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  1. ok guys, simple question... I would like to replace the bulbs of the hood scoop turn signal with LED. According the www it is a 1895 bulb. I bought a 1895 LED version on ebay. Unfortunately, the version is a bit too small. Did any of you do that? Which LED did you use exactly? Thanks & BR Tom
  2. okay there is a good and a bad experience with Performance Automatic. Who else has experience with Performance Automatic?
  3. Also I think of packets like from TCI 431000 or CJ Ponyparts or what else?
  4. Hi Guys, who is the best most reliable manufacturer for a NEW AOD for a 450HP engine? Brand und Type :) BR Tom
  5. hi Guys, has anyone made the AOD conversion? I need some good pictures of the exhaust system. I have heard that the AOD is wider and therefore also the system of the pipes has to be changed. I would like to install new Doug's Headers D669Y now and I plan to install the AOD in summer, so I would do everything right. Thank you! Tom
  6. Hi Vic, Thank you. But I need a Clock Panel. Just the wood with the clock hole.
  7. Hi Guys, again Tom from Germany. I'm looking for really old / junk 1969 mustang dash inserts or only the clock side. scratched, broken no matter, please offer everything, I will paint it. Of course I pay the shipping costs or find a us address. Thank you! Tom
  8. where did you get the black panel from? and where did you get that Mustang lettering from?
  9. yes, but I do not need the wood. the panel and a very broken clock are absolutely sufficient
  10. Looking for a round clock with panel for my 69er Condition absolutely does not matter, broken, scratched, etc. just cheap :))) BR Tom
  11. Hi Guys, does anyone know this part? Or perhaps just ordered and not installed yet? "Rear Seat-To-Trunk Divider Steel 1969-1970 Mustang Coupe" An order to Germany would exceed the costs. Maybe someone have the part and could send me the measurements? just a question.. But, that would be absolutely awesome. BR Tom
  12. Hey Guys, I need this parts: Power Steering Pump Bracket 351 https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/c9oz-3k505-a.html Alternator bracket 351 https://secure.cougarpartscatalog.com/c9ze-10a336-a.html?attribs=88 BR Tom
  13. okay but someone could give me a link? this is my 302 setup
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