traditional type of vaccine where you are injected with a veak version of the virus. This new type of mRNA-vaccine is apparently easier, and therefore faster to produce and can also be made to target the virus more effective. The technique in and of itself have been around for decades, but have never been approved for humans, not because they have failed initial testing, but because there haven't been any canditates. So for a vaccine for humans its pretty new, and probably needs alot of testing. The problem that I see is that you can't know beforehand what the best way to go is. As stated in your link, a lockdown can be very effective at fightning the virus, but so can a non-lockdown or a vaccine be too. For everything to be as effective as it can be everyone must have the same goal. If there is alot of distrust in the goverment and the vaccine distributors (unfounded or not) then the population will be divided and both a lockdown and vaccine will be less effective than it could be, assuming both are effective. As an example, Sweden and Japan are both countries that didn't do an outright lockdown, but Japan still has 5000 less deaths (8200 vs 3100) in a population of more than x12 that of Sweden (10M vs 126M). The Swedish goverment said that mask were inneffective in the beginning of the pandemic, while mask were almost universally in Japan. I'm not saying that is neccesarily the only reason, only that there are so many variables that can affect the outcome. Incompetent leaders, fake news, culture, slow reaction time etc. The list is long. We'll see how the testing goes. I'm sceptical but hopefull. Aside from Wikipedia here is some more flesh if someone want to engross yourself into the mRNA-vaccine. https://www.nature.com/articles/nrd.2017.243
  11. "The spindle steering arm is shorter to fit inside the wheel and 1" further outboard than stock. We have designed and machined longer billet tie rod sleeves for factory based steering linkage with 11/16-18 RH/LH threads. If using a Unisteer rack, we can supply longer inner tie rod ends." https://streetortrack.com/suspension/front-suspension/spindles/billet-big-spindles A bit too expensive for me, but if you really want a wide wheel and can save some I guess that it could fit a yearly budget for some of our cars. :)
  12. I didn't find anything in the comments that suggested that, but the arm pickup point is dropped slightly which reduces bump steer by 50%. Guess we'll have to wait on more info from Shaun. From what I can see and understand the biggest pro is that you can run a wheel with more backspace since the upper ball joint is lower and clears the wheel, which would reduce scrub radius and also allow you to run a wider wheel. Another pro is also that you can run a lower stance without changing the steering geometry. A con would be if you run wheels with stock backspace since a drop spindle in that case would slightly increase the scrub radius.
  13. So..... https://www.facebook.com/streetortrackllc/photos/a.10156361062095753/10157636460425753/?type=3&theater New drop spindle! Exited!
  14. Just to name a few: - Tens of thousand of troops? - Energy beams starting wildfires in California? - Wildfires can't melt steel wheels? If the source is to be considered credible then none of those claims should be questionable. - The first one sounds questionable, but I can't check it. I find it hard to believe, though, that the US would allow this, and if it did wouldn't that mean that Trump's defence policy is bad, or that he's in collution with Canada/China? - The second one is highly questionable. Occams Razor. - The last one is just missleading or ignorant. Based on the colour of the melted metal and the fact that the rest of the car is intact those wheels were clearly made of aluminium, which melts at 1200F, a temperature easily achived by a wildfire.
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