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  1. After getting the dash hooked back up, I’m having some difficulty in reattaching the speedometer cable back onto the backside of the dash. Am I missing a clip? What do I need to do to (or get) to clip the cable back on? (This time around, I anchored the cable with some twine.. it was s butch getting it back out from the firewall!)
  2. I have been restoring my 69 mustang conv which I bought new. But I’ve run into a snag and need some advice; I had pulled out the instrument cluster (all repaired) the glove box and original clock (all repaired) bought a new RetroSound radio (ready to install) BUT I started to put everything back (starting with the insturment cluster and found out that my speedometer cable has slipped down inside the car and I can’t find it! OMG. I’m having nightmares. To get this far and boom any advice on how to retrieve it? I know it was stupid not to anchor it down..but it never dawned on me that this could happen. I’m gg nuts trying to figure out some way of getting it back so I screw it back on the cluster. Jeff. I’m in Columbia, SC. 8034466365
  3. Did u ever find a distributor that offered USA made voltage regulators for a ‘69 Mustang? I did the same thing...replaced the printed circuit sheet, new LED lights and sockets from HiPo (a tremendous source; I never knew the difference in LED bulbs and sockets until I spoke with Bill at HiPo...) but I kept getting those pieces of crap voltage regulators from China. Damn. I kept getting the same results as u. I need a USA made one...any help? Jeff
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